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  1. On btc38 I recive this error "已暂停交易,请移步CNY定价交易". WTF ? they removed BTC/WDC and added WDC/CNY ?
  2. 3 BTC ??? LOL When WDC will grow, they will add it without any BTC
  3. They have temporary problems .. :) Try in a hour
  4. This ?
  5. In console # "my-new-key" is a label importprivkey "yourprivatekey" "my-new-key"
  6. Have you a private key on paper wallet ?
  8. Hight Society, I listened your proposal. I withdrawed all my WDC from BTC38, not sold. HODLLL :)
  9. Henri not solved yet problem with FB login Better to change FB API to 5.0
  10. I think no need to pay new Comodo certificate... Let's encrypt is good solution
  11. BTC38 is work ok for me (in english).
  12. MCXnow was wonderful Try or
  13. On is not delisted, but some info is missing, transactions, capitalisation...and other
  14. To have support from exchange like "BTC38" is a great matter. Thanks for this. They will accept POS, I am shure, they have a lot of WDC. If voting will be with wallets they will win anyway :) Berzek, keep us up to their proposal. My be other ideas about: PC lite wallet, assets ... I am totaly not determined.