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  1. Setting up pool - Coin details

    Thanks, Can you share the contents of your global.inc.php file please. What hardware are you mining with? I noticed your max diff is very low. I am set around 100k i have some mat excaliburs and a titan Thanks
  2. Setting up pool - Coin details

    I am using nomp aswell. I have pools for btc, ltc, mona and worldcoin. Do you have a worldcoin pool? If so can you share the coin settings you made in the global file please. What coins are you mining?
  3. Setting up pool - Coin details

    Ok thanks, ill setup another pool with the github link you provided to see if that makes things any better
  4. Setting up pool - Coin details

    My pool is up to 2500% for worldcoin... I am mining with a batch 2 titan. I have been finding blocks and they are getting confirmed and moved of to the exchange. I am just concerned that the expected shares is so high. Any help with finding the correct settings for a pool would be appreciated so i can continue suporting this coin. Thanks Andrew
  5. Setting up pool - Coin details

    The pool just found four blocks, so the setting must be ok. Will check back when they have confirmed and available to exchange :-)
  6. Setting up pool - Coin details

    Hello, I downloaded the pool details from github, I searched for worldcoin and found some information. Some was also out date, ie block reward 64 coins. But I know its 34. I just want someone from worldcoin to confirm or update the details so I can create the pool with the right settings. I have a titan pointed at the pool, it has submitted 600% of expected shares. So I am thinking something is wrong in the settings. I was mining on the lifeforce worldcoin pool, and it never took this long. any help would be appreciated. thanks Andrew
  7. Setting up pool - Coin details

    Hello, Here are the settings that I am not sure are correct: global.inc.php file $config['cointarget'] = '30'; $config['coindiffchangetarget'] = 120; $config['reward_type'] = 'block'; $config['reward'] = 34; $config['confirmations'] = 120; $config['network_confirmations'] = 120; Can someone please confirm or correct the settings I have. thanks Bumblebee
  8. Setting up pool - Coin details

    Hello, I have created a worldcoin pool on my server, please can someone confirm the coin details required for config file. thanks me