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    A perfect example of how you can promote a product without spending vast sums of cash I applaud the effort you made here! ~~ Xodianbarr
  2. And What are YOU listening to?

    Not sure, only a few weeks if that. It's ok, but i don't know.. maybe i just need to listen to it more...
  3. And What are YOU listening to?

    I've been listening to the new album from the Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy. I find it sharp, punchy, and modern - but i'm not sure I like it. Which is a first for me, regarding the Prodigy.
  4. Say Hello

    haha, i know whatcha mean it's heartbreak hotel!
  5. Tis a nice little marriage that serves to better both exchanges. Here's to a successful future on banx.io! ~~ Xodianbarr
  6. What i like about the member above...

    I like the stoic support for Worldcoin that Bels has offered for as long as i can remember - he doesn't boast about his attributes or advertise his commitments to worldcoin, he is humble and full of humility - commendable attributes from a great man - respect ~~ Xodianbarr
  7. Say Hello

    Thank you kind sir! All these nice comments, i'm honoured!
  8. And What are YOU listening to?

    haha, yeah, but it's damned good tho don't you think? Anyways, lets have as taste of what YOU are listening to atm
  9. Say Hello

    hihi broffa! I see you're looking as perky as ever!
  10. New Worldcoin Client = Trojan [Troll Alert]

    I'm amazed you guys have leant any weight to this guys childish immature attempt at defamation. The post posed no tangible argument, was written by somebody who obviously doesn't understand computing... erh, why am I even writing this... simples: Ban the F**cker, lock the topic, move to 'recycling', end of discussion. 1 posters who join and talk shiit should just get banned as standard. Really having a debate about it is just FEEDING THE TROLL. I say f**k the troll ~~ Xodianbarr
  11. Say Hello

    Why thank sir! It's good to be back!
  12. And What are YOU listening to?

    Ok guys n' dolls, it's me again.. annoying you since 1901. You love music right? I know I do.. well some of it.. some of the time.. So what're you listening to? Right now? Yes... Err.. No, not right now exactly at this moment, but.. y'know what music is attracting your attention at the moment.. So, here's what I'm listening to right now. Don't know how old it is.. don't care - but it's awesome! (well i think so anyway). and it keeps me suitably distracted for the loooooongest time heh heh. ~~ Xodianbarr P.S. ...
  13. Well, hullo thar folks.. The rules are simple. All you have to do is write a post which compliments the user who posted previously.. Simple right? Surely it must be... Ok, well seeing as there is nobody to post about who went before me, i'll post about Worldcoin - hee hee hee! Ok, well, the thing i love about Worldcoin most of all is is wonderfully holistic and particularly catchy name. Says everything you need to know about it in two neat little words - WORLD - COIN. More than this I love the devotion people have to Worldcoin, whether the going is good or bad. The fact that the people affiliated with Worldcoin are good people who care enough to want to make a difference speaks volumes about the coin and the community devoted to it ~~ Xodianbarr P.S. to self: meh...