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  1. New Exchange

    At present, the WDC has traded in “”https://funcoin.co/coin/index.html“” and“”https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange“” is normal, but the two platform effect is too small, we must take the initiative to contact the Chinese“” www.aex.com“” relaunched WDC deal, WDC will have more and more people participate in.
  2. I've always thought, WDC to BTC that success, the most main way is to let more global investors understand and know the WDC, so I suggest you contact online WDC digital currency trading platform in the world, I can provide more than 1 million WDC to the trading platform.
  3. I buy WDC has digital currency exchange in China, I also contact WDC https://funcoin.co/coin/index.html online transactions online South Korea, I think the WDC team, must be positive propaganda, let more people all over the world know WDC, let more digital currency trading platform online transactions.