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  1. Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most precious things to have for people, especially in last few years with the rapid rise of Bitcoin. And with that, the obvious way to have it is via trading. But is doing Crypto trading easy? The answer is “No”, it is not easy at all. With almost all Crypto Exchange either not caring much about their clients, or charging a kind of fee, which eventually puts too much pressure on the trader to work with comfort. This is where iCoin is here with the revolutionary project, which will transform the Crypto trading exchange industry! iCoin is a blockchain-based Cryptocurrency trading platform, with all major Cryptos available to trade with new ones getting added on a routine basis. It offers user-friendly experience through ultra safe, simple and secure system, which includes the implementation of military grade security system and multiple layers of other security measurements like the Google Authenticator and Fingerprint security. With such system, it gives the users complete safety and security for their funds and private information. iCon works on solo vision, which is to allow users easy, simple and affordable way to do Crypto to Crypto trading, Fiat to Crypto, and corporate trading. With state of the art and advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed storage, distributed server clusters and a high-speed memory based trading engine to provide an unmatched trading experience to the users. The whole platform is backed up on multiple machines, cold storage locations and hot wallets with offline private keys for maintaining complete data security. One can use iCoin through various devices, as the iCoin Trading App is available on the Google Play and Apple store, which can be downloaded on any device. This enables easy access for all users from anywhere in the world and anytime, which makes it such a revolutionary project! Much like everything, iCoin is also on top of the game with the referral program, which allows users to be able to earn 3x the money one could make from the usual exchange! So, with inviting people, it opens the gate to unlimited earning for one and all! You can also keep up with the constant updates, events, ICO listing, interface optimization and all much more on with the happenings in the world of Cryptos through iCoin platform! The iCoin platform is also available in multiple languages like English, Thai and Chinese with more to be added soon in coming months! But that’s not all! As anyone trading before 15th June 2018, will not be required to pay ANY fees at all. So come, be part of this revolutionary creation, which will take your experience to a different level altogether! Check out below for further info: Official Website: - https://www.icoin.in.th/ Trading App: - Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icoin66.coin - Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icoin-ex/id1296693150?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iCoinTH/ - Telegram: http://www.t.me/joinchat/Iopg8RLIr0joGoR56CgV-Q - Twitter: https://twitter.com/icointh - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/icoin.th/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96zPRVNfWtROWSv3uo5zsA Contact Us: - Phone: +66 (0)2 012 5243 - Email: service@icoin.in.th
  2. 2018 is a special year for the sports industry, with a series of potentially game-changing announcements and high profile events lined up. Earlier this year, Arsenal FC, one of the prestigious football clubs in the English Premier League, put forward a new operational model incorporating blockchain technology to enhance the online sports gaming experience. The worlds of blockchain and football cross paths for the first time and fans finally see the opportunity for football to break out of the manipulation of the high end of town and return to the embrace of its core values. It is fair to say that blockchain is leading football to the dawn of a new era. On the 14th of May 2018, the US Supreme Court declared the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992 unconstitutional, creating an opening to bring the sports betting industry out of the shadows with legalization. This decision is not only significant to the U.S, but could also have long-term unforeseen opportunities for the global sports industry. The much-anticipated 2018 FIFA World Cup (the 21st FIFA World Cup) is to be held from the 14th of June to the 15th of July 2018 in Russia. This is the first time the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia, and the first return to Europe after the 2016 FIFA World Cup in Germany. A total of 64 matches are scheduled, from which the next winner emerges. We are once again at the turning point of history, and the budding blockchain-led revolution, which has already started in the realm of digital assets, could leave an impact as profound as that of the industrial revolution. With the promotion and proliferation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, many industries are exploring future possibilities with the adoption of the technology, pushing the boundaries and allowing it to percolate through all aspects of our lives. Blockchain technology has been successfully implemented in areas including big data, artificial intelligence and gaming, and is progressing to the maturing stage. Blockchain has received unprecedented support from the market demand and capital investment, but real-world applications in the sports industry are still hard to find. The merger of sports prediction with the innovation of blockchain technology can maximise efficiencies and increase return on investment. In the traditional form of the industry, sports events and their users are limited by various factors including time, location and political and economic environments, which in turn allows for a multitude of commercial opportunities waiting to be explored. By merging blockchain technology with the sports prediction industry, the consumer demand of real-time participation is ensured by utilising a fully open and transparent system. Supported by a wealth of resources and experience in the gaming industry, UniGame, the next generation of blockchain-based sports prediction platform is set to transform the industry. The UniGame team, one of the pioneers to introduce blockchain technology into the realm of sports prediction, is dedicated to solve the conundrum once and for all. By incorporating blockchain technology into the platform, all users can be assured that the data is credible and traceable, verifiable and cannot be tampered with, eliminating manipulation behind the scenes. In this multi-trillion-dollar industry, UniGame has an unparalleled advantage over the competition. With strong partnerships with the IP owners of top global events, experienced team members and gaming licenses in multiple countries; UniGame has taken the foreground of the blockchain-based sports prediction industry, and has laid the groundwork for the launch of its real-world application. Blockchain technology will be incorporated to take the existing global sports prediction platform and its range of exclusive partnerships with top sports events to the next level. This also distinguishes UniGame from other sports prediction blockchain projects who are faced with the challenge of bridging the abyss between conceptual design and the actual implementation in real-life sports events and services. At the start of April 2018, UniGame established a strategic partnership with Macauslot, the first Asian sports prediction company specialising in soccer and basketball. Established in 1989, Macauslot provides soccer and basketball prediction and gaming services for local and international customers. Macauslot obtained the exclusive gaming licence from the Macau Government for soccer since January 1998 and for basketball since December 2000. This exciting partnership will result in a legal blockchain sports prediction service for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In addition, both parties are going to provide a sports prediction service through the platform using licences on a range of other games and events. The innovative payment model with UniCoin is also attracting more attention and excitement. UniCoin is not only the main token distributed on UniGame, it will also be widely accepted and circulated across other global gaming and prediction platforms, generating more income through partnerships. So far, over 50 world renowned gaming service providers accept UniCoin as a currency on their platform. The combination of high-quality partners, a vast consumer base and steady turnover, leads the way for the collaborative creation of innovative business models, which will greatly enrich the products and services provided in the entire ecosystem. The integrated UniCoin payment system, as an innovation in the blockchain business to business service, is the earliest commercial realization of sports prediction services, traffic monetization and supply chain finance, which has attracted great attention and interest fra om major capital and industry funds. UniGame is now listed on HitBTC (UNC/BTC and UNC/ETH) and OAX. According to the CEO - Sean Shek, the blockchain-based sports prediction platform that UniGame has built, will rely on its core competitiveness of far reaching resources, transparent data and high reliability, and is a classic case of a successful entry into an emerging market. It will also present to the fans across the globe a brand new augmented experience of celebrating this quadrennial event, as the world eagerly awaits the first blow of the whistle. UniCoin, being the value foundation of UniGame, is going to be an important cross-platform utility token in the sports industry. UniGame looks forward to working collaboratively with global partners to embrace the revolutionary changes in the ecosystem brought about by blockchain technology, and build a prosperous future in which all parties can contribute and benefit.
  3. New generation Digital Asset Exchange comes with pro-customer approach and excellent support A new professional digital asset exchange - Singularity-X - has started live trading today. In the first stage, the exchange offers trading for the most popular cryptocurrencies – BTC, LTC, ETH, and DASH. Both crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat trading is available. Trade pairs are available in USD and EUR. Additional cryptocurrencies and tokens will be gradually added. The exchange is headquartered in the European Union. Clients wanting to trade a crypto/fiat pair will undergo the standard KYC/AML procedure. Singularity-X is now using trusted Thomson Reuters World-Check Risk Intelligence to help them meet their due diligence obligations, including requirements under KYC and AML legislation. Initial information and details regarding the exchange were presented in March at the Money Asia 2020 conference in Singapore. The exchange has already signed contracts with several liquidity providers, and cooperation has been confirmed by miners from all over the world. Singularity-X will continue to expand its liquidity channels - enabling clients to access the very best prices in the market and for their orders to be processed swiftly. Singularity-X guarantees a professional approach and support that responds to and resolves client issues within hours. “We take a pro-client approach. That’s why we offer high-quality service and support that listens to our clients and helps,” says Singularity-X’s CEO Peter Vrábel. The exchange architecture was designed by a professional team (Match-Trade) with extensive experience in building Forex, financial derivatives, and CFD contract trading platforms, and who also know blockchain technology. The matching engine can process 20,000 trades per second. The security of digital assets is ensured by a combination of hot and cold wallets, where only a small portion of assets remains in the hot wallet and the remainder is safely stored in a cold wallet. Over time the exchange will add more tradeable currencies. Multiple projects and cryptocurrencies have requested listings. “We will only sell individual currencies when we can offer our clients sufficient asset liquidity,” adds Mr Vrábel about the development strategy. The company will make room for new currencies - even those that cannot be traded live yet - and offer innovation, simplification, or extension to the world of digital assets. One is the First Crypto ETF token. With this token, customers will be able to simultaneously participate in 10 digital assets. About Singularity-X The Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange. Founded in 2018, based in European Union. Singularity-X offers individuals and institutions the ability to trade digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and DASH. www.singularity-x.com About World-Check World-Check is a risk intelligence database which helps organisations across the world meet their regulatory obligations, make informed decisions and help prevent them from inadvertently being used to launder the proceeds of financial crime or association with corrupt business practices. The database is managed by a team of over 350 highly trained analysts, speaking more than 65 languages, who monitor more than 600 sanctions, regulatory and law enforcement lists and thousands of media sources, as well as company information and regulatory filings, to ensure World-Check’s data is accurate and up-to-date. The information in World-Check is made available on a subscription basis only to those who require it to carry out due diligence or other screening activities in accordance with their legal or regulatory obligations or risk management procedures designed to combat financial crime. For more information about Thomson Reuters World-Check, visit https://risk.thomsonreuters.com/worldcheck
  4. "VEIAG.com" is LIVE now!! In order to participate on the Bounty Campaign, please visit here. Original Bounty Thread VEIAG ANN Thread | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | BOUNTY TELEGRAM | Week 1 - In Progress Week 2 - _________ Week 3 - _________ Week 4 - _________ Week 5 - _________ Week 6 - _________ Week 7 - _________ Week 8 - _________ 15,000,000 VEIAG tokens ($3,000,000) are allocated to the bounty program and will not exceed the cap. Bounty rewards (VEIAG tokens) will be distributed within the 7 campaigns listed below: �� Twitter Campaign *- *2,625,000 VEIAG ($525K) �� Facebook Campaign *- *2,500,000 VEIAG ($500K) �� Video Campaign * - *2,375,000 VEIAG ($475K) �� Blogs & Articles Campaign *- *2,250,000 VEIAG ($450K) �� Telegram Campaign *- *2,375,000 VEIAG ($475K) �� Translation Campaign *- *750,000 VEIAG ($150K) �� BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign *- *2,125,000 VEIAG ($425K) RESULTS SPREADSHEET:[COMING JUNE 11th (First Update: 06/11) General Rules: ✅ Fill application form for each desired bounty campaign. ✅ To participate in the bounty program, you must be at least 18 years old. ✅ Rewards for each campaign have a cap and once that cap is reached, rewards will no longer be processed or awarded. ✅ Each user can only participate with one account per campaign. Users with double-registrations or duplicate accounts will be permanently banned from program. ✅ Campaigns will be reviewed and counted weekly. ✅ Rewards for all bounty activities will be VEIAG tokens. ✅ If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards. ✅ The VEIAG team reserves the right to make any changes, if necessary. ✅ For technical support during the bounty campaign, please contact us via our Telegram bounty group and message @t.me/VEIAG_bounty ✅ Use only predefined content (if available) – promo message for every new week: @t.me/VEIAG_bounty ✅ Using fake accounts or trying to cheat our bounties will get you automatically disqualified. ✅ Do not use new accounts. Accounts that are less than 30 days old will be disqualified. ✅ Send report form/forms for each desired bounty before 10pm EST on Saturdays, every week (if necessary for bounty) Every Monday at 3pm EST, VEIAG will update the results spreadsheet. All approved participants will receive their rewards after VEIAG’s ICO. This may take up to 2 weeks after sending tokens via smart contracts. In order to participate on the Bounty Campaign, please visit here.
  5. Life is getting expensive and combined that with the increasing needs for the living, it has made the requirement to have extra income almost MUST. But is it really possible while you are stuck doing your routine tiring job day in and out? It's not for most, but that’s where we are here to introduce you to something that can be called the life changer! We are here to introduce you to AdBlast, the platform that’s built for YOU! AdBlast is the world’s BEST Advertising platform to make money online while doing nothing much at all! With over 1 billion dollars spent on online advertising every day, it’s the opportunity to become part of this constantly growing market and make money with ease! AdBlast is a profitable advertising platform, which is an integral part of the Alternet social network. And by simply watching ads and acquiring advertising packages in AdBlast lets you earn money. All profits paid are generated in transparent and genuine ways. Alternet has several sources of income through which users are paid; this includes the ads sale within the website, Alternet profits that come from advertising and every sale made, as AdBlast is an integral part of this system, which allows creating stable income paid daily and much more, it’s all part of the AdBlast network! Alternet is also an opportunity that is created to make the best use of your FREE time and help you generate extra income for it. Alternet is a social platform, where you are going to earn doing social activities like Sharing posts, uploading content and such steps. Same as you do on current available social sites like Facebook/Twitter and others. But here not only you get major share in the earning, but also the complete privacy protection for your data and allows you the control over things! You can also get $10 FREE by registering now on the AlterNet platform! So, come forward and be part of this revolutionary movement, which is meant to make earning online walk in the park! Check below in order to know further: Official Website: - https://alternet.com/ - https://adblast.online/ Whitepaper: - https://adblast.online/files/AdBlast_EN.pdf - https://alternet.com/files/Alternet_EN.pdf Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alternetcom-1896218814029944/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdBlast-210673212806990/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alternet_com - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC84q_yw9hTV5rUa0wL_u4Vw
  6. Jewelry is the most crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially females. It is also considered amongst the best investments to make for all. With something such precious, it is vital to have a better system in place for it! So, why not make all this transaction easy, simple and secure? Now, imagine a currency system that allows jewelry merchants from around the globe to do business with an international clientele, all without the need for any physical currency or even the credit cards! Visit Here In Order To Make The Investment!! That’s exactly why we welcome you to the world of “JWL”, it is the FUTURE of digital currency and built exclusively for the glamorous and irresistible world of Jewelry. With the old ways of having to carry massive cash, credit card or other stuff to do shopping in the offline store is out of fashion and that’s where JWL is here to make a difference with the mission to provide a secure Cryptocurrency payment gateway, which helps to utilize the JWL blockchain technology to facilitate jewelry transactions between customers, vendors, distributors, manufacturers, and producers of precious stones and metals. With the traditional and old way of payments considered as risky, insecure and difficult, it is time for the solution called JWL. It is conceived of and is developing a token ecosystem that’s built from the ground up to service the jewelry industry. With such system in place, it is going to bring altogether new audience into the Jewelry industry and also make things easier for the existing one! But that's not the only reason to join it! We have 3 years exclusive contract deal with JCK Magazine and National Jewelry Magazine, which are 2 of the BIGGEST Jewelry Magazines in the industry. With this move, there will be NO other Cryptocurrency allowed to advertise on those Magazines for next 3 years! JWL is not an overnight thought, but an idea that’s built by some of the best brains in the industry and the veterans of the jewelry and e-commerce business! This includes our CEO, David Zinberg. He was the founder and CEO of Bidding Unlimited, Incorporated. With over 3 decades experience in the Jewelry industry, he has done many unthinkable things, as in 1997, he founded the predecessor to BIDZ.com and led it to become a leading Jewelry Retailer, exceeding $180 million in revenue. It followed with getting BIDZ.com listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market in 2017. So with such strong foundation, this is your opportunity now, to be part of something spectacular, something unseen and something truly revolutionary! Now is your chance to be part of JWL – The future of Jewelry Industry! Check below for further details: Official Website: - http://www.jwl.com Offering Details: - https://d19j0qt0x55bap.cloudfront.net/production/startups/jwlcoin/documents/offering_details/JWL_Offering_Document_v4.pdf
  7. Blockchain technology is constantly growing and Cryptocurrencies taking full advantage of the benefits it brings. There seems a lot that is in store for investors in this field, especially the youth! And mining is amongst the most commonly and easily used way to earn it. But is it really profitable enough? There is still a lot of excitement here, which investors and above all the young generation can expect! One of them is "Mining", where you can easily find money. But is "Mining" still profitable enough? The answer is "NO" because it simply doesn't pay off economically due to the ever increasing energy, hardware acquisition and maintenance costs associated with mining. Not only Individuals, but also large mining farms are affected. Gaining profits by mining is becoming increasingly difficult. And this is exactly where "Mobile Mining" comes with a solution to this problem. What is "Mobile Mining" about? It is a project with the vision to use the unused energy from the daily life for the "Mining". In particular, the large amount of wasted kinetic energy, the use of which makes the world a little bit "BETTER". The primary goal of "Mobile Mining" is to convert the vast amount of unused energy in the transportation industry into electricity, in order to operate "mining" systems. This way, it's easy to earn mining profits by eliminating energy costs. The system of "Mobile Mining" and the technology used transforms unused kinetic energy into electricity, which operates "mining" computers. This system with a specially developed algorithm 'mined" the currently most attractive Cryptocurrencies to generate the maximum profit. The "Mobile Mining" system can be used in a wide variety of industries. The focus is primarily on haulage companies with a large fleet of vehicles whose lorries cover several hundred to a thousand kilometers every day. With such an amount of wasted energy, it is long overdue to use the system of "mobile mining" to make the best possible use of these resources. The Presale is already in the starting blocks and is divided into 3 phases, with the "early adopters" can get the biggest bonus of 30%. This first phase begins on June 1, 2018 and runs until June 8, 2018. The bonus is reduced in each subsequent sales phase. So, now it's time to join this revolutionary project early to get the maximum bonus of 30%. Check below for further details: Official Website:m - https://www.mobile-mining.cc/ Social Media Links: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/mom_coin/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2JIiITJgbbTNi1j5yt6qA
  8. Most people running their own business are almost stuck into certain limits and there seems to be almost no way out from it! But now there will be the way out of it. The way which will unlock the actual potential of your business whether it’s big or small or even if you are an independent contractor, the solution we have is tailored made for you! Inviting you to be part of the future of the business, come and be part of Aclaró: Aclaró is a platform created to manage your data through the implementation of the Blockchain technology; it is going to solve data storage problems for average users. With Aclaró’s data analytics platform, it will allow smaller businesses and independent merchants to take advantage of many of the same data-driven approaches to sales and marketing as multinational retailing giants! You also get to discover the latest trends, forecasting for the demands, giving you the edge over the competitor and much more, it is the way to increase your business revenue! Aclaró offers various features (product) that are meant to take your business notches higher and gives you the required support. The list of features includes Business Analytics Recommendations: it will help with additional analytics through big data generated by the Aclaró Pool. It allows business owners to stay ahead of the race. There is Open API Platform available for the third-party software developers to develop applications using data from the Aclaró Database. With such data, it helps to build ANY app to help your business grow further and allows the decision making easier. Next on the list of great tools is POS Integrations, it helps you connect with your favourite payments channels through a robust API system, which is easy and simple! And the best part is Aclaró Heatmap, which is a visual tool that demonstrates all transactions taking place within your business. From analyzing which department generated money, to how much was allocated to salaries and marketing for all employees or products! It also indicates the financial value of each department. There is also Mobile App available, which allows all the transactions together with the Aclaró transaction wallet, it gives instant access to all the transactions and receipts with just a click. Although, Aclaró is tailored made for whole the business industry, but Automotive is amongst the hottest sector right now. With such high demand, Aclaró has made sure to have its main focus on Automotive industry. In Car dealership industry there are captive to legacy software that is “canned” and provides minimal tooling and no relational data constructs. It makes dealers restricted in the files and fields that are available for export. There is a pub-sub model created, which allows for either DMS or dealer single-file reporting to be consumed and mashed up as a true relational database. Furthermore, the structure binds datasets by unique foreign keys that NEVER duplicate. Vehicle identification numbers bind all costing transactions such as PDI’s (Pre-Delivery Inspection), Reconditioning, Sublet, Accessorizing, we-owes, etc. As we encrypt data at reset and in-flight, the buyer and optional co-buyer are identified specifically by social security number. At the time, Aclaró got astonishing business intelligence (BI) tool, which can create custom reports and insightful dashboards showing the trends in real time. To show how dealerships can benefit from the power of the data. Aclaró is also prototyping machine learning algorithms that can send alerts and messages to identify calls to action for every step of a retail delivery, as many as 72 different steps! So, now is your opportunity to make the right choice and have the data you need, without having to pay the BIG BUCKS for it! Register today to take your business to heights it deserves to be at! Check out below for more info: Official Website: - http://aclaro.io Whitepaper: - http://aclaro.io/Whitepaper.pdf Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aclaro-1870194419945152/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aclaro_io - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aclaro.io/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLCx_dv9uwaFA0owr88fcgw Contact Us: - Phone: +1 833-2ACLARO - Email: info@aclaro.io
  9. How to win at BitZonk?

    I discovered https://bitzonk.com last month and started spending time there and was able to come across a trick that allowed me to win consistently! It was through the algorithm. The first thing was to make some deposit. It was not worthy only going ahead with Faucet money only. With the deposit, the amount MUST be a prime number (that is one that can be divided only by 1 and itself). So here is how the strategy works! You choose a deposit amount (a prime number such as 3, 5, 7 bits, etc.), then you select the difficulty level, it works best for me on easy level. Then click on play and choose one of the curtains, doesn’t matter which one. The key is to click in the next round the curtain where the cat was in the previous one. So, if you choose a left one, you win and you see that the cat was behind the middle one; in the next round, you click the middle one. You need to repeat this until you lose. That’s because this will tell you how far you can go at your next attempt. If you get a zonk in the 6th round, in the next attempt, you can play until 5th one and when you win and go to the 6th one, take the reward and start over. If in the second attempt you lose earlier, you should increase the bet amount and start over. You can increase it by any number of bits; just ensure the number has to be a prime one. I don’t have any logical explanation of why prime number works better, but it is clearly the case here, as maybe they are quite important in Cryptography, which is the foundation of Blockchain, so maybe that’s why. Hope it can help you to win consistently and make FREE money like I am doing! Use this trick soon; as once they upgrade the system, it might stop working. Good luck!
  10. Airdrop & Bounty Campaign - Coming Soon! Social Media has become one of the most crucial aspects of people’s lives, especially for youngsters. It is the place that a lot of time is spent on. So, why not have the chance to be able to gain from your time? Now, you can do just that by becoming part of the big league of Social Influencers. We are here to offer you the opportunity of the lifetime with Netterium. Netterium brings the Netcheckr platform, which is a decentralized blockchain-based advertising marketplace that connects influencers with the business brands all over the globe! The Netcheckr platform uses Netterium, an Ethereum-based token, as the unified mode of payment between influencers and companies, in addition to Blockchain-based smart contracts. It will enable safe and regulated interaction of all parties, helping prevent any frauds and the need for the third party intermediaries. It will be the FIRST platform of this kind, which will allow advertisers to promote their brand to increase sales, awareness and enhance the visibility of the company through targeted influencer marketing campaigns. Netcheckr’s Smart Algorithms help brands select the BEST influencers based on various parameters including relevance, popularity, and demographics. The user-friendly interface provides profile pages for all influencers and quantified marketing campaign projections, maximizing the returns on the advertising budgets. The platform also helps both small and large-scale influencers finding new brands and monetizes content more easily and profitably. With the phenomenal growth in the marketing sector, Netcheckr is positing itself to be the leader in the marketing sector, thanks to the state-of-the-art platform, effective marketing campaign tools and the security advantages of Blockchain-based technology. The Netterium tokens will be used for the project Netcheckr. After the launch, influencers will be able to earn it by posting commercial messages for advertisers on the social media accounts. Netterium will also work as a payment medium and will give Netterium holders the possibility to sell & trade their Netterium Token. Now is your opportunity to become part of the next revolutionary project as the Presale has already started from 30th April with finishing on 30th June with 40% bonus available before the next round begins from 1st July and runs 30th September with 20% bonus. So, come and be part of this thrilling adventure where you could purchase straight from an exchange like Coinbase! Check out below for further details: Official Website: - https://netterium.com/ - http://netcheckr.com/ Whitepaper: - https://netterium.com/Whitepaper.pdf Social Media Links: - Gplus: https://plus.google.com/103910493710578381165 - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/netchekr/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetCheckr - Telegram: https://t.me/NetCheckrNetterium / https://t.me/NetCheckrNetteriumAnnouncement - Medium: https://medium.com/@NetCheckr - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/netcheckr/ - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/netcheckr/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXuRWaSS_zu4hReOBZ13sw Airdrop & Bounty Campaign - Coming Soon!
  11. Altcoin news

    I believe news is the most crucial part of any trader, if we wish to succeed then we got to ensure that we have complete insights into the Crypto world and all the developments. This is exactly why I keep my tracks on Cryptonewstrends, it is just incredible. With non-stop news providing site having the luxury of trending news story, it’s simply mind boggling to use this site.
  12. Everything can run smoothly for your business if there are no issues regarding transparency, privacy and all such stuff that you are required day in and out! So, why not implement a product that could facilitate the easiness you are after? Whether you are an owner of a big or small business or an independent contractor, our solution is tailored for you! Introducing to you the life-changing product - Aclaró Aclaró is a platform created to manage your data with use of the Blockchain technology. It is created with the simple concept of enabling transaction transparency and visibility across all the systems and ensures integrity for the transactions. With Aclaró you no longer have to depend on offline papers or documents which can be manipulated, altered or changed! Aclaró will allow you to store your transaction documents digitally and safely. Integrating Aclaró’s blockchain technology with your business plan grants you access to BIG data, which is an important tool for any business regardless of its size. Finally, Aclaró brings big data analytics to the masses and gives you the control you've always dreamt about, analyzing big data allows analysts, researchers, and business users to make BETTER and FASTER decisions using data that was previously inaccessible or unusable! Aclaró offers various features including Aclaró Heatmap, which is a visual tool that demonstrates all transactions taking place within your business. From analyzing which department generated money to how much was revenue was allocated to salary and marketing for all employees or products. Aclaró Heatmap also indicates the financial value of each department! But that’s not all, as there is also Mobile App available, which allows you to have all your transactions together with the Aclaró transaction wallet. It gives instant access to all the transactions and receipts with the click of a button. So, don’t stay in dark, as Aclaró provides you with the data you need, without having to pay big bucks for it! With the growing popularity and demand, the Aclaró passes are already SOLD OUT, so we invite people to apply for the Waitlist in order to be notified when the new stock becomes available! Register today to take your business where it truly deserves to be! Check out below for more info: Official Website: - http://aclaro.io Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aclaro-1870194419945152/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aclaro_io - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aclaro.io/ - Email: info@aclaro.io
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