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  1. this is very bad idea! volume die because inflation make coin lose value too fast so no one want coin you tell people to buy but then they just left holding coin losing value instead you should tell people truth which is coin not being used as currency so stop using as currency because services going away otherwise only hurt people in wallet! very bad! good advice is find reason to use coin bad advice is spend money on coin i stop listening to bad advice from you now and others should too

    i still see no talk of economics inflation is out of control cryptoid points out and everyone ignores him but he is right and nothing in current plan addresses problem just puts make up on pig but still is pig why not address economics?

    i am coder and ask for nothing please and thank you it is ok if you do not trust me women on internet always target of bad people and i was target by bad person and he never stop so i become someone else on internet if you like my code then thank you if you like me is ok but i do not want newsletter and i do not want title and i do not want me on internet i do not want more bad people near me only my code just like satoshi thank you for understanding

    if updater source cannot be seen then it cannot be trusted so updates cannot be trusted
  5. New devs and Joint projects

    i see my mistake bitcoin wont merge things so thats why worldcoin exists im sorry im downloading dependencies and trying to compile now thank you for helping
  6. New devs and Joint projects

    Direct Rendering Manager is not Digital Rights Management. Linus would never ever allow copyrighted or copyright enforcing work in the kernel im sure. 1) If one person wants to try PoW, and one person wants to try PoS and one wants PoW + PoS then the market will say who is right not committee. Changing PoW algo is very easy almost all coins do it! 3 coders want to code and you should not stop them. Committee can disagree with market and be wrong but market is never wrong. And even if committee says yes to PoS maybe I say no and release my own coin and market says no to you and yes to me. In open source work isn't done because committee agrees, work is done because coder writes code and maintainer merges code and people run code. I am coder so is Kevlar so maybe we work together maybe we don't but committee doesn't code so committee doesnt matter if we do or dont. In open source committee doesn't make decisions repo maintainer makes decisions and if coder doesn't like decision then it is forked and becomes new repo maintainer no committee no voting no elections. Maybe I asked the wrong question, who is the repo maintainer that I request merge from? 2) If no developers are here maybe I am in the wrong place too? I want to code not debate not fight why is anyone here if not coding? Shouldn't we be talking where the people making the decisions in code are? 3) I see it's less work for original coder but Kevlar pointed out why it's wrong to do it that way if you wanted that you should use a common code base so no additional work at all. If you want that implement it in Bitcoin and merge downstream. Both coins are based on same code base so only smart move is implement in common code base not implement it twice in each code base. What you say is more work for everyone, but smart move is do it in Bitcoin. 4) What is meant by competing? All coins compete for market share and developer resources. How are you not competing now? Seems like only way for both coins to gain is to add feature to Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin never crashed and $300 isn't 'risen' again when it's gone up to $1,000+. It is a better product because it has more features and offers a lot more security on the blockchain because of higher hash rates. It's also accepted many more places and held by more people if you measure better that way.

    Satoshi did it the opposite way. He understood that good ideas market themselves. I don't think you are right.

    Jay you really confuse me. I thought this was opposite of current plan. I understood plan was new development, not marketing, was I wrong?

    This is very confusing. English is not my first language but I don't understand what's being said when you say we only accept worldcoin and push it. This is wishful thinking without plan for reality, yes? Just wanting to happen, no reason it will? So you will make a LinkedIn competitor? I thought WDC was crypto-currency, not social networking and advertising? Now I'm even more confused.
  11. New devs and Joint projects

    Hmm. Very interesting. Kevlar is very loud and rude. I think he needs to take a drink of sake and lay down. But he is also right about many things. I don't need your agreement to collaborate with fellow developer, so alliance seems like very bad idea, maybe it just makes people mad at you. Wouldn't it just be better if I talk to developer directly? I want help! Where are the other coders, you said they don't talk here??? I'm trying to learn but if other coders don't talk here where should I go? Also since code bases are similar but not common repo base, merge into both coins would be lots of manual work, I'm not sure I want to do the same work twice. It seems like you want there to be "WDC developer" and "FTC developer", but why not just "developer"? I am a developer, not WDC, not FTC. Is that wrong? Do I have to choose?
  12. New devs and Joint projects

    2 questions: Where are the other developers? 2 were mentioned, is that Accept and Shivecar? and Why does everyone keep mentioning FTC? I saw Berzeck say they share similar code base, shouldn't developers also face similar problems? What is the problem talking to developers?

    Im guessing FTC = Feathercoin? Im not sure I understand why it's garbage it seems to share almost identical code bases and use almost identical technology does it not? I saw different hashing algo, but it's still a blockchain same as WDC. I know it has different inflation but thats just parameters. They are priced similarlly on cryptsy, so the market seems to think they're similar. What makes it worse or better? I've been looking and what I see that is better is BitShares because they have DPoS and that rewards developers instead of miners, and it has much better price. FTC doesn't have that WDC doesn't have that so FTC and WDC are both the same, are both garbage? The first thing I learned about WDC is most of the development is closed source. For a business who wants to use the coin that's not good any more at all. If you want businesses to use it they hire developers who do the work. If developers cant use the code for free or if theres a better solution that is free and open source developers are going to choose that every time over binary only black box so businesses wont see it used. Also no developers like me can make changes and try something different to see if it works better. So far I don't see any services WDC has that other coins don't have, so first-mover advantage isn't an argument. So why closed source?
  14. Wallet Refactor Project 2015

    It looks like I am missing boost and openssl. where do I get them and where do I put them? 1>------ Build started: Project: worldcoin, Configuration: Release Win32 ------ 1> addrman.cpp 1>c:\source code\worldcoindaemon\source\serialize.h(17): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/type_traits/is_fundamental.hpp': No such file or directory 1> alert.cpp 1>alert.cpp(6): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/algorithm/string/classification.hpp': No such file or directory 1> bloom.cpp 1>c:\source code\worldcoindaemon\source\serialize.h(17): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/type_traits/is_fundamental.hpp': No such file or directory 1> checkpoints.cpp 1>checkpoints.cpp(5): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/assign/list_of.hpp': No such file or directory 1> checkpointsync.cpp 1>checkpointsync.cpp(64): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/foreach.hpp': No such file or directory 1> crypter.cpp 1>crypter.cpp(5): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'openssl/aes.h': No such file or directory 1> db.cpp
  15. Wallet Refactor Project 2015

    I'm just trying to get the code built. Im not sure what is open source and what isnt but I guess I'll find out? I can install skype if I have more questions. First one is just getting code building, anything I need to know?