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  1. Cryptopia

    According to https://coinclarity.com/exchange/cryptopia/ it looks Cryptopia is expensive in withdraw. Didn't use yet. Does anybody have experience?
  2. Worldcoin Future Price !!!!

    I believe WDC could be back in top10. That's why I started to buy WDC slowly...
  3. Cryptopia

    Yes. And until then I will buy WDC there. I cannot buy huge amount and today it was over in minutes, including withdraw. With slightly higher price, but without enormous fees in Cryptopia, so it was really cheap. So why not?
  4. Cryptopia

    Yes, Bleutrade is nicely cheap. Just bought some WDC and withdraw to my wallet.
  5. Cryptopia

    https://bleutrade.com/help/fees_and_deadlines looks better...
  6. Cryptopia

    F*ck. How difficult is it to make own exchange?
  7. Eshop is not working.
  8. Why is broken WBC wallet still on the main website?

    ATM, main site is unavailable. :-(
  9. Network hashrate

    I have only about 100kH/s. Can't do much. :-)
  10. Network hashrate

    Climbed back to GH.
  11. New web page released!

    If I can help, I will...
  12. Network hashrate

    53 Gh? WTF?
  13. New web page released!

    PL/SQL and OBIEE developer is not employable, I suppose...
  14. Thanx. Looks like it's working. Anyway, it(https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/WorldcoinBC.exe) should be repaired. ASAP. I tried on 3 different computers, never worked. :-/
  15. New web page released!

    2. Obtain Worldcoins / Faucet should be erased when faucet page is turned off so long...
  16. New web page released!

    What's that?
  17. New web page released!

    End of 2017 and links from http://directory.worldcoin.global/ doesn't work. Not good.
  18. Mining Pools?

    I found these 2. Not tested. https://aikapool.com/wdc/ https://hash-to-coins.com/