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  1. New web page released!

    If I can help, I will...
  2. Network hashrate

    53 Gh? WTF?
  3. DeepOnion Community

    This thread should be deleted, IMHO. Almost all posts are made by members with only 1 post. Looks like PR...
  4. Network hashrate

    Climbed back to GH.
  5. New web page released!

    PL/SQL and OBIEE developer is not employable, I suppose...
  6. Thanx. Looks like it's working. Anyway, it(https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/WorldcoinBC.exe) should be repaired. ASAP. I tried on 3 different computers, never worked. :-/
  7. New web page released!

    2. Obtain Worldcoins / Faucet should be erased when faucet page is turned off so long...
  8. New web page released!

    What's that?
  9. New web page released!

    End of 2017 and links from http://directory.worldcoin.global/ doesn't work. Not good.
  10. Mining Pools?

    I found these 2. Not tested. https://aikapool.com/wdc/ https://hash-to-coins.com/
  11. Mining Pools?

    Not working. Anything else?