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  1. Poloniex

    Yeah I see your point. Something must be done very soon although I'm not sure what would be the best option to take.
  2. Poloniex

    Nice to hear from you Berzeck! I wish the worldcoin.global team an excellent/productive year 2017. I'm sure in the future, these drawbacks are going to sound more like anecdotes, growing pains.
  3. I'm getting a Forum Error code: EX4096

    nice! yes, it's working good now. No more error messages on my side.
  4. I'm getting a Forum Error code: EX4096

    Nope, still getting the same. Without login (or even logged in) go to http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/discover/
  5. It seems that something is off, when I select some options on the "stream" tab or 'activity' (and even other tabs) I get: Error code: EX4096
  6. EURO 2016

    Gosh, Portugal is having a baaad tournament. It was one of my favorites. Up to now, Germany will probably win it. Next big game on the Copa America: Argentina vs USA! The USA is playing good, they used to be mediocre, well their manager Klinsmann is quite exceptional and is been with them for many years.
  7. Well, think about Tesla motors and the rest of the car industry. Tesla is not saying you guys suck go broke, on contrary Elon is even sharing his patents. The key is disruption as other innovative orgs are doing, like for example Uber with taxi industry which already existed for long time. Facebook and social media (not that I agree with the methods but they changed the social media game) and I could keep going, Google, Apple.... So now societies need better currencies, better public payment methods, the internet is everywhere, paypal is private, visa is private, mastercard is private, SWIFT is private and all of them where good in the past. Banks are for sure reluctant to change. They argue why change? we make lots of money, we take everyone as suckers, we have strong ties with governments. I'm quite sure that one of the big social incoming transformations is gonna be the separation State vs banks as it was the same between the church and govs in the past. I'm just saying that if banks collapse they will take everything down for sure, but if they adapt they could transform themselves to something better suited for all. Might be wishful thinking but cryptos will definitely play a role in this and Worldcoin is fit for the job.
  8. Ongoing altcoin rally

    yeah, I know! that thing became big drama wow. I was following ETH and the related for the past months just out of curiosity and now this happens. Even the hacker dude wants to do an Interview / AMA, lol!
  9. no, it's not my point at all. Let's help them to make better, faster, cheaper services for everyone. not just making crazy rich a few of them. Banks need to change their mentality, cryptos will help indeed.
  10. IP bans now or what ???

    This. There're lots of pump/dump coins that are even abandoned. WDC must be a real, long term project.
  11. PREACH BROTHER! That's the main reason why I like the incoming crytocurrency era: financial institutions corruption, and the fact that we're all ok with it, specially governments. Banks are now too big to fall.
  12. What game you playing?

    I just borrowed Last of us for PS3 from the public library, seems ok, a bit slow. I loved the God of War series. But in reality, I'm not playing much lately. I used to love the Zelda series from nintendo before.
  13. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    yeah! I love surprises, and I believe it's for the best that the dev team keep it that way.
  14. IP bans now or what ???

    I find it quite difficult that someone would take the effort to ban anyone in this forum. And even if that happens, most IP bans can be easily fixed by restarting the modem. Or you could setup a VPN or even use a free proxy server, there're plenty online.
  15. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    By the way, those Mycelium initiatives and card look promising. I think they will work with other cryptos and chains. Well if they get to materialize some day.