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  1. Changing the Algorithm - WorldDefense

    Before someone starts a whole discussion about inflation, the block rewards almost stay the same as it was supposed to, at daily basis. It's just that the rewards get reduced at specific block counts. Am I right @alferz?
  2. @cobaltbooty@Ismail Nakhuda Use the old for now: https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/old/worldcoin-
  3. About China !

    I am thankful for your almost 3 years of effort for Worldcoin Berzeck. You know what the funny thing is? You choose these Chinese 'partners' over the community which was supporting you for these turbulent past years. We may not be developers or know the technical aspects of this project as well as you do. Maybe we didn't support the project financially, but most of the community members supported you and stayed loyal. Because of your choice this project was on the brink of disaster. And now you're trying to stay away for a period of time? This is the PERFECT time to find a temporary solution to restrict Chinese influences. We can be stronger than ever! Think about it. The timing couldn't be better. I'm afraid Chinese exchanges will be up and running again in a short period of time, probably end of the year or Q1 of next year. I encourage you to continue development and come up with a solution with the help of the community. Let's make a new thread and discus what is best. Let us discus and come up with a (temporary) solution.
  4. Chinese 'partners'

    So did they dump it?
  5. If I had the money..

    I would rather have it PoW aswell, but I just don't see miners being attracted after what we've been through.
  6. If I had the money..

    You know, we could find a new developer hire asics and let him fix the issues. But which direction should we take? Go full PoS or stay PoW with a different algo? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In case of going PoS we will be freed from the miners. Also the node counts will probably rise as staking requires people to run a node. In case of going a different algo, we probably won't be listed on multipools for a period of time, and won't have to much fluctuation in hashrate. However PoW as of now seems to risky for me. We have to find dedicated miners, we are to small right now as a community. Scharmbeck and now Berzeck's silence. Where are we supposed to find them? Worldcoin's history will be the problem here. There needs to be a consensus or we will break down even further. My proposal: - Is to go full PoS. It works and it seems to be the future. Even Ethereum will go PoS. - Keep the block rewards the same. Distribute according to total staked coins in the network. Example: 10 Mil coins are being staked in total. I'm staking 1 Mil coins. I will receive 10% of the block reward in this case. (This is just an example, I think we could think of something else) - 0.01 WDC required for every transaction. Distributed to staking nodes. - Probably rebrand? Seems to do wonders. I'm open for discussions, but please be open-minded. It is not because of Scharmbeck and Berzeck this community became this small. It is because we have to much arrogant people still within us which just scare away the members.
  7. If I had the money..

    Does anyone know if these chinese investors still hold these 30mil wdc? Did someone try to contact Berzeck from bitcointalk or skype?
  8. If I had the money..

    It's funny to see how succesful the chinese are in manipulating the price of (crypto)currencies. While they do NOT have complete control of all the factors involving it. The human factor never changes and FUD always seems to work. It's the same with commodities/raw materials. Why is crude oil $48 a barrel? Manipulation. Shouldn't even be $1 a barrel. (In this case not chinese manipulation). Why do you think lithium prices have skyrocketed in the past few years? Because there is a growing demand for them to be used in batteries, like smartphones, laptops, eletric cars? There is, definitly. But it is not a determining factor. China already controls most of the mines, that is why. Why do you think China accumulated so much gold the past few decades? Just look at the news. China is preparing to launch a crude oil futures contract in the Chinese yuan backed by gold. There is a de-dollarization in process. Why do you think that usage of cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges have not been banned yet in China for the past 8.5 years? FFS IT'S CHINA OF ALL THE COUNTRIES. It's the perfect place to manipulate prices ANDDD they are limited. As they spread FUD and keep the prices down, they accumulate. What I'm trying to say is haven't we learned our lesson the past few years? Why the sudden sell offs at these ridiculous prices? We're getting baited by the smart chinese guys and as always we act with emotion and sell at these ridiculous dips. Really? The smart chinese man thanks you for the cheaps coins. I came to realize that block times are not a problem. Why? Who cares if I don't receive it in 1 minute? There is no real usage (yet) anyway. But as the chinese accumulate and they own a large portion of this LIMITED asset or currency, don't you think they will make it useful one day in the future?
  9. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Volume is still key to a healthy market, be it bots or humans.
  10. jubi.com

    I'm sure Berzeck is making plans to solve the problem. It is summertime, maybe he is on vacation. Let's just wait and see what September brings us. On topic: I do NOT recommend jubi.com for people outside China. I have seen people having trouble not being able to withdraw their cryptos. They ask for a picture of your passport. I don't think you want a picture of your passport in the hands of someone you don't know.
  11. News and announcements, Worldcoin road map etc.

    At least you're still here
  12. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    Actually, the moment the difficulty drops the multipools will kick in again. This will result in a higher hashrate and a low difficulty, which in turn we will have blocks faster than 1 minute. After 120 block, If I'm correct, the difficulty we will go higher in this case. We will have a high difficulty again. If the price doesn't go UP we will be in the same situation again if the multipools jump out of the network.
  13. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    They are waiting for the blocktimes to recover, which will only happen if the price increases. A difficulty ajustment will not fix the issue I'm afraid
  14. The WDC trade on cryptopia is just 0.18% of the total trades as of right now. Coinmarketcap takes the average, which is why it shows a higher price.
  15. WDC network

    Probably the long block times which have not been fixed for a few weeks now.