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  1. If I had the money..

    It's going to need a proper and skilled team that is willing and capable of putting their own faces and names on the website. Everything else is just waste of bandwidth.
  2. If I had the money..

    I have tried registering at Jubi, but you can't unless you're Chinese. They ask your (Chinese) ID upon registeration.
  3. If I had the money..

    Btw, what about that dual blockchain algo (POST) that Vericoin/Verium uses? Any good? Just asking. I don't know if it's good or not, but they make it sound good
  4. If I had the money..

    Branding is my cup of tea, so I shall comment on it. It's a good idea to refresh the brand, however the color scheme and the logo should remain. Very minor changes to the logo if any at all. One of the plus sides to WDC is that it's an old coin. No new crypto can buy that. The rebranding must be done right so that WDC is seemingly born again, however is proud of it's heritage. I don't think the Fathom Dynamic logo is too similar. It's a world of zillion logos, you'll always find similar somewhere! Besides, the logo isn't bad at all, it actually has a good finance-world'ish vibe to it. That isn't too common in cryptocurrency. I don't comment a lot on POW/POS debate, I'm not crypto-tech savvy enough, but I think we have to get WDC off from being at the mercy of raw profit seeking miners. At least for the time being. Plus, the current wallet is just horrible. Nothing wrong with default wallets, especially POS ones. Prefer them over this Business Center bullshit any day. Just my $0.02.
  5. About China !

    I'm aboard
  6. About China !

    You nailed it man. Luckily I sold my bag when there was still some value left. Perhaps some team will revive WDC, but it already has a load of BS as it's burden. That Sharmbeck (or whatever) and Berzeck's fluff just to push the price up to exit. Nostagia is left and that's what brings me too. What somewhat surprised me was Berzeck's pussy ass exit. Could have been man enough to say he's had enough and pass the project to some real team with real professionals and doing it with their own faces. But no.
  7. About China !

    I think it's too late dreaming about anything really that involves WDC. It doesn't help being on denial.
  8. Wallet Won't Send Funds

    oops.. my bad, I had my pass written wrong ("blush" ). All good now. Although the wallet could notify in plain English that "sorry, your password was wrong. Please check your password." Just something for the devs to consider. Thanks.
  9. Wallet Won't Send Funds

    @Berzeck Any idea? Tried re-installing the WBC but no help.
  10. Wallet Won't Send Funds

    Hi, I'm having the same issue. For me restarting the wallet is not helping. Is the problem in network, or my wallet? Thanks. Log panel: "JSon RPC error! Connector: 'WDC'. Error: 'Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first.'. Code: '-13'"
  11. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    WDC's daily volume is over 1mUSD all the time. Why isn't WDC in a single decent exchange? Market economy isn't working now..
  12. WDC value on Coinmarketcap.com VS exchange price

    Thank you for the replies. Where is the WDC trading volume then as BTC38 is useless? Do you really need to know Chinese to trade WDC at the moment?
  13. Hello all, During my years in crypto, I have never witnessed anything like this. Can someone please explain what is the cause of this or is there just something I'm missing:
  14. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Where to buy WDC at the moment? BTC38 doesn't seem good at all..
  15. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    If mining is a problem, WDC, supporters and investors should have a base support for network. No serious crypto should be fully at the mercy of random, maximum profit looking miners. What is an absolute mining power amount needed to keep the network up? That amount of power should be provided at all times, by resources from within. My $0.02.