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  1. Committee

    This is the spirit.
  2. Committee

  3. Committee

    I got expertise on branding area. I think somebody should be in charge that the brand is tip top at all times. Currently it's not. What do you think?
  4. Wake Up Call!!!

    Good writing Diego. I'm open for negotiations.
  5. Wake Up Call!!!

    They have noticed the best name holder has gone bust. It's time to steal the name. WDC must be back and running soon, or the sharks will prevail.
  6. Wake Up Call!!!

    Exactly!! That'd be the very first step of the roadmap.
  7. Wake Up Call!!!

    A roadmap. Who is going to compile one? There seems to be good ideas and will. But they are worthless if there is no process of decisionmaking and implementation. We have a problem that no-one is at the helm. I think we should make up a committee/board that consists of people with proper competence.
  8. Wake Up Call!!!

    What's the plan on putting up a team for WDC? Or are we still 100% adrift? I think just passively waiting for something happening for China don't help s***. Sorry for being straight about it but that's me.

    The color scheme should be in line with the branding. My 0.02WDC.

    Every winning business idea has a process behind it and it is something like S7tryker is suggesting. Let me make my own list of important factors: - super easy, noob-proof install & use - attactive, clear and easy GUI - branding polished to perfection. No exceptions - lightning fast transactions & confirmations - not being at the mercy of mining farms. If this means POS so be it (for now). - solid, professional and motivated marketing department - being able to accept WDC wherever BTC is accepted (some coins do this, can we?)
  11. Wake Up Call!!!

    Wordcoin - the brand color scheme looks like a gay parade, but the people behind the project are numerous and they are there with their own faces. This is what WDC needs too.
  12. Wake Up Call!!!

    Ain't dyslexia great xD This thread is starting get really amusing characteristics Well, as said before I agree that there is a ton of better opportunities in crypto other than WDC especially now and as-is. WDC's value is $0 now in my book. But you seem very keen on getting WDC market value close as zero as possible so that you can buy cheap. And at the same time you are very worried if people buy so your golden opportunity won't come. All and all you do all this writing because you want to invest in WDC. Hell, there is value afterall - according to Natalya! OMG should I buy now too??
  13. Wake Up Call!!!

    The level of discussion here proofs yet again the existence of evolution and the fact that we are still monkeys. Natalya, now that you have come out with your motive, I have to say you are a horribly bad saleswoman. You can gain absolutely nothing by your warmonging. You can address that you are aware of the demise of the coin, but you are doing everything wrong sales wise. Further debate about this is useless because it's very obvious you or your team will not be working with WDC. However, on a bright side, Natalya proved that there are teams that are interested in WDC although it meant starting from scratch technically. As I've said before, we are going to need a TEAM with broad competence, not just one dev. Now how to find professional ones?
  14. Wake Up Call!!!

    What a great opening Natalya. I absolutely agree what you're saying. RAPS, I don't understand your "buy buy buy" chant when there is absolutely nothing to or coming up for WDC. It's a one dev coin, a dev that seemingly cashed out, disappeared to let the price plummet and now appearing again giving some vague stories about Chinese people and how WDC will be on track again. Right. There is no roadmap, no vision, no marketing and nothing to contribute to the cryptocurrency world. Just a slow network, outdated algo and small bunch of dumper miners hashing. Even the wallet is shitty as hell and due to Natalya doesn't even run. It's a free world (mostly) so buy buy buy if you're crazy or stupid enough. Sorry to say, but some of you WDC old timers seem to live in a fantasy. I'm one of you too, but I acknowledge WDC is a wreck. Don't deny the obvious, for your own sake.
  15. If I had the money..

    It's going to need a proper and skilled team that is willing and capable of putting their own faces and names on the website. Everything else is just waste of bandwidth.