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  1. If mining is a problem, WDC, supporters and investors should have a base support for network. No serious crypto should be fully at the mercy of random, maximum profit looking miners. What is an absolute mining power amount needed to keep the network up? That amount of power should be provided at all times, by resources from within. My $0.02.
  2. Anything new about this topic?
  3. I have just finished restoring my old wallet successfully. I have enquired the same that you in here. Addition to Berzerk's reply considering placing your wallet.dat, for me that folder is called "WorldcoinChain". Place your wallet.dat here. The folder contains subfolders: /blocks /chainstate /database
  4. As I can very well relate to dev's original opinion about not changing the algorithm before something solid and long term is possible, I think it will be good to develop to show the market WDC is alive and well. I don't really have expertise to speak out about details how the algorithm should be changed, but I'm following this topic with great interest. Good luck.
  5. This far I've been thinking it's bad for a currency to do daily/weekly buying and selling, and trying to make fast personal gain from every little bump in the price. But there is other side to this and that is volume buildup. I could do some shorting if agreed it's for communal good.
  6. Thanks alot guys. This far I've been using a Mac wallet, but it's not supported nowadays so I'm getting a WIN10 desktop to run the wallet. I assume (and hope) that WIN and Mac wallet.dat files are compatible with each other?
  7. Hello all, The price is getting to a level where it's time to buy some. I have an old wallet with some WDC, could somebody give a noob-proof guide how to restore an old wallet into a new one? Help is highly appreciated since I'd really hate losing my WDCs. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi all, I'm a mac user and just tried to run my old WDC QT, which isn't a valid wallet anymore I guess? (crashes at startup) Any idea is there going to be a wallet for Mac again?
  9. Looking real good now. Great work with the website.
  10. Hi all, Interesting to see that today WDC's 24h volume seems to be up approx 100 times to what we've considered as norm for quite long time (few thousand USD). Any idea why is this?
  11. Could have been the Bitcoin mining reward halving that just took effect. Rising BTC value is good for the whole market and may trigger investors to buy.
  12. I agree RAPS. But as I understand no algorithm is trouble-free at the moment, so when you chance you better know it's to last. On the branding field there is always things to develop though.
  13. I absolutely love RAPS. The forum was way more dull without him.
  14. Always interesting to hear from devs. To the original matter, I've been using Poloniex now that Cryptsy's gone. Seems to work ok, just bought 50k more since the price is right.