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  1. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Indeed an upside. It is a small business starting from scratch, not much staff, but I am hoping they make it profitable so they can start focus on marketing, support etc.
  2. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Well, max and start have one person with audience in common, that is quite enough for some to justify them. Well hyped.
  3. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    I like the fact they are based and registered in Finland. So records are public to a point, business is regulated by law, it is not wild wild west there. https://www.ytj.fi/english/yritystiedot.aspx?yavain=2502807&kielikoodi=3&tarkiste=A1CE0E52CBC6A9BC358AC8C9A583D6BDAF7E2F18&path=1704;1736;2052 I am just a spectator there, but to my observation alcurex (admin's nick in trollbox) takes all development ideas and feedback well into consideration. I believe my word has same weight as yours would if you choose to contribute. Worth to check IMO.
  4. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Well, I have tried to minimize my participation to all groups and forums, following only those I use on daily basis and opening my mouth when I have something to say. I've been around some time, and WDC has been on my top 3 list since late 2013 - and I still have faith in it. I have been lurking around and have had my share of unfortunate and poor choices too, Coinex and Scharmbeck to name few. I understand hesitation when it comes to add coin to new exchanges, but since BTER's issues, Bittrex removing WDC etc. there really isn't too much freedom of choice when it comes to trade WDC. To my opinion that is in total conflict with nature of WDC, starting from it's name. It is like limiting cash withdrawals to one ATM in a continent. People trade crap coins cause there is much lower treshold to start that way. Cryptocurrencies are still really immature business all in all, and every coin in it has started as a crap coin, also WDC, even BTC. Being cocky only serves a purpose as pissin to your own legs. Show me an exchange without crap coins and I will show you Sir Elton Johns girlfriend. According to this forum or you personally, can you tell what then benefits WDC most? You have now made your objection, please now share your alternative how to support WDC to attract new people and business.
  5. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    You are correct there, no volume yet. But volume will follow in time, if all else goes as planned. Sorry to say this, but still I fail to see your issue here, would think adding WDC to more exchanges would benefit WDC also. There are many people that refuse to use cryptsy as well, having issues with that exchange. So more trading options to such people couln't be an issue, right? And to my opinion, WDC isn't ready either, but needs promoting every day. So this should benefit you too, unless you have already given up with WDC. We have an immatured exchange and a dinosaur coin, what could be a better combination? No offence, nothing personal Cryptoid. Just curious.
  6. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Thanks. And no need to aplogize... Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. But I like WDC tbh, maybe I am alone there. And I like that exchange has it's own coin with what you can actually buy real gold.
  7. Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Hi community! Finland has launched it's very first altcoin exchange, and I would like WDC to be added there. I am hoping this helps worldcoin a bit further in its road to success, and that no-one has not much objection to the matter. At the moment Alcurex is getting much new volume from BTER, I guess one's loss is another's success... Anyway, I just wanted to a) join here in this community and to let you all know that I have requested WDC to be added at alcurex also. Hope you also join trading there and chatter in the chat box. I hope this suits you all. https://alcurex.org Cheers HM