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  1. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    This is unlikely. It more looks like, whoever was in charge, has exited.
  2. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Profile says Berzeck was online a few hours ago?
  3. Worldcoin 3.0 Released!

    Thank you, but why is that?
  4. Worldcoin 3.0 Released!

    I have noticed extremely long confirmation times for WDC lately. What is going on?
  5. Worldcoin tutorial video

    The video outlines features most digital currencies would have, but it does not say why Worldcoin is better than other coins. For that reason, its kind of pointless?

    I won't argue with Jakob Nielsen but this guy is not in charge here? I will argue with Alliance or Committee or whoever is in charge of this coin. This coin has died some time ago. I sold at a big loss.
  7. Worldcoin Weekly Report 25th March

    Yes people dumping the coin look at the price!
  8. Worldcoin Weekly Report 25th March

    Maybe You are not following what is going on. Worldcoin is falling from one low to another. That is not an accusation this is a fact.
  9. Worldcoin Weekly Report 25th March

    The coin has lost its value because of Scharmbeck? Who the hell was Scharmbeck. When was that. This is written off long time ago. What you read in other forums is ancient stuff. You had well over 1 year after Scharmbeck to strut your stuff. Stop blaming others! This is your own disaster Worldcoin Alliance and Committee.

    I did but it was time wasted! You did write a lot without saying anything

    Wait a few more month and then we start talk. Is this what you are saying? You might not have few month.
  12. Worldcoin Weekly Report 25th March

    This coin has lost this and that coin has lost that. This is bull shit. Don't look who is losing what percentage. Do look where coin stands and you see Worldcoin has lost most because you are not developing this coin.
  13. Ups, that was me I bought a few coins. Some people picking it up now so who else is joining? Lets go ! !