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  1. BTC38 down plus others?

    okay... after nearly 8 days since transferring... trying to call support multiple times and no one ever picks up... and with letting them know i have proof and screenshots of all my actions after they denied that the address i transferred to was a BTC one, I finally have got my WDC back after countless support enquiries... maybe there is hope.
  2. BTC38 down plus others?

    It's official.... I wanted to convert a lot of my WDC to BTC. I sent 600K then 10K then 170K of WDC to BTC38. Only my 10K of WDC went through and I convert this and requested a withdrawal. The other 770 000 WDC has been stollen by BTC38!! They have changed my deposit address, hidden all my transactions and now deny that the deposit address that I sent the WDC too was a BTC38 one. I have screenshots to prove it all as Cryptsy fucked me too. Any suggestions on what to do?? BTC38 are just denying it but I can see what they are doing. They are scam artists and going to steal everyone's money real soon... they are going to be the next Cryptsy. I took screenshots of it all and have forwarded to a family lawyer in South Africa for safe keeping. But not sure what the expense would be to get a Chinese lawyer onto BTC38.
  3. BTC38 down plus others?

    also its been 3 days now... and the WDC i sent to them went into my deposit address... i could see it in blockchain... but now that address has been emptied and the whole time my balance was Zero...there go most of my WDC down the drain it looks like and into someone else's pocket... we talking 600K of WDC... fuck crypto... im out!! I got burned by Cryptsy and now BTC38.
  4. i transferred WDC to them and its been 3 days and they don't show? Anyone want to buy WDC from me for BTC at below market value?
  5. hey all... anyone tried BTC38? Im having some issues with them. Site seems to work okay in chinese... but now ive sent them some of my WDC and its not reflecting after 6 hours?? Have any of you had this problem?
  6. clearly people are buying and usually when you get such a big increase in price its the start of a trend so I think the trend has turned and it should continue hopefully. I would still like to see it go to 0.0008 where I bought quite a bit of WDC... and hopefully higher to 0.0001 eventually. Although where to sell some and buy?!?!? Ive tried 3 exchanges today (the only ones left)... and none of them are working for me? Have you guys tried any WDC exchanges recently?? Mine show nothing in the the bids and offer section and it wont load up. this started 3 days ago and been fine till then. Also can you withdraw from BTC38? Are they trustable? Don't want to put my WDC in there and not be able to get them out!!
  7. How do i import my cold storage wallet?

    Hehe Bruno... your public key don't work ?
  8. Can you guys buy and sell WDC? I've tried 3 exchanges on my iPhone, iMac and another laptop using 2 different networks and I can't trade on them?? The bids and offer never load? You guys getting this?
  9. Hey Berzeck, do you know how to import a cold storage wallet into the new wdc wallet so i can access my coins? Want to send a friend some.

  10. How do i import my cold storage wallet in the latest version so that i can get hold of my WDC coins and send a couple to friend? Is it done in the "console" section and how? thanks
  11. Poloniex

    Also take a look at the Rich List. One guy even has 45 000 000 WDC. Holy Fuck that guy must be loaded!! That's probably cost him $500 000 realistically as he has been buying continually from looking at that address. So imagine that logically one would probably put maybe 5% of their money into Crypto at this current stage?? Maybe even just 1%? So I would reckon that person's net wealth is sitting way over $10 000 000!! Could be closer to $100 000 000 at current value. Now imagine what that person could do as crypto starts climbing in the next years. He could buy out companies and guess what you will have to pay in ... WDC. Anyway... I'm holding onto my small portion of crypto compared to the big guns cause I believe in them and the fact that we got 1 big gun like that is a bloody good thing!! I just wish I had the cash to buy a few million WDC too... but even if I did the time is too late to be a big player... but better to be a medium or small player than miss the boat!
  12. Poloniex

    Crypto in the long run will hopefully not need exchanges and wallets will store multi currencies and if you need WDC to buy your goods you going to have to buy them direct off someone and it aint going to be cheap. I think the price may just do a giant leap frog from 0.000012 BTC back to 0.01 BTC in the coming future. So if I was you I would grab the last few WDC available on exchanges that you can find. I for one will not be selling through an exchange. You will have to buy direct and price starts at 100 dollars per 1 WDC. Oh and one of the top 100 WDC owners happens to own a gold mine too by the way. So you will only be able to buy that gold with WDC one day I wander what other businesses are owned by WDC holders??
  13. Poloniex

    Okay this is big picture I foresee. Firstly, why do you think exchanges keep going bust? Secondly why do you think we have been delisted from Poloniex when volume is increasing?. Answer I think is simple. The big boys don't want you to be able to buy the coins that will be successful on an exchange cause they want to mine the fuck out of them for themselves. In the soon to be future it's going to get really difficult to purchase crypto over exchanges and then when there are just a few left to be mined you will then be able to buy them again and if you lucky get hold of a 1000 or 2. For all those that have not purchased already... I fear you have missed the boat. Too late chaps
  14. Best to buy

    that time is now... well in fact it already passed... volume available to buy is lower than it used to be.