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  1. It doesn't matter if you are logged in our not. Just by clicking on "Activity". Then normally an overview of all posts will be shown. Instead this error message is shown.
  2. Same here: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX4096
  3. I think Italy will win this time but honestly, Iceland is awesome. They pwned England!!! and enters the quarter finals. I really enjoyed the game. Sunday I will support them vs France.
  4. Gonna pump all my Bitcoins into Ethereum as soon as it hits the bottom and dump all the shit again when it doubled its value. HAHAHA! cRAPS you inspired me. Fuck ETHER! Long live Worldcoin and Bitcoin!
  5. OUCH! cRAPS fell into another rippoff trap. Now Ethereum/DAO will have him on their forums. Blaming them for programming unsecure software and losing him thousands of monetas. Please cRAPS let us know your name on their forum. I just want to enjoy the show.
  6. Somebody has to shut bastards like him up. For sake it was a success.
  7. Seems like cRAPS is enjoying his new favourite drink:
  8. At least lead developer Berzeck has some friends. I am not here to stay ontopic, I am here to troll the shit out of you. Didn't you get this? Oh I remember you are cRAPS.
  9. cRAPS got PWNED and I didn't even have to do some research!
  10. Shall I create a short psychiatric profile of cRAPS? Let me give it a try. He was "early" Worldcoin inverstor and believed in the Scharmbeck stuff. Because of that he lost a lot of money which still hurts him hard today. He gave his life a new sense by spreading lies (and bad facts which were made in the past by another team) about Worldcoin. The rest I would add to my profile would be too personal and would hurt cRAPS. That's why I won't tell you anything about his weak personality. But seriously cRAPS. Are all german people still Nazis because they killed some of your family members (sadly not the right one. Otherwise you wouldn't be trolling around) in the past? There were mistakes made in past and you can't say that the new team can be held reliable for failures which others did. They are doing "their best" (however best can be defined) to keep Worldcoin alive and improve it. So shut the fuck up and let them do their work. You don't mind anyway what happens to Worldcoin. So piss off and live your miserable life!
  11. You are doing an awesome job guys. Don't listen to cRAPS and his lies. He is just here to infect you with his cRAPSiness. Btw cRAPS. Where is you drama post in this topic? Nothing to say here at this point?
  12. Do you feel fine that if I find one lie you get banned from this board? I will love to research your shitty posts about a single lie. If I find two your IP range get banned. (OH NO! NO IP BANZ PLOX!!!! DRAMA!!!!) And if I find three your life will be banned. (LIFE BAN!??!! HOLY SHIT! RLY!!!!!) Challenge accepted?
  13. Right after you. And I am back to troll the shit out of you. When you're gone I will be gone again too. Just here to have a good time at the costs of the cRAPSiest person on the world. More drama please. Your sentences drip of drama!
  14. Again out of topic. You don't seem to get the point of my post right? But sure. You are cRAPS. I forgot about it.
  15. I spent some minutes with my cRAPS style Photoshop skills to create my new avatar. Do you like it? Btw cRAPS. I hope I am allowed to use this picture of your lovely face.