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  1. Worldcoin BC Beta 3 Released!

    Really good work mate!
  2. What exchange do you use?

    I'm also a Cyptsy user.
  3. WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta Release !

    Big News! Come on the dancing Hippo!! And of course, feel better Johnny.
  4. New website 'Worldcoin Global'

    Good job Johnny, Looking great mate.
  5. The big news we'd like to announce this week is the modifications we've made to the Worldcoin algorithm. In particular some optimizations that have been implemented. These days more and more people are becoming computer literate even still 95% don’t truly understand the technical aspects of how some of these things work. For those that are interested the whitepaper (which will be coming out tomorrow) thoroughly explains how we will be getting rid of mining once and for all. So i'll try keep this brief, new coins will be generated by sending coins, being active so if you send coins, 50% of the amount sent will be awarded to you. We call this ‘proof of money’ and has been nicknamed pomscrypt. The reward will be reduced in percentage as more and more Worldcoins are spent until the reward reaches 0.00001%. We have done this so that all coins will be distributed as fast as possible (expected coin limit reached by 2016). However to increase this limit, if coins are not moved within 3months they are sent back into the blockchain and redistributed to spenders, this methodology is called ‘coinnuke’. This is similar to transaction fees, we have just modified it to help recirculate coins. We have found a suitable candidate to implement pomscrypt, he goes under the name of Max Keiser (You may remember him from such places as RT News) he has a vast understanding of cryptos after creating start, stop and maxcoin. As a celebration of this occasion we are having a party at Deane Parrott’s house. It was calculated it would be cheaper to host it in Australia because less people would turn up. Keiser is opening a live stream on the night, broadcasting the pomscrypt switch over. We are offering free tickets to those who donate to the party crowdfund, winners will be selected based upon wealth and activity. Unfortunately our proposed partnership with Feathercoin was taken lightly. Instead we have decided to join forces with a coin with a more active and innovative approach called ‘Triangles’. In particular they have key 3 points that was of interest to us - Transparency, very active development and they seem to make excellent decisions concerning algorithm changes. We invite ‘Nightmare’ and the ‘Wurst’ developers to share important notes regarding updates to wallet enhancements. In other news, the wallet has been developed to support pomscrypt by initiating a 30second popover before the 3months of in-activity timer is over. Shveicar visited a nuclear test site in Russia, recorded the explosion and sent it to us to use as a sound effect for the ending tone before the coins disappear from the wallet in question. Forum Events Last week we were accused of having no development plans so hopefully today that user will retract that comment since it is now obvious what we have in store is the real deal. Merchant Spotlight Jordan AKA Datsunking1 has started his own sports underwear company called WorldPants. Its slogan is, ‘you’ve got the whole world in your pants’ and accepts Worldcoin exclusively. Most Americans are in a state when it comes to under-garments, Worldpants are exactly what they need to workout fresh. Pictures will be posted shortly in the coming days, Jordan has found himself to be the only suitable model. All other candidates were fired as they didn’t fit the package requirements. The Worldcoin Team wishes you a Happy April Fools! Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any actions of individuals who happen to be fools and misinterpret a joke. All the names mentioned are in no way involved with Worldcoin in the way implied. No offence was intended to anybody mentioned, we are offering a free consultation if needed.
  6. Worldcoin Weekly Report 11th March

    Good stuff! Congrats on the awards too heh
  7. Completely off Topic - Online games

    Virtual shopping / porn
  8. Chunky Monkey Released!

    Whose a Funky Monkey... or a Chunky monkey
  9. I guess people are getting used to this kind of thing now... the price has barely moved.
  10. Completely off Topic - Online games

    Yeah i'm pretty keen to try out the VR stuff and get stuck in. Would be cool to play some FPS's
  11. ios 8, what a sham.

    Ya i always hesitate in upgrading iOS versions... Something allways breaks.
  12. Completely off Topic - Online games

    How's BF2? I've got it but still haven't played it... I played a bit of Titanfall that game is fun. Dota 2 is where it's at though!
  13. Hi folks, The off topic forum looked a little bare and lonely so i thought i'd kick something off. Who plays online games around here? and Which ones? Maybe if there's enough of us that play the same game we could get some gaming on... together?
  14. What would you like to see in 2015?

    Further on the dump that happened a week or so ago... It seems like there is yet another virus going out there targeting altcoin wallets. This one seems to have got a few of the Chinese WDC holders and at least a few million of that 10mil dump was from stolen WDC. One needs to be careful of what we put into our computers and where one stores their coins.
  15. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Damn Mario's going to be a multi multi millionaire. I've got 200k WDC atm.