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  1. WDC network

    Changes to the algorithm must be done or dedicated miner(s) must be found, otherway's the coin is doomed.
  2. jubi.com

    I created account to jubi but as it turns out deposit of WDC is not possible. If you try to get adress for deposit you will get (google translated)message: World currency wallet exception, suspension of currency, the inconvenience caused to you, please understand. As I wrote before : something to the difficulty algorithm must be done ASAP or the coin will be doomed soon as useless.
  3. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    Actually Yes it will, at the current network hash rates the difficulty drops to appropriate level in a 1-1,5 month I suppose. If hash rate drops then 2-3 month is guaranteed. That's why I asked Berzeck is there a way to change of algorithm of difficulty adjustment-check for example to 10-block interval, but why not to 1-block interval. No answer since that. Maybe Berzeck is too busy to introduce his plans or thoughts about that. I'm sure he will do that in a near future. ..and since BTC community is quite split at that moment like I heard today I think we have to hold together even more.
  4. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Did you propposed to yobtc.com to list the real WDC instead of the fake one?
  5. WDC network

    Is it possible to change difficulty retarget check interval for example to 10(instead of 120) block when block value-decrease rate stays as it is now. That would be miner-friendly solution and at the same time improves health of the network. ?
  6. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Hei Berzeck, who are these miners you afraid to lose? Did you mean multipool miners who are actually ruining the WDC's network? I can swear that I would mine WDC(as a fan) in my (small :))GPU farm if there will be a stable network again for WDC whatever change of algorithm or any other possible approach that make the coin multipool-safe(er).
  7. Poloniex

    https://bitinfocharts.com/ delisted WDC. Maybe this is coincidence but information about WDC stopped refreshing right after new wallet release. About week after that(last week) WDC was delisted, lots of crapcoins stayed there. Hei Berzeck, maybe you can check out what is their case because my (request)mail didn't get answered.
  8. 24h volume x100 today, why?

    That's interesting indeed. The same situation today, but looks like sold WDC did not leave BTC38.
  9. Poloniex

    Is it possible to reveal some plans for the next year? Something to keep up hope to invest in WDC. I think loseing poloniex market was very-very bad. Poloniex is a whale-exchange, actually the biggest exchange if you look at the pool's turnover. Just the Poloniex BTC's turnover is way bigger than other excanges have. http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/#markets
  10. Poloniex

    But is it a good or bad news? Does it show that there are really no serious investors in game and WDC is held as play-currency on exchange account to be selled operatively in case of good oppotunity? Furthermore - isn't that dangerous if Exchange actually "own" 42% of WDC in case of Carpeles or BigVern trick happens again on BTC38??? If that happens, it leavs a mark on the WDC's price for sure. I am not panicking guys , just in worry littlebit.
  11. Poloniex

    Well, I asked support why they delisting WDC as actively developed coin with OK trading-volume. The answer was a plain mumbojumbo. They claimed that they use several factors weight in this decision but I claim that they are insane or malicious or joined some WDC-saboteur's club. Anyway, my support for WDC stays strong although I'm unactive in this forum. Be strong and keep up guys! Can't wait for 3.0 release.