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  1. News and announcements, Worldcoin road map etc.

    I´m interested in the same questions.
  2. BTC38 down plus others?

  3. Sending WDC

    yes, that did the trick sorry for this dump question and thank you for your help
  4. Sending WDC

    yes the first time i tryed that way. complete restart of wallet and tryed to manualy fill in letters -> nothing appeard in the field I think i should try to clean install the wallet (it is an old updated one) maybe that helps
  5. Sending WDC

    Hi, can anyone Help me? Can't send out WDC because the adressfield is not writeable. - WalletVersion: 3.1.0 - fully synced - Balance is shown in the send window Amount and Passphrase fields are writeable. thanks
  6. Site dead Links

    hello found some dead links on following site: https://worldcoin.global/mining/ both button-links dead