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  1. Update: Please apply using Riot, don't use the forum/inbox for sensitive data.
  2. Hello Worldcoiners, You have all been waiting very patiently so thank you for that. I'll be making a special appearance in light of recent events to get things started. I have spent many hours researching and thinking about the best way to go about repopulating the WDC team. I finally settled on a service with beta end-to-end encrypted messaging rooms called Riot made by a company called Matrix. Why is Matrix a good option for WDC? Supports multiple OS Open Source E2E by default if enabled in room. (Beta) Decentralized Supports Cryptocurrency API could be connected to WDC services Email on sign up not required What now? There will be 5 phases of recruitment, we will be entering Phase 1 which will begin with the population of the Worldcoin Lounge Tier 0. Phase 1 Tier 0 = Worldcoin Lounge Tier 1 = Worldcoin Discussion or Worldcoin Dev Discussion. To progress into Tier 1, Phase 1 recruiters will evaluate from the lounge who should be included. This is to ensure group chat is productive, stays on topic with sensitive data protected. How can I join Riot? You will be applying to join the Worldcoin Lounge which is Tier 0 and for casual chat. We currently have the following Phase I recruiters: diego86:matrix.org vitalicus:matrix.org Sign up, choose the respective app for your device by visiting this page. After creating your user, log out and back in to refresh account creation Inbox one of recruiters using their above usernames on Riot, please edit room settings and enable room encryption when discussing 1 to 1 to protect your data. Continue to tell the recruiter how you can contribute to WDC (Skills, background etc), this is an application, without it you will not be accepted into the group chat. They will ask you a series of questions to see what rooms you could potentially belong in. My Matrix ID is @accept:matrix.org, do not trust anyone claiming to be me if the ID doesn’t match. If you think you've got what it takes to be a recruiter, please comment on this thread for consideration.
  3. Committee

    Waiting on Diego for a response as I believe that he should have initial access. Need to go through some things first before I move further with anyone else. That's if he's serious If not then i'll find someone else.
  4. Committee

    I've had a breakthrough after many days of research, E2E is hard to come by and i'll be investigating what I think is the safest client for group communication. Yes it's that hard to find but security comes first before anything else.
  5. Committee

    Slack is great for small teams but cracks will form eventually.. It's not fit for purpose so I will be looking at a variety of services that are more secure. The problem is with permissions, they aren't very flexible or good for larger/multiple groups. I like Slack a lot but it's not going to work, will report back soon.
  6. Committee

    I'm talking about the groups those roles would be in. They will need to talk together so channels like managers and public relations will be the type of thing i'll be looking at with Vitaly. He has an invite system and could potentially be slack champion if he wanted to. I do think that forum mods are needed and someone who will be writing the news.
  7. Committee

    I'm not a developer, I'm a voluntary middleman. Without full commitment from Berzeck, there are many hurdles that slow up progression. So I will go with what he originally wanted, which is to hand over the community; not hire devs until more are involved. So I have Slack Admin and will not open invitations until we have 1. An invitation System 2. A structure of channels. When it is ready, i'll talk to those interested in gathering occupants for certain roles which belong in specific channels. Hope this helps.
  8. Committee

    I now actually think it might be a better idea for a committee to be formed first. Berzeck mentioned it previously to me, so I'm happy to go down that route now that there more interest. I'll help get it started and then continue on in my travels.
  9. Committee

    Hi, I do not wish to take a leading role because I can't commit enough time. However, I am here to get things started again for a feeling of self achievement. So think of me as a middleman.. Berzeck is not being cooperative enough for me to move forward. So I'll reach out.. this is what I need help with, I'm looking but maybe someone knows more. Slack is designed for teams, it was not intended for public channels. There needs to be an automated signup process for the public channel before invites for dedicated roles begins. Any safe suggestions? I don't want to leak access tokens.. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3062609/developers-leak-slack-access-tokens-on-github-putting-sensitive-business-data-at-risk.html I have setup a number of private channels, however I was not aware that the plan was to form a committee. I was focusing more on dev side recruitment processes. Therefore I will have to rejig the channels slightly, obviously the dilemma is not to have too many. If there is not enough then there is a security risk.. I will figure out how to combine a 3 tier system Dev side and committee/roles. If I can get it flowing smoothly then that is the recruitment process sorted. I will be away soon for a few weeks but will check in for responses ideas etc. I will probably have to create a flowchart as it has become more complex.
  10. Slack Work space

    Leave it open, when I'm ready i'll give the signal to move over.
  11. Chances are it's non-retrievable if Btc38 won't take responsibility, I don't think Worldchain is real. Also Btc38 recently removed Worldcoin for reasons unknown, sorry to break the bad news.
  12. You'll have to contact Btc38 support and ask them why another coin has the same abbreviation and if they'll refund you for the error. There is not much else I can do for you Steve.
  13. Chinese 'partners'

    It really depends on your interpretation, technically he didn't say that. Also there is no evidence to say he deleted your comment. I have comeback temporarily to solve some issues, if it is possible. But I am glad you noticed I was gone, in the meantime I will be talking to some old friends to see what can be conjured up. But to answer your question, yes I am me... and you are?
  14. Chinese 'partners'

    Constructive criticism please, it's only 2 days till the weekend, come-on guys! Nobody is perfect, don't forget about the past, present and more importantly, future. There's more than one way to talk about this and not wind each other up.
  15. Chinese 'partners'

    I have checked in the trash and can't see anything in there that's relating to you in the last 2 weeks or more. I also suggest for Berzeck to update the forum as there's been another patch recently which may or may not be responsible for the strange occurrences.