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  1. Slack Work space

    Leave it open, when I'm ready i'll give the signal to move over.
  2. Chances are it's non-retrievable if Btc38 won't take responsibility, I don't think Worldchain is real. Also Btc38 recently removed Worldcoin for reasons unknown, sorry to break the bad news.
  3. You'll have to contact Btc38 support and ask them why another coin has the same abbreviation and if they'll refund you for the error. There is not much else I can do for you Steve.
  4. Chinese 'partners'

    It really depends on your interpretation, technically he didn't say that. Also there is no evidence to say he deleted your comment. I have comeback temporarily to solve some issues, if it is possible. But I am glad you noticed I was gone, in the meantime I will be talking to some old friends to see what can be conjured up. But to answer your question, yes I am me... and you are?
  5. Chinese 'partners'

    Constructive criticism please, it's only 2 days till the weekend, come-on guys! Nobody is perfect, don't forget about the past, present and more importantly, future. There's more than one way to talk about this and not wind each other up.
  6. Chinese 'partners'

    I have checked in the trash and can't see anything in there that's relating to you in the last 2 weeks or more. I also suggest for Berzeck to update the forum as there's been another patch recently which may or may not be responsible for the strange occurrences.
  7. Chinese 'partners'

    There are methods to migrate and filter out in-active supporters/whales to a new system, it has been done. I wouldn't suggest creating a new coin totally from scratch as it would destroy loyalty to current supporters. That being said it's arguable that Worldcoin may have become too centralised, but the scales can be adjusted equate fairly on a new core system. At the time, there was not a big enough team to coordinate, it was discussed many times and Berzeck righteously decided it was too much of a risk to switch to a short-lasting solution. Blockchain tech is new, searching for developers was not an easy task, Bitcoin has changed that and there will be more devs than ever that specialise.
  8. Chinese 'partners'

    What was the thread in-case I did it earlier, I deleted spam.
  9. Chinese 'partners'

    Hi all, just a quick check in.. I gradually stepped away from the project because I no longer had the time to be a visionary. It's not an easy job and requires a lot of focus which I could no longer maintain mentally or financially with it being voluntary work. Unlike many others before me I refuse to become completely unresponsive and undo the work I put in. It's time I said something. I will say on request of an anonymous user to speak that, with money and power there is also responsibility and danger. Therefore, being transparent in identity was a mistake, for Worldcoin to succeed the next organisation cannot be so open due to contributors from all over the world. Not all countries have the same laws (And they change all the time), but lets not make that a topic of conversation. Social manipulation is a key factor, we will likely see the story of Mr Robot come true with the monetary success of Bitcoin which will escalate financial manipulation onto a new level with investment from Banks. It's likely to be happening already. We don't want that, it defeats the whole purpose and produces centralised crypto-currency. For true decentralisation, the core for Worldcoin has to be re-evaluated to dissolve potential sources of manipulation. My speculation has changed, I do not believe Bitcoin is sustainable with the future of the core; from my observation Segwit seems to be temporary solution to buy time. For Worldcoin to be a success, a unique core that targets key issues is needed. Developers that have deep understanding of the blockchain need to step up and come up with new ideas, not old ones. There will be people out there to take advantage, but those hurdles have been jumped before and there is no reason why the committee can't be reformed/revamped. I suggest to Berzeck to start a thread and call out to such developers and vet suitable candidates. The blockchain is the future for databases, that is enough to justify continuation of development especially whilst less money is at stake. I'll be occasionally responding where necessary.
  10. On vacation for 1 month.

  11. On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree! First ever WDC ATM Cryptodiggers have been secretly working on a project for a while now. A WDC/BTC ATM has been implemented in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Avion Shopping Park. We have allowed them to submit a crowdfund to help fund some of the implementation costs. The full article on the new Sumo Pro ATM from BitxATM is available here. If you want to help them crowdfund 500 Euros then head over to the crowdfund. Website Ideas We are still looking for a better response to the improvements and ideas thread. Come on guys, we know you are out there! The contribution would be really appreciated. Hopefully we can get it ready for the new year, without your help that won’t happen.
  12. While our American supporters are already preparing for forthcoming Thanksgiving celebration, the Worldcoin team is working with full power as always. We had a committee meeting taking place on Monday. Several topics were discussed, one being the future version of our website that is in progress. Ideas and Improvements We had plenty of great opinions how our online presence could serve the community better. We would also appreciate hearing your ideas. It will make it easier to establish what our community wants. Then we can set-up a decent poll for everybody to vote upon. The thread can be found here. Technical Aspects Berzeck has been putting together an useful technical article regarding our new wallet software release. You may read more about it here.
  13. Hi there guys, I'm creating this thread to gather any suggestions for the new website. The best ones will be added into a poll to see which ones are prefered. Take a look at the current site at worldcoin.global and think of the improvements you would like. Bare in mind some ideas may not be possible with the configuration we have. That means that just because it's in the poll doesn't necessarily mean it can be implemented.
  14. It's that time of year again, snow flakes were kind of cool but not everybody liked them so I've set up a poll to countdown to 1st Dec!
  15. Not even December yet and we are already seeing mass marketing starting early in time for the Christmas period. We won’t do that to you, although maybe bring back the snowflakes to lighten the mood on the main webpage. Poll: Bring back the snowflakes! New year race We are developing a new website front, the stopwatch has started to get it finished by the end of the new year. The current site is acceptable but also it is also hard to navigate around. To attract new users it needs a design change. Next week we’ll start up a poll for some of your ideas for the new site. Development Only three bugs were detected after release (none of them put your coins at risk), not bad considering that 15k lines of complete new code has been developed from scratch, you can thank that to our excellent beta tester team! On the weekend we expect to release v 2.0.1 fixing all bugs and also adding one more component. Stay tuned!