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  1. On vacation for 1 month.

  2. On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree! First ever WDC ATM Cryptodiggers have been secretly working on a project for a while now. A WDC/BTC ATM has been implemented in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Avion Shopping Park. We have allowed them to submit a crowdfund to help fund some of the implementation costs. The full article on the new Sumo Pro ATM from BitxATM is available here. If you want to help them crowdfund 500 Euros then head over to the crowdfund. Website Ideas We are still looking for a better response to the improvements and ideas thread. Come on guys, we know you are out there! The contribution would be really appreciated. Hopefully we can get it ready for the new year, without your help that won’t happen.
  3. While our American supporters are already preparing for forthcoming Thanksgiving celebration, the Worldcoin team is working with full power as always. We had a committee meeting taking place on Monday. Several topics were discussed, one being the future version of our website that is in progress. Ideas and Improvements We had plenty of great opinions how our online presence could serve the community better. We would also appreciate hearing your ideas. It will make it easier to establish what our community wants. Then we can set-up a decent poll for everybody to vote upon. The thread can be found here. Technical Aspects Berzeck has been putting together an useful technical article regarding our new wallet software release. You may read more about it here.
  4. Hi there guys, I'm creating this thread to gather any suggestions for the new website. The best ones will be added into a poll to see which ones are prefered. Take a look at the current site at worldcoin.global and think of the improvements you would like. Bare in mind some ideas may not be possible with the configuration we have. That means that just because it's in the poll doesn't necessarily mean it can be implemented.
  5. It's that time of year again, snow flakes were kind of cool but not everybody liked them so I've set up a poll to countdown to 1st Dec!
  6. Not even December yet and we are already seeing mass marketing starting early in time for the Christmas period. We won’t do that to you, although maybe bring back the snowflakes to lighten the mood on the main webpage. Poll: Bring back the snowflakes! New year race We are developing a new website front, the stopwatch has started to get it finished by the end of the new year. The current site is acceptable but also it is also hard to navigate around. To attract new users it needs a design change. Next week we’ll start up a poll for some of your ideas for the new site. Development Only three bugs were detected after release (none of them put your coins at risk), not bad considering that 15k lines of complete new code has been developed from scratch, you can thank that to our excellent beta tester team! On the weekend we expect to release v 2.0.1 fixing all bugs and also adding one more component. Stay tuned!
  7. What exchange do you use?

    http://themerkle.com/news/bitcoin-price-skyrockets-2200-gemini-human-error/ Not looking good...
  8. Hello Worldcoiners, finally the time has come to announce some great news! This week will reveal some of our efforts, we hope you will show some recognition. WBC out of Beta! A couple of days ago the ‘Worldcoin Business Center - Dancing Hippo’ was released to the public. So far there has been a positive response! Our analytics showing a great deal of interest. There is much more to come, V2.0.0 has only basic functions but the platform is the important part. Now there is potential for not only our team but other developers too that can contribute to future enhancements. Berzeck has designed it purposely so little knowledge of crypto is needed for enthusiastic newcomers who want to make modifications. In Other News The IRC chat has been recovered from the attacker who we shall leave anonymous for the moment. They state their reason as a misunderstanding, and the good news is Berzeck and this other party have reached some agreeable terms and which will benefit Worldcoin going forward. If you see any hacking attempts in future you can report them to us at contact@worldcoin.global.
  9. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    I installed properly this time but the Daemon crashes, tried original wallet location, then the beta directory I had. What's the problem Doc? PMed crash details.
  10. WBC 2.0.0 is Released!

    Oh, well I'm staying with Win 7 till it becomes unsupported.
  11. WBC 2.0.0 is Released!

    I win http://www.wired.com/2015/02/nsa-firmware-hacking/
  12. WBC 2.0.0 is Released!

    Well technically the same goes for a lot of other stuff, even harddrives which have monitoring software embedded, your cars etc. Only way to be 100% safe is a paper wallet, if you really want to be that paranoid.
  13. “Remember, remember the fifth of November. The gunpowder, treason and plot. I see of no reason, why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” Tomorrow will be the 5th of November, the day Guy Fawkes was caught red handed with huge barrels of gunpowder. He was attempting to blow up parliament and was consequently sentenced to death, however most don’t know that he jumped off the hanging platform breaking his neck, avoiding gruesome torture. Guy Fawkes dolls are made and burned in giant bonfires and fireworks are set off celebrating the survival of King James I. Anyway enough of that, here's what has been happening this week with Worldcoin. Development We are on the final testing phase of integration with auto updater mechanism. The release is scheduled for later this week so stay tuned in on the forum to receive information on the update. Under attack! As we are assembling last pieces of new Worldcoin Business Center, our IRC channel was hijacked, the account used to log in was of an old time Worldcoin supporter who has elevated privileges on the channel. After confirming his involvement; the attack was directed to Berzeck directly, questioning his right to leadership. We know that there is a disagreement on how our team is organized (we have a hierarchical structure resembling a company). It makes sense for the current committee to use Berzeck to make final decisions. However final decisions are never implemented without the rest of the committee’s approval. In response to that can assure you that we have no ownership over Worldcoin basically because it is impossible. If anybody wanted to, they could form their own team, create their own wallet, modify the blockchain to their liking. However to do that the communities trust must be gained, look at Bitcoin and the problems they had. Irc hasn’t been used for some time ago so the damage was minimal. We have a skype chat room to which we communicate with dedicated supporters. As you may remember we had a similar problem with recovering the Worldcoin subreddit, for exactly the same reasons. Worldcoin Global is just a team that will not be able to run without some sort of hierarchy, if another group wants to implement a different plan we have absolutely no problem with that. History will not repeat itself and if a group wants to do this we won’t be hostile and would fully co-operate, even if it means handing over some of our existing services. We don’t want anybody to go what we’ve been through when it comes to retrieving assets of Worldcoin into one place. We also suggest contacting us directly on contact@worldcoin.global if you have any queries about current or future investments. We only accept constructive criticism, any insults or abuse to staff will not be tolerated. That rule applies across all our feeds, please respect that and we will respect you. In Other News The forum was updated to a new version but we had some glitches with the theme. Until an update is available we have swapped to the default theme. We have decided as a solution for irc to have our own forum chat box whilst we try to resolve the irc issue. Have a nice day!
  14. undo wallet install (linux)

    Hi Marco, I have notified the lead developer and some others who might be able to help you. Stay tuned in for a few hours.
  15. In three days time it will be halloween! At least somebody has to dress up as a giant Worldcoin. How scary would that be? especially at a bankers party? This week a bit of reorganizing has been going on, read all about it below. Worldcoin Business Center Beta 4 (last one) has been released, there are no major bugs left, mostly minor UI annoyances that will be fixed. Final version will be released next week! Check the official thread for more information. Also the Pulzar server was updated (version 1.1.1 - Murderous Mushroom) which means it is supporting a new scheme for updates, also it won’t close the service if malformed requests are being pushed, now it gently denies them and continues operating. Worldcoin Country Representatives Recently some set instructions for any representatives was written up explaining all processes. GreatDane was first on the scene to read them and carry out those instructions. As a result we can conclude that there is now an active Danish facebook page. We are now looking to gain access to all country representatives social media accounts to avoid problems in the future. This will mean that if any representative steps down or mysteriously disappears we can continue their line of work.