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  1. Tossing out ideas

    I am following the Bitcoin development with its recent "forks". After "Cash" and "Gold" now possibly a "Platinum" coming. What probably will happen; those coins have a head start magnitudes higher that "long established coins" like WDC. But why? In another thread here it is argued that Chinese "investors" see the coin age as a value. This was an interesting input. I wonder now: Would creating a Worldcoin Gold be a thing? We must get away from the raping ASIC and multipool situation while, in my opinion, stay within the reamls of PoW to insure interest and trading. Bitcoin Gold has an interesting approach there.
  2. Committee

    I wrote in the other thread that I am a college teacher and that I can give tasks like web or wallet development to interested students. But Berzeck's response was abysmal so I think its a no go. And maybe we should discuss the way this coin will go first? Chris from Ireland
  3. Wake Up Call!!!

    I am a college teacher and I have interested students who I could give things as a "project". My problem with you, Berzeck, is that I disagreed with your views since you have stepped in into Worldcoin. I think you just played around, literally with the UI that is, and you were, and still are, dismissive to the point of belligerence towards any criticism. I understand you want to "take a break" so I am asking you what your role here exactly would be here in the future as I do not think you can act usefully as a team player within a team.
  4. Wake Up Call!!!

    Berzeck, I never said criminal activities. Of course I have noticed that you still have not answered a single question. So then, be it, let me ask you this: If I really was to step up here and take responsibility here with some dedicated people, what value do you put onto this website/ forum? This is an honest question. You answer it or not. But skip you rhetoric twists, its not enjoyable. thanks.
  5. Wake Up Call!!!

    I know at least one thing that is missing. What's missing is an info from Berzeck's side of how he was involved financially in this scheme. I have read any info about this from the beginning carefully. Its all from him only of course so all one can do is to see how it was portrayed in the beginning and how this changed. I remember Berzeck holding 1M+ coins a long time ago and it was said he stacked up quite a bit before the Chinese scheme. It would be interesting to know how many coins WDC lead developer holds today.
  6. Wake Up Call!!!

    How nice this forum has become! So Berzeck is back and all is good. Let's blame the Chinese for everything! I will say no more. Maybe someone can also delete this idiotic thread at least. Including my bitching. Thanks
  7. Chinese 'partners'

    I did constructive criticism and I am being called a scumbag and a liar for this here. None of the important questions have been answered. And by the way, Accept, after Berzecks week-long hiatus, you come back here the very same day. I think you haven't been here for for 18 month or so? Is it really you, Johnny?
  8. Chinese 'partners'

    I have been with WDC since day 1. I did encounter the issues mentioned by Hazard in this infamous article, yes. I did fall for Scharmbeck, yes. I did put trust into the new committee and I greeted you and Accept in the old forum with respect. I did have my say later on as I felt things did not go as they should. This makes me a scumbag now who just produced another masterpiece of uselessness. Go on, Berzeck, you are surely without fail. Let people hail you.
  9. Chinese 'partners'

    So not only you call me a liar, you call me a scumbag without common sense? I do not have common sense? Who has forgotten things now. You call me a scumbag how dare you!
  10. Chinese 'partners'

    I never called you stupid, I might have said that your play with the UI was childish, but I don't think I used the world stupid there. But lets come back to the topic: What exactly are you saying here to the community? Is the information on the website about the team still correct? Are you back as a "Lead developer" here? And why did you disappear?
  11. Chinese 'partners'

    I didn't say stupid and I didn't say spammer. You are derailing.
  12. Chinese 'partners'

    Sure, Berzeck, go on then. So you haven't been here for weeks because Chinese partners did what?
  13. Chinese 'partners'

    Stop this now, Berzeck. This is a simple machines forum. People can click a profile and see when you last logged in or if you stayed logged in.
  14. Chinese 'partners'

    Accept, it was a comment a made about Worldcoin 2 weeks ago approx. mentioning the creators, Scharmbeck, the old forum and the committee. You did not login for a long time. While Berzeck was not active, he did login 2 or 3 times over the last few weeks. This was shown in his profile.
  15. Chinese 'partners'

    Clearly not true or somebody had your login. So stop this BS. Somebody deleted a comment I made 2 weeks ago approx. and you will not call me a liar. Ok?
  16. Chinese 'partners'

    You DID delete my comment the other day, didn't you. You did nothing else the last weeks, you disappeared, yet you logged in to delete my comment. Good man, shows your integrity!
  17. Chinese 'partners'

    Did I bitch you? Well, well..
  18. Chinese 'partners'

    I can not see this happen. Berzeck was resistant to the point of ignorance in the past while the signs were written over all walls. We had our discussions. IF such a development would happen to the degree you mention, Accept, it can well be, and maybe it should, a start over. Start over as in to create a new coin from scratch and call it Worldcoin.
  19. Chinese 'partners'

    ACCEPT is back???
  20. Chinese 'partners'

    Sorry lads, I don't buy this story. Forget the development for a moment, why was the website not maintained? And who is "WE" at this stage?
  21. If I had the money..

    Anybody can fork this coin. Or any coin. The question is whether or not it succeeds. I know its important to talk this, but let's put it aside for a moment and talk about the issue at hand. We have a website here, and a forum attached to it, which appears unmaintained. Is there anybody who had or has direct contact to Berzerk? My understanding is he was the last man standing. Maybe Country Rep Sveicar can provide any inside? In my view, getting the website and its forum under control by dedicated people has priority over any proposed change, fix or whatsoever for now.
  22. If I had the money..

    Shveicar, I am not offended by you providing your opinion. You come up as a "Country Rep" for WDC here, so you seem to have some authority. You should, however, remove the picture you have bound in in your comment as it clearly advocates another coin. Here is not the place to do that.
  23. If I had the money..

    That exactly IS the problem. There are zillions of coins today. How many are attractive? The ones that are used. POW at least forces trading. But POS? People sit on their coins and that's that. If you want to create a digital asset, then its fine. I suppose there are bag holders who would be perfectly fine with the idea making WDC POS. They might just hold and hold and wait for the next hype to porn their coins off. A coin of no use and death in the long term. The use of innovative and resilient POW algorithms can re-ignite interest in this coin. Yes, to miners in the first place. Traders follow suit. And then, hopefully, users. And can you stop using this forum to shill other coins please. I cut the picture out of your quote. Maybe you can do same.
  24. Hi This is the same discussion we have in the other thread. No point duplicating.
  25. If somebody can help you from the OTHER side (as in Worldchain), remains to be seen. Please keep us posted about this.