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  1. Why DeepOnion is the best Cryptocurrency. In year 2017 many pepople who amazed that Being anonymous are getting apply in cryptocurrency however other cryptos are same features but DeepOnion have unique features better own strategies. DeepOnion is nothing to need to improve, because everytime DeepOnion always make enchance itself and maybe help with our community. Biggest investors are here, because they trusted in DeepOnion that will going to achieve higer price. So now? DeepOnion has reached 2$ and investors are getting lucky because of it and going to up more the price. I'm slashonion of DeepOnion already joined at Nov 17 and I feel any excitement,surprise cool stuff on it best on my experience. That's why I keep active on DeepOnion because it's challanging there's lot of giveaways, Have Contest, And also moderators are easy to reach if you want something to report or asking help. Moderator are always here to support you. It's not to late to join in our community you're welcome here and start to earn $Onions. Don't Waste this oppurtunity. Join now in our community to start earning $Onions! This is free and everyone are allowed to join here For more information check this out.http:// https://deeponion.org/ / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CNbGzlI56nl7BJ02BTz8w