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  1. hi, I only want to inform about the topic of user Slimmshady from bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=204894.new#new there is probably a copy of Worldcoin with the name Mycoiny. Their website and wallets are the same as WDC. According to DNS whois the domain was created 2017-05-31T17:00:49Z.
  2. I really do not know what is going on now here. But wake up somebody! Who has the control rights over installation server? Who has the control rights over the main page? Why is unable to install WDC wallet again? - connection refused problem Why is this piece of sh*t (read W B C) still on the main page if it is not possible to install it for several weeks? It is very difficult to make a good promo of WDC if these basic things are completely broken. It could be the best for WDC to take basic LTC wallet design and use it (the same FTC team done and they succeeded, their current wallet is 1 of the best a stable I have ever seen). Look at other coins (a lot of them are sh*t coins) as they are doing well these times. WDC is one of several which are out of the train and it will not be back again without fully functional wallet. Wanted to buy a bigger amount of WDC for long term holding for people new in crypto. But how to promote this "in the basic good" coin if there is still broken WBC sh*t wallet? How can I explain them this situation, that they have to install old wallet? that they are unable to use the last one bacuse there is nobody who cares about it? I do really feel a lot of shame during the times I want to do a promo for this good coin and WBC totally degrades it. Wake UP!!! currently doing full sync for the old wallet and after that I will upload it everywhere I can, to help people use old WDC wallet without days of waiting to full sync.
  3. Why is broken WBC wallet still on the main website?

    Yes, but there is nothing about it. Who has the access to the website and why is it offline? Can anybody answer what is going on?
  4. Mining Pools?

    I found this: https://wdc.thecoin.pw/ currently has about 2GH/s and 0 fee.
  5. Changing the Algorithm - WorldDefense

    great to hear such news! I apreciate algo change and stuff about diff retargeting. It will really help to target this coin back to GPU miners and minimize the impact of multipools. Great job. Will the next wallet release be in classic concept (eg like FTC, LTC) or the WBC concept? I think people need essential wallet which is able to run without any problems and is able to install without any external server. You can see actual situation, when source server is offline and nobody is able to install latest releases. And what about db structure? Will the problem with no recognized dat files (wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed error) be finally solved?
  6. How to get working WDC wallet + blockchain for download

    and another issue, this older stable QT wallet is not able to handle wallet.dat files created in newer WBC wallets. It crashes with SALVAGE FAILED error. So you only can use this old one for wallets created in and older. here is error: https://imgur.com/Toggw6c Today I found out that every backup I have and my friend have his too, is not recognized in old QT wallet. There is also something with invalid - not recognized db structure in db log. WBC probably uses a bit different structure than old QT version. And it is not possible that wallets are corrupted. I am sure they are not. Newly generated wallet in latest WBC copied back to QT is doing the same. After taking it back to WBC it is working OK. So there is something what was designed to do with older wallets to revoke access to users coins or it is only programming mistake which was not discovered during the first releases of WBC (the time of step from QT to WBC). I really advice to stop using newly installed wallets with dat backups until there will not be fully functional redesigned and working release with an announcement from devs. If you have functional wallet installed before (during the time the WBC installation was working well) you can use it. Otherwise avoid it!
  7. if you are experiencing problems with the installation of the latest WBC wallet and you are still interested in Worldcoin you can use this: from this site download older but well working wallet: https://worldcoin.global/old-wallets/ and here you can download todays copy of the WDC blockchain (until block 3570084): WorldcoinChain-2018_01_19 hash of the file for check: https://imgur.com/ODXYkwG after installation of WDC let it run once to find out where the wallet generates chain directory (takes up to several minutes) - after first start close wallet - locate the Worldcoin directory which was generated in user files during the first wallet start. It should be in user/appdata/roaming/worldcoin/ (on win7) - delete all files and directories in this Worldcoin directory - extract all 3 directories (blocks, chainstate, database) from my blockchain backup to worldcoin directory in the roaming - start wallet again and let it rescan these chain files (it may take several minutes) - after that you can use wallet normal and you do not have to wait for sync whole chain (it takes several hours up to days if you want to sync it from the scratch) - and remember, always backup your wallet.dat file which is the key to your coins. The backup of it do only during the time the wallet is closed.
  8. voted and shared via facebook to others wake up all! WDC is still sleeping these days, during this big crypto boom. We really do need this kind of promotion and we need it right now.
  9. New Exchange

    there is another exchange with WDC https://www.nlexch.com/markets/wdcbtc
  10. wallet sync slow

    you can use my blockchain backup from here: and if you do not have public IP with correctly configured router (opened port for incoming WDC connections) probably you will never have more than 8 connections. try current seed from cryptopia: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=
  11. Error Messages

    if you are still interested in WDC and want to take maybe great oportunity to invest in it and still have no working wallet, try this:
  12. Unable to Install wallet connection refused

    if you are still interested in WDC and want to take maybe great oportunity to invest in it and still have no working wallet, try this:
  13. Unable to Install wallet connection refused

    sorry Ismail Nakhuda but it is no longer possible to install WDC wallet this way. There is nobody who can help you with this not very usable version of this wallet. It is set to use installation server which is offline almost all time during last weeks. If you want to use WDC wallet you should install older version. You can download it here: https://worldcoin.global/old-wallets/
  14. Version 3.2 changes

    - is there any chance to have the option to switch to classic GUI (eg via conf file - something like qtstyle= ) ? - and another big problem is that there is no chance to set miners fee since the WorldcoinBC has been released. Currently using 3.1.0 and all txs out are with 0 fee. It was possible to set this in previous versions. Could you add this option back? Or you do not want to reward miners? - another missing option which was in previous versions - Address book. Could you enable this back too? - another missing option - own addresses control - every other coins wallet I know has this feature where I can generate receiving addresses in my wallet and give them a name. Is it a big problem to enable this back again? I really use all these features in other coins wallets and only WDC does not have them. I think I am not the only who want it back. Maybe it could be better to use the latest LTC core wallet and do not make any changes or make a special GUI for it for now. Just clear core wallet which should run without problems.
  15. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    and for everybody, WDC price is low now, it is time to buy more :-) I am with WDC almost from it's beginning and will stay with WDC for sure.
  16. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    that is a good idea. I will be one of the first doing in neoscrypt.
  17. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I really do not believe that Berzeck exited. We do not know what is going on. Maybe he is in trouble or something bad happened, or he is just on holidays. On the other way, definitely it is necessary to change something in WDC. And it should be the diff retarget at least. Is there somebody from staff? What will be with the domain? Is there somebody who has the access to WDC domain registrar website? It will be really necessary to prolong it. It should be about 70 EUR/year.
  18. hi, and it is back again, there is another person who has a problem with his wallet.dat backup. Software is reporting that wallet.dat is corrupted - salvage failed. Another person who has the same problem with wallet.dat generated on 1.1.0 version. You was not able to solve that problem before, tell me are you able to solve it now? There are 3 backups of dat file on 3 different locations - HDD, USB and CDR. Every of them is corrupted - clean after its creation and a one after months of using and only receiving txs. Ideas? and solve installation program, there is the issue with zipped chain downloading again. Installation software downloads something in an only 1 second and after computing hash, there is an error. and another current issue: After installation, WBC is unable to start. Ideas?
  19. and for detail, wallet has password, It was set before first received tx.
  20. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    it was 7 hours waiting for only 1 confirmation for my todays single TX although there were some new blocks during that time mined. Why? I run wallet on public IP today with 50+ connections and do TXs from this wallet. Do not say that there is no problem, I am sure that there is a problem and we can see it in the time between blocks. Why is it happening?
  21. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    and another question: why there is no option to set tx fee in the actual wallet version? It could give a priority for txs.
  22. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    hi all, I am not a professional about chain technology and tech specs about it, but I have to say, it is necessary to change something. It is not possible to wait hour-and more for a single confirmation. Thinking about switching my holding to other algos because WDC will be unusable this way. My friends who I brought into WDC are very disappointed about current situation and I really do not have the right words for them. Some of them switched to FTC and ETC or just sold all their WDC. SCRYPT miners are still away from EU markets, multipools are doing very bad and there is no way how to stabilize network without stable miners which doing only WDC. Why should not change to neoscrypt with only PoW? There are lots of GPU miners around there and AMD/NVIDIA are going to release a new set of GPUs designed to mining. Look at FTC, they did it and it is well working with very fast confirmations. So much my layman's view
  23. Best way to mine WDC

    if you have a scrypt asic you can directly mine WDC in a pool: wdc.theblocksfactory.com www2.coinmine.pl/wdc/ hash-to-coins.com if you have only GPU you can mine other algo coin which is more profitable with GPU (FTC - Neoscrypt) and after that you can change it to WDC via exchange website (FTC->BTC->WDC): www.cryptopia.co.nz for example: mining with AMD 7750 at 115kh/s (nsgminer 0.9.2, g1 w128 i13) gives about 15-25 FTC a day and after conversion you can get about 30-50WDC a day (it depends on exchange rates WDC-BTC and FTC-BTC). Mining directly WDC with the same GPU could give only 1-3WDC a day so it is not reasonable to mine scrypt with GPU these times. Getting WDC via other algo is currently the only way for GPU miners as they really does not give any help for WDC network with their low hashpower. There is no way how to get an ASIC for reasonable price here in the Europe. But if you really want to try, you can get it from the US or China (ebay or aliexpress is full of them). You will have to pay additional taxes and customs and the final price will be for EU resident not as fair as for the US or Chinese is. So if you really want to support WDC network and money is not a problem you can buy ASIC (basic price+tax+customs) or you can rent strong mining rig (the most expensive). If these information help somebody and want to rent a rig via rental website, you can use my ref link: www.miningrigrentals.com/register?ref=11124 Another way how to support WDC is letting your wallet running as a node (need a public IP and opened correct port in your router). You can find out the profitability here: www.coinwarz.com
  24. About switching to Neo-Scrypt or similar

    eg. A2 MINI Terminator 35MHs
  25. About switching to Neo-Scrypt or similar

    hi, is there something new with ASICS availability?