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  1. Worldcoin Mining

    I do not. I wonder what OS they are running on. Can anyone else recommend a different pool?
  2. Poloniex

    Thank you for kicking off the discussion. I think it is one that needs to take place. How does one log into that slack channel since it asks for username/password?
  3. Poloniex

    Wanted to let everyone know that I requested to have WDC added to Poloniex. I doubt anything will come of it but I wanted to give it a shot.
  4. Site problem

    I was also able to bring it up. Maybe it was just a temporary outage?
  5. Tossing out ideas

    I am actually very familiar with travian, playing it right now. I actually created a game like travian (got about 80% done) a while ago and it was a massive undertaking for just me. I do like the idea of incorporating worldcoins into it. The part that didn't get finished was the graphics so I would need some assistance on that possibly. I'll have to see if I can dig out that old code and see if it is possible to integrate worldcoins into it.
  6. Tossing out ideas

    I'd like everyone to toss out some ideas for projects using WDC. I am a web developer and I'm looking to create something that uses WDC but I'd like it to be something that is both 1. useful to the community 2. is achievable to make by someone in their free (who has little free time). I have already made a lotto game in the past that used LTC that I could convert to WDC very quickly and easily but I can't host it because I am in the US. So that is just one idea, what's yours?
  7. WDC network

    Could it have anything to do with the falling price so multipools aren't switching to mine WDC?
  8. Trade Volume

    I have definitely been seeing the fluctuation on the exchange.
  9. Trade Volume

    I agree that doing any version of pumping is bad for the overall health of the coin and that isn't my intention. I do believe though if there isn't volume then exchanges do not have any reason to keep us listed. I have actually added 6k wdc to my collection since I have started trading again daily and have no intention of letting them go any time soon. So I hope that I did not come off as wanting to make a quick profit.
  10. Restoring old wallet

    I know the wallet file works on linux and windows so I would imagine the same would be true of mac
  11. Restoring old wallet

    Which OS are you using?
  12. Trade Volume

    Something I've seen mentioned on this forum more than once is how we need to hold onto exchanges. I think something what will severely help that is trading volume. I try my best to both buy and sell Worldcoin but we need more people doing that. I implore everyone who wants to see Worldcoin succeed to head over to your favorite exchange trading worldcoin and start trading. I'm trading on Bleutrade right now and the volume is bouncing around .01 - .08 btc per day. If we want to be listed by an exchange like poloniex we need to have more volume than that. So please go buy and sell some Worldcoin. What is everyone's thoughts?
  13. Poloniex

    Has anyone asked them about a possible relist? If not I think I will send in a support ticket. It didn't make any sense for them to drop us at that time IMHO because we were regularly trading for 2-12 BTC per day which was way more than some other coins that are still there.
  14. Linux Wallet installation

    I use my worldcoin wallett in opensuse as well
  15. Linux Wallet 2.0.2 stuck indexing

    so I got this fixed. I'm going to write up what I had to do when I get time today so others who have my problem can find help easily.