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  1. Let's cut the crap. How do I get rich from all this crypto-mumble-jumble thingamajigs? Really dont have time to read books, but when i saw this heading i said that is it. No technical drama, plain txt, straight to the point, god damn useful if you were puzzled like me....guy designs blockcahins and knows his shit ...really helped me to make sense of the whole thing, especialy what could happen in the future... cause we all know: everbody are smart now, lot of ideas,some of them good, but most of them are stupid, this time next year most od the products will be dead. You could say this is a manual for dummies, but for smart dummies Thumbs up ! Check it out Book Website PDF Download Do you have any favorite book of yours?
  2. | Mimic App Website | Mimic ICO | White Paper | Bounty Thread *TBA* Imagine having a huge media presence and a huge audience in one place and simply introduce the idea of a social cryptocurrency to the world's youth knowing that they will use the cryptocurrency as they use dollars or euros. Mimic is a movement that gives you the power of targeted virality. It’s a platform consisting of several key factors: people, communities, videos and, finally, the app that brings them all together. It's based on the key insight that the allure of virality isn’t in the number of views. It's about people following your example. It's about you setting a benchmark which someone will try to copy and make better - out of respect or a simple desire for improvement.