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  1. Happy New year to all of you coiners. Haven't been here for awhile but look forward to reconnecting with the community. I believe 2017 will be a very memorable year, sending love and happiness to you all...

  2. In late 2013, I was introduced to the crypto currency world, at the time BTC was on a tear and LTC was not too far behind. As I studied more about crypto’s I came to the conclusion that this was the wave of the future and jumped in with both feet. I started to build some mining rigs and bought some WDC outright from private sources. I ended up building four mining rigs at a cost of 4K each; I installed extra electrical outlets to handle the power draw. At the time WDC was selling at $0.35 and it looked like I could make a few dollars and the future looked bright. Fast-forward to today, the initial investment to buy WDC has dropped to less than $0.01 and the electric bill to keep my machines running was well over $200.00 each, we have since had a steep price increase for electricity. Last summer I was forced to pull the plug on my machines, they are just sitting in my basement collecting dust, every time I look at them, I feel sad that I can’t help support the community. Some people have told me I should take them apart and sell the pieces on e-bay to recover what I have spent, to be honest, that breaks my heart and I can’t bring myself to do that. I think what I need is someone that has access to cheap power, someone that I could partner with and get these rigs mining again. If anyone in the community has any ideas, please PM me, I am open to all suggestions. Please don't take this as a negitive, I still believe in the crypto world and love the people I have met in my travels, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Thanks for listening to my rant... Peace...
  3. No there never was one. Just thought it would be a nice addition.
  4. Hello everyone... Just made the switch. Looks like an improvement, hopefully the learning curve isn't long. As I look at the tools above, I have to ask, where is the spell checker?