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  1. Committee

    What does it mean Berzeck is not cooperative enough???
  2. Committee

    Best post I read in a long time!!! Problem is we had that already but now its not working it was 1) FAST 2) SECURE 3) UNIQUE Cant get much simpler than this???
  3. Committee

    I take a rain check on this one I am not good in any of this!!! What about Russian Natalya she can be the forum bitch
  4. Wake Up Call!!!

    This is a different coin Worldcoin???
  5. Chinese 'partners'

    I'd take a Chinese partner some are very attractive!!!
  6. Wake Up Call!!!

    Thats my girl!!!
  7. Wake Up Call!!!

    Okay so whats the news developer has cashed out and takes a break??? So whats the news there thats no news??? Just go back to old wallet that was working and work on the website!!!
  8. Wake Up Call!!!

    I troll the trolls Natalya where have you gone my love???
  9. Wake Up Call!!!

    I think I am going to change my Avatar picture here its not really me you see!!!
  10. Wake Up Call!!!

    Now you talk like a gal again
  11. Wake Up Call!!!

    Natalya what is going on you sound like a man now are you really a gal or are you bullshitting here all along!!!
  12. Wake Up Call!!!

    Its not a he its a tough Russian she!!! I am so sure about it she rocks my hard drive
  13. Wake Up Call!!!

    Natalya my drive is hard yes!!! Keep talking that toilet thing is that your fetish yes or is it just because of your toilet country??? I know I know its not your fault I am just listening to Elton John he sings Nikita but all I can think is Natalya!!!
  14. Wake Up Call!!!

    Natalya you like it dirty I can understand that you are from Russia but I dont want to be in the same toilet with the other guys JUST YOU!!!
  15. Wake Up Call!!!

    Natalya you really sound like a gal talking I cant believe it!!! You are feisty too I like that in a woman we should make little Cryptos together!!!