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  1. Everybody else who was not into WDC in the beginning. Yes I was an early adopter Yes I lost money on WDC in the scams AND YES I trusted the new team in the beginning. This was wrong. What lead developer Berzeck says in the other threat is not how it was. Berzeck maybe you were not the main guy at the time maybe you personally believe that your way is right. But don't come out here and call me a liar about the vote and the promises. I remember the active community. They are gone because promises were made and broken. That makes me the drama queen now well go on then with your new supporters and your Mysterion your new friend !!!
  2. Wow so impressed !!! A profile about me I feel so flattered !!!! Funny from the guy calling me names and calling WDC a trojan ??? Look who is off topic now !!! Any more feed back about World coin the first year ??? Heh mods and admins keep schmoozing with this guy. I doxxed Hysterion as Mysterion from the old forum remember? But you didn't believe me some even thought it was me !!! Ha ha ha So Mysterion you little German Nazi yes I found you at the time. Come an PM me your Nazi shit again maybe I post it here for everybody to see who you are !!!
  3. Don't laugh too much about this guy he was the biggest troll in the old forum when I still had hope and many WDC. Yes, you guys disappointed me and I call you out for this. But this guy lied he had huge cloud mining contracts only trolled later and even here in this forum claimed WDC has a Trojan. Good luck with Mysterion = Hysterion this guy really is bad news
  4. Remember remember the 5th of November
  5. Hysterion is it really you ??? You were the biggest liar in the old forum and you trolled here about WDC has a trojan !!! Where have you been I missed you so much !!! So funny now careful with this guy, mods, if you think I am bad then good luck schmoozing with this guy !!!
  6. Actually I take that back. Not even WDC lead developer Berzeck would go down to your level. I think he is incompetent, but he is not stupid
  7. warning points for me ??? Hahaha You strut your stuff and show me ONE SINGLE LIE I told here you joker. And if you really can I open my last can of World coin beer I still have and I will spill it for the gods. I guess you are just same fake char setup to mend opinion so show your hands if you dare
  8. I can't wait !!! Pity it didn't last and you lie again that I would have been "faulting others with absurd conspiracy theories and bullshitting supporters" whatever the latter could mean ??? Well, you said you were not part of the Scharmbeck scam and we can only take your word for it, but this doesn't alter the fact that there was a scam! Bullshitting supporters? Well, that's not me. That's you and your mods telling the surprise tale again. We voted ASIC resistance as the most wanted feature of this coin and you and Johnny Beer you wanted that vote and promised the change. And you call ME a liar ??? Now you write again you BS about amazing things to come and they will never come. Look where your old supporters are today. They are all gone. Why ???
  9. Yea, isn't it ironic? Funny though how lead developer WDC Berzeck consumes irony for himself. Kinda missing the direct insults he normally throws! Anyways, I will be happy to give info for the book World coin the first year more than just block times and orphans.
  10. that's NOT how it was and should NOT be here ???
  11. still bickering here ??? Twisting the truth ??? Twisting my words ???
  12. ha ha ha look who is derailing the thread now ??? Thread is about WDC the first year so lead developer Berzeck I believe you were not even there ??? If you really wanna discuss how dead this coin is today I suggest another thread. But look at the facts and figures first THANKS!!!
  13. Cool link to this argument thread all my thumbs up for that !!! Probably you all misunderstand that I MUCH LIKE the idea of Tyke writing a whole book of what was the story with world coin the first year ??? Well I do and that's why I wrote what I wrote. Most of you seem really new here I first thought you are only fake chars by the mods here
  14. Brosep you called this an argument thread in the other thread I fuckin love you man !!!!
  15. OP writes a book about World coin the first year: so what comes to mind about Worldcoin the first year is the scam of the founders, the altcoin hype, the scharmbeck scam and the promises of the "new team" so anybody here who was not into wdc the first year may as well just shut the EFF up because you don't know. You haven't been in the old forum. Heh berzeck you said you are not lying??? What about the vote we did in the old forum about features of coin to be implemented. You remember what feature was voted most DO YOU ??? So do not tthink everybody has just left because you disappointed and lied to everybody. The newbies don't know they post bs and making their jokes ha ha yes we are all having a feckin laugh !!!