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  1. New web page released!

    Are you applying?
  2. Hi! Very happy with this message! I've been working as a prototype mechanical engineer for ASML (world leading manufacturer in chip-making equipment) for 6 years. So don't think I can contribute software-wise. But I'm very curious about the progress regarding WDC to see where I can step in if I can be of any use. Will there be updates on this forum about the progress after the dev discussion will move to Riot? Cheers guys!
  3. Committee

    Good to hear that Diego! Who can give Cryptojunky the necessary admin right to delete the bulshit? Berzeck or Accept maybe? Or can they delete it themselves....
  4. Committee

    Don't want to sound impatient, but Diego and Accept; any luck finding each other on Riot yet?
  5. Chinese 'partners'

    Thnx! Already following the forum for a while. This seemed like a good time to step in
  6. Chinese 'partners'

    you're missing the letter "L" buddy!