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  1. BTC38 down plus others?

    I traded the last couple of weeks at BTC38 without any issues at all, they even answered my support ticket when I felt a specific withdrawal took too long. Only downside is the 0.5 btc a day withdrawal limit.
  2. BTC38 down plus others?

    Did a withdrawal yesterday and took less then 1 day so that's actually quiet good. Deposit also takes around a day.
  3. BTC38 down plus others?

    Does anyone know the average withdrawal time at BTC38?
  4. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    I'd agree. Maybe we should think about a giveaway/introduction to newcomers as it is relatively hard to get your hands on some WDC at the moment.
  5. Synchronizing my wallet

    Hi guys, So after exactly 814 days I'm opening my wallet again. Good to see that WDC is gaining some momentum atm. I'm currently synchronizing with the network which will take forever at it's current speed. What would be the best solution to speed things up a bit? Cheers, Brent - Amsterdam
  6. Synchronizing my wallet

    @Berzeck, thanks for the explanation. Eveything is working for me. I tested downloading the blockchain on my old laptop vs a new one and syncing on the new one went significantly faster.
  7. Synchronizing my wallet

    Can someone tell me what the "change addresses" are? It has some coins in it as well.
  8. Synchronizing my wallet

    I let it sync for the night and is now fully synced! Thanks Olivier for the instructions. @Berzeck, this should be solved.
  9. Nice! Do you have more info Berzerck?
  10. Update: 0.13053674 26,408,771.6777 $3,447,314.8841 87.386
  11. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    I did exactly the same this morning. We as a communicty should convice them to add wdc, big volume overthere.
  12. Synchronizing my wallet

    I downloaded the new client yesterday and had it running for 7 hours, it synchronized for 25%. How long will it usually take? When synchronizing is finished, how can I import my backup wallet file in the new client? Still have the old Worldcoin-qt client installed.
  13. Volume is coming from China again 0.09412872 17,116,838.1771 1,611,186.0856 87.2152%
  14. Back to China!

    Any expectations for the coming weeks?
  15. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    100k and holding! Changed from ltc to wdc 1,5 year ago.
  16. Problem with my WDC wallet map

    Hi guys, Upon the latest update of the wallet, i came across a problem with the way my map/folder is sorted. Please take a look at the picture included in this post. All my wallet files are among other general files in my map c:/downloads. Can anyone give me a hand so I can organize this properly? Peace Brent
  17. Problem with my WDC wallet map

    Hi guys, Thanks for the help so far. However my problem is still not fixed . I changed the names as you sugested and I cant choose a download directory as seen on screenshot 1. After installing, I get the following error seen on screen 2. What should I do now? My wallet does not run (have a secure wallet.dat update ofcourse. Pease Brent
  18. Great to see the work that has been done. I hope most existing users will move over to this forum asap!