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  1. Arbitrage

    Cryptopia, Bluetrade, Bitterex and Poloniex share an arbitrage. I see all four exchanges are stagnantly competitive as, it appears, most of their users are comparing prices between and only these 4 exchanges. AEX is outside of this loop and is preforming considerably better, 50% increase in market value, than the previously mentioned exchanges. What is there to learn from this? Any ideas?
  2. A low cost high reward method to promote worldcoin

    A better perspective of how this is stopping growth and trade. On Cryptocurrency WDC/LTC has not traded since 11/19/17 @ 12:30 pm. however it's showing more recent activity than AEX which was trading at 0.01870 expressing nearly 70% of the trade volume from about midnight to 6:am. Since show no activity currency value has plummeted.
  3. A low cost high reward method to promote worldcoin

    I discovered a continuing glitch with CoinMarketCap.com that is costing WDC growth across exchange platforms. Though BlueTrade and Cryptocurrency have not traded in some in some instances, days, the "Update activity" is showing active with very low trade prices while AEX, which is trading well and driving your price up but showing inactivity and 0% activity in a matter of a couple of hours. Contact them to get this corrected otherwise the value of WDC will continue to be compromised.
  4. A low cost high reward method to promote worldcoin

    I'm a noob to crypto currencies. Since you'll be dealing with alot more like me, hopefully, let me share some of my, outside of the house looking in observations. I was a bit turned off by that fact that Bluetrade is only offering your currency in BTC and DOGE, Bittylicious only offers WDC in GBP. I'm not sure if you can lobby to get WDC available against BCH and LTC through the currently available exchanges? I see you guys are working on updating your website, very happy to see, because I was turned off by the out of date exchanges listed on your site and non functioning links. I'm hoping you'll make updating your website the first priority because it nearly made me run away. I'm not sure if others will go as far as I did and view your forum before making a decision to invest or run in panic. Things I'd like to see, 1-WDC listed on more mainstream markets, This is what brought me to your home page. 2- more options of purchasing your currency without having to exchange compatible exchange currencies, otherwise it becomes costly and a nuisance to purchase WDC 3-fully functioning and up to date website, 4- white paper, I couldn't find it 5- more activity in your forums to many posts are well out of date, though I'm sure that will change. I hope my observations will be helpful, it would be my pleasure to see you all succeed, as I will also since purchasing a chunk of WDC. Best regards
  5. New Exchange

    Suspension lifted 11/16/2017 WDC is open for business on AEX
  6. New Exchange

    Eek! I noticed WDC's listing with AEX on CoinMarketCap.com then went to AEX seeing your listing there I opened an account only to discover that, indeed, WDC is temporarily suspended :*( What a shame you currency was really moving at AEX. I wish you gentlemen the best of luck expanding your exposure on AEX and other exchanges as well.
  7. Chinese 'partners'

    I'm so very happy to here that and wish you guys "god speed", get'r done!
  8. New Exchange

    WDC is listed on AEX selling at 0.00000284 BTC + %1.4 Congratulations
  9. Chinese 'partners'

    Hello, I'm new to WDC and am doing a little research to see if this is a coin I wan't to purchase. Nobody has replied since early Oct. Can you tell me if the thieves are out and you guys are back? The web site needs work as there are failed links and your currency needs to get listed on more exchanges. Will you all be working on that or have you all bailed on the project?