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  1. RC COIN has unique approach to the lending market has created an Health & Education system where every participant can play a role: borrower, investor, insurer, guarantor, collector, portfolio manager, lawyer and other roles which will be apart of the ecosystem in the future. RC Coin, the P2P financial platform with an ICO starting 2017 September 1st, but with a white paper registration which is ongoing, will delegate these roles to the participants of the community while enabling participants to freely choose and create roles. In the beginning, RC Coin will undertake a number of roles and play a key part in the growth of the Health & Education system new Inventions / updates. Once the required number of users have joined the platform and assumed the compulsory roles needed to allow the Health & Education system to run successfully, RC Coin, as a currency, will step back and allow all roles to be performed by the users. The roles within the RC Coin health & Education system are numerous, but there are key people who are needed, including: Investors can choose registering applications to support, or present their own prospectus/portfolios for people or businesses looking for an investment. Investors make money by financing fascinating projects and complete the social mission by providing assets to people and businesses. Leaders can apply for a resource request and agree to take applications to deliver investments. The leader’s interest in this matter would be to fulfil projects, establish businesses and apply for money. Guarantors raise the likelihood of a loan being repaid. The interest of guarantor is to receive a reward for a surety, fulfil the social mission by bailing out people, boosting reputation and receiving a bonus when the loan is paid back. Scoring agents supply tools for scoring borrower applications. They are able to offer their scoring by any parameters they find suitable. The interest of scoring agents is to receive a percentage of the transaction when the income & Royalty is paid , or in case of default, when the Royalty is being handed over to collectors. The role of Analyst is going to be formed in the future. Their main part in the Health & Education system would be to evaluate the creditworthiness of the users or applicant. They can also conduct market research and competitive analyses. It’s all necessary because the borrower must be an actual person with good motives and have enough experience to take part of this platform. For example, on the P2P platform when renting, the ‘Checked by P2P’ badge on the owner’s site is an important trust factor which means that the P2P delegate has made an audit implicating that everything is in the right order. In addition, this badge gives access to a separate list of trusted hosts, became more noticeable in search results and creates a greater amount of trust amongst the community members. Sellers will attract new members to the system via referral links, and they will be compensated for engaging borrowers — but only if the borrowers have completed their obligations. When the seller manages to engage an investor, then he’ll get a percentage of each loan issued by that investor during the year. Collectors make sure that the local collection of debts takes place on the lender’s territory, and they can assign interest in the recovery of debt. If a debt collector is contacted, and a default is confirmed, then the collector signs an electronic smart contract with the investor, implicating that he can act on behalf of the investor. When the client is pleased with the collector’s services, then collectors obtain a plus in RC Coin and if not, a minus. Collections are the most extreme measure to take place in the ecosystem and is required when a person takes part of the system with the wish to harm others. The main idea of the project is that people will take part freely, understand the risks, and agree to act on their own and in the community’s interests. There will be Credit Risk and Currency Risk Insurance on the platform. With credit risk, the case of default, insurance will be paid to investors. They are able to ensure from 1% to 100% of the risk. Both credit and currency risks are actions that are more suitable for professionals, as insurance for private investors without collateral will be valueless. With currency risks, the insurer covers the loss of variation in the exchange rate to the investor, and the insurer gets a premium from the transaction. To join the RC Coin ICO, please visit RC Coin on https://radiumclassic.com
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    www.radiumclassic.com world wide successfully run by Mr. Joeff Martin and CEO Mr. Alex Bryden with his Team from 1st September 2017 and launch the coin on Bangkok till the decide to launch by its crowd funding so in its whitepaper they declare all the things in his white paper according to him he suggest that he has only 50 corers mined coin out of which they distribute 1st 9 crores for making of users and and if a stable team is created then they next distribute the coin by this site and rest 35 crores coin they give the Six Exchanges and as they getting profit from the business they start the next mining of rest 50 crores till they decide to for the contribution of the fund with the Health & Education Sector where all the Equipment Manufactured for the health sector and also the education sector Demand for the chips, and other hardware, needed to successfully mine crypto has thus skyrocketed they also want to give the users a big profitable income for that they offer a best plan in the Market for making more and more users.
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    RC COIN With the cryptocurrency revolution well underway, millions are seizing on the opportunity to invest in blockchain & Smartchain technology. No-doubt cryptocurrency has been profitable to many and has the potential to bring vast sums of wealth to many more. Overlooked, however, are ancillary industries that are also profiting from the crypto boom. One such industry is the hardware manufacturers, which have enjoyed significant growth and profit as cryptocurrency use has intensified. Most cryptos incorporate a proof-of-work (POW) model for mining, which requires computers, and more commonly mining pools, to compete against each other for coin blocks. This has created an arms race for processing power. Demand for the chips, and other hardware, needed to successfully mine crypto has thus skyrocketed. The increase has been particularly notable over the past few months, as Bitcoin and many altcoins & RC COIN have experienced huge growths in fiat value. The growth in mining has resulted in significant profits for ealth & Education Sector like hardware manufacturers. Nvidia, for example, has seen its market value increase by 180% in the past twelve months amid very strong sales. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which was struggling a year ago, has had a very profitable Summer. AMD posted a $25 million profit in the second quarter of this year. Q3 earnings, which will be announced soon, are rumored to be even better. Both companies have seen increased stock prices as well. The demand for mining hardware has become so strong that shortages have emerged; some manufacturers have even acknowledged that they cannot make mining processors fast enough. The most advanced GPU graphics cards, which are most effective at crypto mining, sell out within minutes of release. It is not surprising that prices have risen substantially to reflect this demand. AMD Radeon AMD Radeon cards are in high demand by miners Although this is good news for the hardware makers, analysts warn that this tremendous demand may be short-lived. A number of factors could bring mining-related heatlth & education Sector hardware sales back to Earth. For example, Ethereum,and RC COIN the mining of which is largely responsible for the explosive growth of GPU cards which is related to Health & Education Sector, has announced that it will soon transition to a proof-of-stake (POS) model. This mining algorithm will eliminate the need for such enormous processing power. Also, should the price of crypto retreat, interest in mining will decline as well. Profits from Health & hardware sales have given the public an opportunity to benefit from the cryptocurrency movement without investing directly in crypto. It also serves as a reminder that cryptocurrency growth affects many sectors of the economy. Recognizing this, a wide range of business are currently hiring cryptocurrency experts to help guide them moving forward. These include investment firms, insurance companies, and medical providers. Even if the current surge in demand subsides, hardware manufacturers feel confident that they will continue to benefit from distributed ledger technology. Regardless of mining activity, many thousands of processors will be required to maintain the networks, as will a wide range of other equipment. In a future where much of humanity will be connected via blockchains & Smartchain, those companies that maintain the physical infrastructure stand to benefit greatly.