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  1. Wake Up Call!!!

    I will not bother you any more. Accept my apologies for all that I said.
  2. Wake Up Call!!!

    Ok , you will wait very long if you think that WDC will become famous. Who can prevent anyone calling his coin Worldcoin? Do you have a copyright or what? You have nothing and can't have because the word World is a generic name. I am not Russian and have nothing to do with Russians. Some STUPID people buy any coin . They put their money to 00000000000000000000000 like in the case of Worldcoin. Yes Diego the name World will make this coin famous so buy buy buy very fast don't miss the train like you did with Bitcoin.
  3. Wake Up Call!!!

    RAPS I told you to shut up. You are not needed at all like WDC, you are totally useless. You are like this man totally useless
  4. Wake Up Call!!!

    RAPS shut up
  5. Wake Up Call!!!

    I need for WDC , the world is mine , I will take over the world with Worldcoins hexexe sell more fast...
  6. Wake Up Call!!!

    I made a fortune of WDC that are not needed, are on my hard disk waiting patiently, they will wait for 100s of years hehehehehe, sell sell stupid so that I can buy hehehehehehe
  7. Wake Up Call!!!

    Sell stupid so that I can buy hehehee, sell stupid
  8. Wake Up Call!!!

    Yes I hate it very much because......eee hmm.. because.. eee hm..
  9. Wake Up Call!!!

    Yes I hate it very much because is not needed to the world, I hate it very mush because the wallet is not working, I have it very much because there is no chance even in one trillion to succeed, The list goes and goes I can write you a a hole book why I hate it. I hate it very must because ...
  10. Wake Up Call!!!

    sell sell sell now fast
  11. Wake Up Call!!!

    How old are you cryptojunky? 12 ? Why don't you go to coinmarketcap.com to find a real coin and say so may booshits here . You have to switch from WDC to any other coin. Even the worst coin is better than WDC believe me.
  12. Wake Up Call!!!

    You are so stupid to believe that the name World will make it take over the world. How old are you? Sell as possible as you can sell sell sell now!
  13. Wake Up Call!!!

    Your stupidity is beyond any understanding really, keep buying WDC you will become very rich from this useless coin. Nobody needs it, only your stupid mind. I repeat nobody, call it better invisible coin , or better invisible piece of shit.
  14. Wake Up Call!!!

    You are so stupid all , really so stupid!
  15. Wake Up Call!!!

    RAPS go to the Toilet . Go with your WDC (your hard drive) and sit there long until you became a piece of shit. The worst coin I came across from thousands of coins out there. Who designed the logo? It is so terrible like the coin itself. It is from some kind of free program I guess. Wolrd coin will take over the world , because it has the word ""World" in it yea, buy buy buy now buy fast!!!! xaxaxaxaxxaxa xaaxaxaxaxaxaxaax