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  1. Chinese 'partners'

    news sites starting to catch this: http://www.ad-hoc-news.de/wirtschaft/a-peculiar-cryptocurrency-named-after-the-russian-president-putincoin/55660938 http://adevarul.ro/international/in-lume/putincoinpe-urmele-bitcoin-noua-moneda-virtuala-incearca-ia-avant-timp-rusii-gandesc-evite-sanctiunile-internationale-1_5a33ea055ab6550cb83a439c/index.html https://firenewsfeed.com/politics/880489 http://www.cetusnews.com/business/PutinCoin-surges-126%-on-cryptocurrency-exchange.BySLeYQZMf.html http://today.news.itthon.ma/news/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://lnews.shafaqna.com/rss/EN/US/112197 http://world.auke.hu/news/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://russia.trendolizer.com/2017/12/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange.html http://gatherdom.com/news/520435/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://dieselgasoil.com/business/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange/ and more
  2. Chinese 'partners'

    Expect a price increase for this coin Putin coin got mentioned on Russia Today https://www.rt.com/business/413303-putin-coin-surge-cryptocurrency/
  3. my id is @s7ryker:matrix.org
  4. $500,000,000,000

    Total market cap went over $500,000,000,000 Any thoughts ?
  5. $500,000,000,000

    I can't believe the Dash price, to be honest. I remember when we were in top10 and Dash was nothing. Guess that hard work pays after all
  6. Committee

    I think we should switch the approach from" making something" (and actually do nothing) to attract more people. We are less than 10 ppl here but are 1mil who are interested in developing a coin. We could try an make a "sale page for wdc project" and start a cold email outreach or contact all people who are interested in crypto on social media. There are developers with a lot of free time who will find wdc project interesting but they never heard about it.
  7. Committee

    We can expect a 50k/BTC next year! https://www.reuters.com/article/markets-bitcoin/u-s-regulator-says-it-will-allow-cme-group-cboe-to-list-bitcoin-futures-idUSL3N1O066D
  8. Committee

    Our video will reach 15000 views soon!
  9. Committee

    Here is a free Udemy coupon for this course " Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Build Decentralized Application Projects In Solidity, Ethereum Smart Contracts & DApps " https://www.udemy.com/blockchain-ethereum-solidity-programming-build-projects/?couponCode=FREEZERO Limited time
  10. Chinese 'partners'

    Pls contact https://coinsmarkets.com/support.php to add WDC It's a small exchange about 250k $/24h volume but will be nice to get accepted.
  11. Chinese 'partners'

    Some exchanges didn't accept WDC because we don't have an established community. So the more people join forum the better.
  12. Chinese 'partners'

    Funny that you make an account here just to correct my mistake. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Spam

    This must be the dumbest email i had receive so far: " Poloniex <oudccr@www.adventuresincharacter.com> Nov 23 at 12:23 AM To s7ryker.com Message body Dear Client, Due to recent hacker attacks, is developing a new protection algorithm for the safety of our clients. In order to implement this function, a large amount of money is needed, we ask you for a voluntary donation to realize the goal of our team. Ethereum: 0xa1FC581720bF661DBE05Dfbd28175c9f4E547f1F Bitcoin: 1GPwXh1HS9vdgn1SeDXhP5Fw3686XW4dZz Your support is greatly appreciated and will be used to make Poloniex a safer place If you are against donations, go back to Poloniex: http://bit.ly/2zemdRq My Best to You, The Poloniex Team" I wonder if somebody send this guy money!
  14. Chinese 'partners'

  15. Committee

    Any update on ....something ?
  16. I think i found a good and cheap way to promote worldcoin I dont know how much we paid in the past for the yahoo finance press releases but that was like shooting blanks in the air because we need wordwide people to interact with us not just read about some weird wordcoin( wtf its that ) We definitely don't have money to pay for promoting in fact we need money to jumpstart the coin again So we need to create a good project for the coin ( making a new better wallet , a new algorythm , new api ..whatever.. but should be somethink that would make ppl to resonate with) and then create a short video about the coin , what it is , the future , the fact that we successfully raise money to build a new well near Musoli, Kenya,( video no longer than 5 min ) After that we create a crowdfunding campaign for the project on the largest global site for fundraisers https://www.indiegogo.com/set an amount lets say 5k usd put the video in it set the longest posible time for the campaign and start. What we will get: - some money (i hope) - new outside of crypto-world people will find out about the coin and interact with it and who know some of them have huge money to spent and may fiind our project intresting. I dont know how many folks will see the project but we can expect at least 5000-10000 to see the project video in the given time - facebook shares , twitter.. so basically, social media for free -views for the video ( will rank higher on you tube ranks and thats another way to atract ppl) - some information about the future ( if we are doing the right stuff here or we should close the business and go to sleep) Total cost :0 if we will making the video 100-200 usd if we pay someone to make a good looking video for us( there its lots of competition online for that) some example of crowdfunding campaigns: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/open-a-cat-cafe-in-philadelphia#/story https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saving-snowden-the-voluntaryists-versus-the-nsa#/story https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/growbot-your-garden-robot#/story What do u guys think ?
  17. Chinese 'partners'

  18. New Exchange

    AEX.com should be listed on worldcoin.global first page
  19. Committee

    I hope that Chinese won't start again! Another promo WDC article ...8000 ppl read it already http://www.jinse.com/news/bitcoin/86272.html
  20. Committee

    I'll consider it. In other news: It appears that China ban on ICO's and other cryptos( wdc included ) is temporally and will be lifted soon. I saw discussions on Chinese sites and forums. It's hard for me to tell for sure if and when this will happen but if this happens ..well you know the story. Also, I ask some Chinese guys what's the main reason they consider buying WDC? Prepare to be amazed: The age of the coin. That's right: Chinese believed that the old a thing is the more trustworthy it becomes (crypto included) And that was the reason why the "Chinese pumpers "with theyr marketing campaign always started with " WDC... 2013........."
  21. Committee

    That's the problem...Everyone has an idea the way the coin development should go.(Based on education, age, and other factors ). My opinion (based on my marketing skills): If it is easy ...then I can sell it. I will explain a bit: If we can make a coin that requires the least amount of time (and clicks)...let's say 1-2 min download wallet and another 1-2 min to buy the coin then I can sell this. BTW I'm not selling the coin..i'm selling the idea. Ads example:"Remember when Bitcoin was 10 cents? Wished you had bought some in the past?. Now you have another chance with Worldcoin. BUY NOW for a Bright Future" Then the user should go click click click..credit card...wdc in wallet As you can see I'm not selling a technology. I'm not explaining ppl what wdc is or how it works... They will not understand it anyway. I'm selling a chance, I'm selling a future without worries. Everybody understands this. Ask yourself: wish you had a chance to buy a future without worries ?? or to buy a cryptocoin with 30 sec block time ,2 confirmation , that retargets every hour with 20,160 blocks , with a block reward that reduced itself with 1% every week with a total of 265,420,800 coins based on scrypt tehnology, that uses a Proof-of-work mining protocol. Good luck selling that to someone.
  22. Wake Up Call!!!

    I tried to buy the Worldcoin facebook page.This guy is crazy. " Negotiable, this page was build and managed by me a few years ago, though their payment never complete and they stopped paying. But I m use to cryptocoins changing management so I just let old issues be gone. If u are interested in buying the page, let me know, if I can breakeven from it, I will let go. 1.2 BTC is my breakeven after I checked all the sponser ads and other cost involving. But I m willing to part with 1 BTC. " 1 BTC for a 5k likes facebook page that wasn't maintained properly is way too much.
  23. Wake Up Call!!!

    Every time I hear the word "committee" my mind always goes back to 2013-2014...anyway let's not do the mistake of the past: no more secret features and secret investors!
  24. Wake Up Call!!!

    May I ask what we want to change first ?? wallet, algorithm, etc Keep in mind that this first change should be followed by other moves so we need to think like a chess player several moves ahead. Also, what change will have the higher impact and will be the easiest to implement? We are a small community and we don't have money to waste.