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  1. I think i found a good and cheap way to promote worldcoin I dont know how much we paid in the past for the yahoo finance press releases but that was like shooting blanks in the air because we need wordwide people to interact with us not just read about some weird wordcoin( wtf its that ) We definitely don't have money to pay for promoting in fact we need money to jumpstart the coin again So we need to create a good project for the coin ( making a new better wallet , a new algorythm , new api ..whatever.. but should be somethink that would make ppl to resonate with) and then create a short video about the coin , what it is , the future , the fact that we successfully raise money to build a new well near Musoli, Kenya,( video no longer than 5 min ) After that we create a crowdfunding campaign for the project on the largest global site for fundraisers https://www.indiegogo.com/set an amount lets say 5k usd put the video in it set the longest posible time for the campaign and start. What we will get: - some money (i hope) - new outside of crypto-world people will find out about the coin and interact with it and who know some of them have huge money to spent and may fiind our project intresting. I dont know how many folks will see the project but we can expect at least 5000-10000 to see the project video in the given time - facebook shares , twitter.. so basically, social media for free -views for the video ( will rank higher on you tube ranks and thats another way to atract ppl) - some information about the future ( if we are doing the right stuff here or we should close the business and go to sleep) Total cost :0 if we will making the video 100-200 usd if we pay someone to make a good looking video for us( there its lots of competition online for that) some example of crowdfunding campaigns: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/open-a-cat-cafe-in-philadelphia#/story https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saving-snowden-the-voluntaryists-versus-the-nsa#/story https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/growbot-your-garden-robot#/story What do u guys think ?
  2. New Exchange

    AEX.com should be listed on worldcoin.global first page
  3. Committee

    I hope that Chinese won't start again! Another promo WDC article ...8000 ppl read it already http://www.jinse.com/news/bitcoin/86272.html
  4. Committee

    I'll consider it. In other news: It appears that China ban on ICO's and other cryptos( wdc included ) is temporally and will be lifted soon. I saw discussions on Chinese sites and forums. It's hard for me to tell for sure if and when this will happen but if this happens ..well you know the story. Also, I ask some Chinese guys what's the main reason they consider buying WDC? Prepare to be amazed: The age of the coin. That's right: Chinese believed that the old a thing is the more trustworthy it becomes (crypto included) And that was the reason why the "Chinese pumpers "with theyr marketing campaign always started with " WDC... 2013........."
  5. Committee

    That's the problem...Everyone has an idea the way the coin development should go.(Based on education, age, and other factors ). My opinion (based on my marketing skills): If it is easy ...then I can sell it. I will explain a bit: If we can make a coin that requires the least amount of time (and clicks)...let's say 1-2 min download wallet and another 1-2 min to buy the coin then I can sell this. BTW I'm not selling the coin..i'm selling the idea. Ads example:"Remember when Bitcoin was 10 cents? Wished you had bought some in the past?. Now you have another chance with Worldcoin. BUY NOW for a Bright Future" Then the user should go click click click..credit card...wdc in wallet As you can see I'm not selling a technology. I'm not explaining ppl what wdc is or how it works... They will not understand it anyway. I'm selling a chance, I'm selling a future without worries. Everybody understands this. Ask yourself: wish you had a chance to buy a future without worries ?? or to buy a cryptocoin with 30 sec block time ,2 confirmation , that retargets every hour with 20,160 blocks , with a block reward that reduced itself with 1% every week with a total of 265,420,800 coins based on scrypt tehnology, that uses a Proof-of-work mining protocol. Good luck selling that to someone.
  6. Wake Up Call!!!

    I tried to buy the Worldcoin facebook page.This guy is crazy. " Negotiable, this page was build and managed by me a few years ago, though their payment never complete and they stopped paying. But I m use to cryptocoins changing management so I just let old issues be gone. If u are interested in buying the page, let me know, if I can breakeven from it, I will let go. 1.2 BTC is my breakeven after I checked all the sponser ads and other cost involving. But I m willing to part with 1 BTC. " 1 BTC for a 5k likes facebook page that wasn't maintained properly is way too much.
  7. Wake Up Call!!!

    Every time I hear the word "committee" my mind always goes back to 2013-2014...anyway let's not do the mistake of the past: no more secret features and secret investors!
  8. Wake Up Call!!!

    May I ask what we want to change first ?? wallet, algorithm, etc Keep in mind that this first change should be followed by other moves so we need to think like a chess player several moves ahead. Also, what change will have the higher impact and will be the easiest to implement? We are a small community and we don't have money to waste.
  9. Wake Up Call!!!

  10. The Human factor When developing a new product the corporations use this simple method in the process. 1.What people want -1 click install -secure transactions -privacy of transactions -Fast coin -Fast wallet -Make money..etc -Simple design -Stand up from the crowds -etc 2.What technology offers: -Secure transactions -Privacy -Innovation -etc..i'm not a techy guy The idea is to take as many points as possible from the 1 list and applied them to the second list and thus creating the perfect product(Core Benefits) Why this simple method is important??? People will accept your product easily but more important your marketing becomes easy...since your product is "what people want". You may think this is an easy method...but for some reason, everybody forgets about it. Keep in mind that not all points are doable, and the list can exceed 40 points easily, but if you pick most of them we will more likely succeed I suggest that this will be our development rule from now one.
  11. About China !

    Since I have some scraping skills I decided to scrape China for Wdc . So far this year : http://www.xdowns.com/soft/17/131/2017/soft_236422.html https://www.bitcoinchina.com.cn/baike/worldcoin.html http://www.uuotv.com/index.php/2017/06/10/worldcoinwdc/ http://www.vv007.com/post/576.html http://www.bkill.com/download/157225.html http://www.jz5u.com/Soft/trade/Other/143902.html http://www.veryhuo.com/down/html/174947.html http://www.jinse.com/news/bitcoin/26110.html www.qukuailian.xin/app/54.html http://www.btc38.com/news/2017/5/14082.html http://www.huobi114.com/huobi/?id=41 http://www.wanbizu.com/xinbi/201705039695.html https://www.gobiw.com/article/detail/725 Also found a small exchange https://www.btcbtcc.com/Home/Index/index.html so small I shouldn't mention it but we are there so it's good Someone is making some kind of effort to promote wdc but we are cut off from them. Since Berkeck has gone Awol.Do you have a friend who knows Chinese(hard language btw)?? maybe make sense of it Also if you have any thoughts..reply
  12. Wake Up Call!!!

  13. If I had the money..

    I found these guys https://dev.cryptolife.net/altcoin-repair-alterations/ They can repair Worldcoin make a fork .new wallet android. new lite wallet etc ...basically they will solve all of our problems. If I had had 50k $ ...I would buy with 25 k $(wdc) and with the rest, I will fix the coin. I can realistically expect 10x in return ( 250kUSD) in a matter of months. Worldcoin did 20x-30x spikes in the past so you can make even more money. But who will invest? Berzeck told me that Chinese investors hold more than 30 mil coins. They would have the money to do this. but how we can contact them?... Also if you have a friend with money this is a good opportunity for a nice return.
  14. Chinese 'partners'

    Since BTC38 stopped wdc trading...I think we escaped from the Chinese pumpers...
  15. Wake Up Call!!!

    Let's not be rude. Those Chinese don't know English.They use google translate.
  16. Chinese 'partners'

    This discussion is going nowhere. We should also stop calling them " Chinese investors or parteners"... they are just some fucking criminals who robbed some traders with a pump and dump scheme using Worldcoin and hurting the coin.
  17. Chinese 'partners'

    I'm the one who contact Accepted and ask him to say a few words since I believed that Berzerk was gone... !!!
  18. Chinese 'partners'

    Nice to at least leave a message....did they threaten you someway ??!!!
  19. If I had the money..

    Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 Fucking multipools. I too think they have a lot of control to many resources in wdc production chain. Of course they want to make a lot of money the questions is WHY thyey refuse to fix this problem? only explanation is that they want to buy as much coin as possible so they are scaring people for super maga pump? Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 If you think about it it from their perspective. WDC it's the best coin to make money fast because they have 99% control on price and flow and also markets.Block transactions for a few weeks make wdc small (slowly buys lots of wdc) Unblock transactions make some fuss (i sent you an email about how mo make that ) ..price will rise ..sell make a profit...repeat. Damn it's like stealing money from baby's. If they had wanted a long term relation with WDC they will have struggled with adding value to the coin ..(adding new markets, marketing, development, new ways to improve the coin, adding wdc to new merchant platforms etc ). P.S They will contact you after a while reassuring you that all its good Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 Yes, but then again if this is true the price will continue rising (otherwise it would be more difficult to attract new investors) and that's what people care in the end Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 Imagine that the exchange market it's a sea of water(money) Every time for different reasons a coin has a lot of water that goes into-out of it ( volume). All they need to do to is to convince traders on the market that X coin will rise in the near future based on Y reason so they switch that volume to X coin(remember our 14mil USD 24h volume on 14 June) and that coin will rise1x-10x. so they spill that water into X coin and make a profit. They don't need new users they need those small traders on market who wants to make a profit to follow a pattern. That traders don't know don't care about wdc. In order for these to work you need a coin with lower volume so they will make wdc lower volume.. buy overtime then after a while do that again. PPL on wdc forum will say: nice Berzeck real nice when WDC will be 0.50 Usd but after that, the dump follows. Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 In this case you need new traders because those traders that try to win the market lose every time (otherwise the pumpers couldn't win anything) and of course they won't invest anymore after one or two consecutive loses Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 Yes but the Chinese are not using a single coin...After Xcoin( comes another) the another then WDC then i hope you understand... The small trader think like that:..WDC sucks lets move to X coin to make profit and chinese are there also Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 And why they do not want to solve difficulty problem even that it scares a lot of people? Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 MOSTLY TRADERS!!!! Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 They don't want to solve it cause they are using it to bring the price down to buy wdc at lower price after that with some mining power they faster the transactions Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 BTW: Do you still own ~ 1mil WDC ? Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 they already have 30 million coins+ (confirmed) ... more than enough to make a standard pump and dump scheme. Buying more would make no sense, unless they are trying to make a super mage pump Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 Really 30 mil... That is a nice info...They will need some 20 mil usd volume /24h to make a huge profit Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 Yes, I have 1M WDC. My point is that at this instance it is not a common pump and dump scheme, if it were buying more would not guarantee more money because volume is not high enough Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 Jubi+btc38 make about 40 mil usd/24h in ideal market condition. Now think about it if i had own 30 mil WDC i will not invest something in marketing or buy with 3 BTC a place on another exchange just to rise the price whitehat Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 They are not buying to use all that wdc on a pump and dump..they are buying because of control.. The more they have the less someone will be able to fuck their plan Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 40k usd / 24 h is extremely low volume for this kind of operation most of it are performed by them anyway, even if they do not pay fees the gaining would be small, buying more won't generate more money for them so it does not make sense to keep the price low assuming an standard pump and dump scheme Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 having 30% coins (if not more in other addresses) is more than enough to have control of the price Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 40 milion usd/24 h and they need to make wdc number 1 on Jubi and BTC38 that about 290 milions usd Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 i meant 20 milon usd f Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 we will see volume trend in the following days Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 10 Well i think we will talk weeks. 30% it's not enough because someone might dump a lot of wdc and fucked their plan so they will need to reassure the wdc comunity that they have a big plan for the coin before making the move in order to prevent any dumps. Quote Report reply Berzeck 41 Replied: July 10 That is no problem because they can put automatic buys at predefined prices, they do not need to own the whole stash, in fact it implies a lot more risk to buy than just not letting the price go down... if they do not want to put buy walls then a simple bot can do that Berzeck 41 Replied: July 11 well, I knew that making a deal would involve pumping (no one in crypto invests hundreds of thousands on a small alt just to see what happens) , I thought that we could use that as an advantage; also we agreed not to change core until a ultimate solution emerges so we keep an eye to hyperledger; the confusing part is that even difficult fluctuation is killing of investors and specially traders they do not want to touch protocol; so it is not an standard pump and dump because you don't scare traders, and they have 30% of total coins available more than enough to manipulate the price at will Quote Report reply s7ryker 1 Replied: July 11 Selling the dream means that the coin should raise a lot in a short time. When they start the marketing campaign they want the coin at the lowest possible I think 0.01 usd will do fine for them. The higher the rise the higher the price. You still thinking it from your tehc perspective .Think about Human perspective..that what brings the money
  20. If I had the money..

    I send a message but don't expect something..the name of the twitter account says all.They create a twitter account for every coin just to keep things organize with pump and dump.
  21. About China !

  22. About China !

    Now we have a new article https://cryptocoinsmarket.com/worldcoin/ Don't they read the forum?
  23. About China !

    I feel depressed
  24. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    First is first; worldcoin.global and forum will expire on 13.09.2017.We need to solve this problem and then we can talk about the rest.
  25. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I think this was not Berzerk. someone else is using his account just to make it look real. Who knows maybe Berzeck has gone on holiday and gave the account to another person just to pop up from time to time so we didn't panic.