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  1. Chinese 'partners'

    news sites starting to catch this: http://www.ad-hoc-news.de/wirtschaft/a-peculiar-cryptocurrency-named-after-the-russian-president-putincoin/55660938 http://adevarul.ro/international/in-lume/putincoinpe-urmele-bitcoin-noua-moneda-virtuala-incearca-ia-avant-timp-rusii-gandesc-evite-sanctiunile-internationale-1_5a33ea055ab6550cb83a439c/index.html https://firenewsfeed.com/politics/880489 http://www.cetusnews.com/business/PutinCoin-surges-126%-on-cryptocurrency-exchange.BySLeYQZMf.html http://today.news.itthon.ma/news/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://lnews.shafaqna.com/rss/EN/US/112197 http://world.auke.hu/news/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://russia.trendolizer.com/2017/12/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange.html http://gatherdom.com/news/520435/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://dieselgasoil.com/business/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange/ and more
  2. Chinese 'partners'

    Expect a price increase for this coin Putin coin got mentioned on Russia Today https://www.rt.com/business/413303-putin-coin-surge-cryptocurrency/
  3. my id is @s7ryker:matrix.org
  4. $500,000,000,000

    I can't believe the Dash price, to be honest. I remember when we were in top10 and Dash was nothing. Guess that hard work pays after all
  5. $500,000,000,000

    Total market cap went over $500,000,000,000 Any thoughts ?
  6. Committee

    I think we should switch the approach from" making something" (and actually do nothing) to attract more people. We are less than 10 ppl here but are 1mil who are interested in developing a coin. We could try an make a "sale page for wdc project" and start a cold email outreach or contact all people who are interested in crypto on social media. There are developers with a lot of free time who will find wdc project interesting but they never heard about it.
  7. Committee

    We can expect a 50k/BTC next year! https://www.reuters.com/article/markets-bitcoin/u-s-regulator-says-it-will-allow-cme-group-cboe-to-list-bitcoin-futures-idUSL3N1O066D
  8. Committee

    Our video will reach 15000 views soon!
  9. Committee

    Here is a free Udemy coupon for this course " Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Build Decentralized Application Projects In Solidity, Ethereum Smart Contracts & DApps " https://www.udemy.com/blockchain-ethereum-solidity-programming-build-projects/?couponCode=FREEZERO Limited time
  10. Chinese 'partners'

    Pls contact https://coinsmarkets.com/support.php to add WDC It's a small exchange about 250k $/24h volume but will be nice to get accepted.
  11. Chinese 'partners'

    Some exchanges didn't accept WDC because we don't have an established community. So the more people join forum the better.
  12. Chinese 'partners'

    Funny that you make an account here just to correct my mistake. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Spam

    This must be the dumbest email i had receive so far: " Poloniex <oudccr@www.adventuresincharacter.com> Nov 23 at 12:23 AM To s7ryker.com Message body Dear Client, Due to recent hacker attacks, is developing a new protection algorithm for the safety of our clients. In order to implement this function, a large amount of money is needed, we ask you for a voluntary donation to realize the goal of our team. Ethereum: 0xa1FC581720bF661DBE05Dfbd28175c9f4E547f1F Bitcoin: 1GPwXh1HS9vdgn1SeDXhP5Fw3686XW4dZz Your support is greatly appreciated and will be used to make Poloniex a safer place If you are against donations, go back to Poloniex: http://bit.ly/2zemdRq My Best to You, The Poloniex Team" I wonder if somebody send this guy money!
  14. Chinese 'partners'

  15. Committee

    Any update on ....something ?