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  1. New Exchange

    AEX deposit for WDC right now "AEX access system is reconstructing for the faster speed. Please wait!"
  2. New Exchange

    The answer from AEX support "lazy´╝ÜHello, I'm sorry, at present some of the currency of the wallet is still being deployed, so the charging function is not yet open, we have not yet received notice of this area, please wait patiently, to bring you Please inconvenience inconvenience, I wish you a happy life."
  3. New Exchange

    Any news there? Price is going up at AEX but there is still not possible to do a deposit :/
  4. How to Get WDC from Old PC to New PC?

    thx guys, it works .)
  5. How to Get WDC from Old PC to New PC?

    I have similar problem. The PC is still the same, but I have wallet qt 8.5.1(around 3-4 years old) and I did not start this wallet at least 3 years. I have downloaded the newest version of wallet and I can not put my coins there. I have *.dat file from previous version, the download of complete block chain is done(new wallet). I have installed blockchain directory on different place from old one wallet. I tried to copy .dat file into a few folders of new installation but there is still nothing. What should I do? thx for reply