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  1. Hello Berzeck, Great that you're helping me! Transactie-ID:: 5850d984f874929d90fae223835482ec8fd4fe57003b25bde25f6184ff76e5bc
  2. Hello Berzeck, I still have no confirmations. I hope that you know what i can do to get them back or otherwise confirmed. I have a transaction ID, can i do something with that? You've said something from a certain point of view.. that sounds not very positive (hope not!). But thanks allready for answering!
  3. Hello, I've sended wdc's from a wallet v0.8.6.1-g55c5572-beta. this is a wallet i've used in 2014. I've mined some wdc back then. Since then i've never done anything in crypto so didn't know that i had to upate the wallet. Does somebody know if my wdc's could be saved, or are they lost? Ther are 0/2 confirmations?!