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  1. Vote for adding WorldCoin to the new decentralized exchange! Add WorldCoin (WDC) to the Altcoin.io site. WorldCoin is the coin with the best name in the world https://feedback.altcoinexchange.com/suggestions/4284/add-worldcoin-wdc-to-the-altcoinio-siteworldcoin-is-the-coin-with-the-best-name-
  2. https://discord.gg/UNZhg3

  3. https://discord.gg/UNZhg3
  4. All crypto-currencies have a community in telegram. There is a group of telegram and from Worldcoin join: https://t.me/Worldcoin2
  5. Telegram is one of the main platforms for the crypto-currency community. Here is a group of our WorldCoin community. https://t.me/Worldcoin2
  6. The latest WorldCoin version 3.0 purse, which is installed locally and does not require connection to the installation servers. I work on three computers under Windows 10 correctly without problems and departures. Https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WhsJXJT2QFLc-476MvZEoWkbi7T1M2E4/view?usp=sharing
  7. New web page released!

    Use the old: https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/beta/WBC-3.0-Beta2.rar
  8. Worldcoin 3.1 Has been released!

    Use the old: https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/beta/WBC-3.0-Beta2.rar
  9. Use the old: https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/beta/WBC-3.0-Beta2.rar
  10. New web page released!

  11. Problem installing wallet

    I wanted to install a purse-hole purse today and it does not come out. No access to the servers, please check. Disconnected from server ... Connection refused https://downloads.worldcoin.global/wallets/WorldcoinBC.exe Writes that the connection is not protected!