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  1. Coins stuck in unconfirmed state

    Ah, yes. Was able to make a transaction so can confirm there is just an issue with the label. Thanks Berzeck.
  2. Coins stuck in unconfirmed state

    Also, further to the above, what effect does that have on my wallet? I thought unconfirmed coins were for transactions that hadn't yet had enough confirmations by the network? I haven't made a transaction in a few years, so shouldn't all my transactions be well confirmed by now, or am I understanding this wrong?
  3. Coins stuck in unconfirmed state

    Any idea how long that might take to get resolved?
  4. Coins stuck in unconfirmed state

    Hi all. I have installed the latest wallet on a new computer (Windows 10). I was having trouble downloading the blockchain during installation, so I had to let it sync after the wallet was installed. After that I copied across my wallet.dat file into the correct location and am able to see my balance, but all the coins are in the unconfirmed state, and have been for two days. I've tried basic things like switching off firewall / antivirus etc, but with no luck. Any ideas?