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    A specialist who understood how Worldcoin works. Congratulations. Worldcoin has no halving.
  2. Wake Up Call!!!

    Holy shit. Where did this conversation go?! Are the 10 year olds gaining control?
  3. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    NS1.OVALHOST.COM NS2.OVALHOST.COM Plan A: Somebody should contact ovalhost and ask them to extend the domain. Even if we recover the domain somebody needs to pay for the hosting. Two possible hosters where I assume worldcoin is hosted are ovalhost or orangehosting and I am sure that they will kick us when the invoices dont get paid. Plan B: Buy a new domain and new hosting and start webhosting from beginning.
  4. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    You can't create "a new coin" just like that in crypto world. You have to do a hard fork and the network has to be on your side. At least that's what I learned from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash recently. So we have to modify the code of Worldcoin such that it can fork with a new algo and so on. Some suggestions about that? Something like: POW+POS to secure the stability (anti multi pool) and Neoscrypt as algo (seems to be asic resistant)? Some other suggestions?
  5. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I have also been talking to him and he appeared to be a reliable and nice man. But this doesn't explain why he reads but doesn't answer my personal messages which are really simple (with a "yes, I can" or "no, I can't") to answer. Or why he comes online and doesn't even leave a single word about the problems which are rising. There must be something really wrong. We just don't know in which direction.
  6. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    As the main developer doesn't respond to any inquiries anymore... What do you guys think about a hard fork fixing all the problems we are facing at the moment? Berzeck was always scared to destroy the network which basically is already as dead as possible. So why not trying to revive it again.
  7. WDC network

    He could at least say something as he: "Last visited 3 hours ago" I become more concerned too. On my account were 100k WDC and ~3 BTC frozen which he should recover. Hopefully he was honest enough not to run away with my money... We will see. I will try to contact BTC38 myself. I thought he would be the best person as he has contact to BTC38 people.
  8. WDC network

    Seems like Berzeck disappeared. We were discussing something about my frozen BTC38 account which he wanted to help to recover. He is reading our conversation but not answering anymore.
  9. Funny fact, that I wanted to buy a server at VPS.ag some weeks ago and they declined my order for whatever reason. Their support was also not nice. So I really can't recommend their services. Better go with this service: https://www.vpsbg.eu/
  10. BTC38 down plus others?

    I have a big problem at BTC38 and it would be nice if somebody with contact to BTC38 could help me. Facebook locked my account and now I can't login to BTC38 and my funds are locked. I also can't find any support e-mail or ticket system where I can contact BTC38. Does anybody know how to reach them if you can't login to an account?