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  1. paswooord

    I thought it was pretty clear that with cryptos, losing/forgetting your password is losing you wallet and thus your coins..
  2. BTC38 down plus others?

    It took me like 7 hours yesterday. Not that bad at all
  3. Can't Find Pass Phrase

    X:\Users\XXXX\Documents\Blockchain\WorldcoinChain put you wallet.dat file in this folder. Then start the wdc wallet, i think it need some syncing time and after that you can make transactions..
  4. Synchronizing my wallet

    Good to see everything is working now!
  5. Launch in 5...4....3...2...1......
  6. Synchronizing my wallet

    And, all up and running now?
  7. Synchronizing my wallet

    this is exactly the screen i had. You just have to wait for a long time now.
  8. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    I think one of the main topics for marketing is to bring the coin to a variety of exchanges and ALSO add a real value to the coin. What we see now is a world of cryptocurrency casinos, guessing it should go up or down with actually no underlying reason. The only reason why the coins change in price is because of the momentum / mean reversion anomaly. We should bring the coin to businesses and really let people pay with it. How to get there: - Clear and fast wallets (proper lite versions without downloading the whole blockchain) - Big marketing campaigns (for this, sponsors are required) on exchanges to show Worldcoin is back! - If volume is increased, sell the system to businesses.
  9. Synchronizing my wallet

    In addition to my previous answer, the reason why you do not see the coins in the wallet is because it is not synced yet.
  10. Synchronizing my wallet

    I had the same problem and what I did is the following. When installing you have the possibility to download the blockchain. This is perfect and when you look in the folder where it would be downloaded in, it is there perfect and fine. For me the folder is C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\Blockchain and inside that folder there will be an 'index' and a 'blockchain' folder. Now the problem is that when you start the worldcoin wallet, it will make a new folder named 'Worldcoinchain'. In this folder it will create a new 'index' and 'blockchain' folder where it finally will sync all the blockchain data again! What you have to do: - copy and paste the data inside the downloaded blockchain folder into the new made Worldcoinchain/blockchain folder... Do the same for the index folder as well. Now change your wallet.dat into your own backed up wallet (if you have one) and start the program again. Now just wait like an hour orso and everything will be just fine! @Berzeck I think this 'bug' (if I can call it like that) should be fixed with the new wallet update. I think this fix can be easily done right?
  11. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    I recently contacted LiteBit.eu. They told me that the size of community and activity of it is one of the most important factors they look at. Maybe you guys can request them as well? https://www.litebit.eu/en/add-your-own-crypto I notice that one major problem for me is that it is hard to get WDC at the moment. I have to buy BTC, send it to btc38 (all chinese, long confirmation times, etc etc) and finally I can buy WDC. If WDC would be exchanged in EUR at the moment I would definitely buy some more!
  12. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    This is not the case. It indeed takes a few hours to download the zipped chain but when you open the wallet afterwards it starts syncing from 0.0% And this, just as Brent mentioned in another topic, takes like forever! I think the zipped chain gets unzipped in the wrong directory. Do you know where this is (windows 10) in default situations and where it should belong in default situations?
  13. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Is there a possibility to sync in a faster way than just syncing from scratch? I'm at 60% and this took me like 2 full days.