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  1. Worldcoin 3.0 Released!

    Update on bitcoin fees: I sent an amount from the WBC btc wallet and was surprised to see the transaction was confirmed (first block) in less than 5 minutes. Fees were 40000 satoshis, around 180 sat/byte, much higher than the minimum default value of 1 sat/byte shown in the bitcoin wiki link on transaction fees pointed out above. I don't know how the btc fees are calculated in the WBC, but this was largely sufficient and even more that I'm used to pay. So I have to report that the WBC bitcoin wallet appears to be working fine in regard to this aspect.
  2. Worldcoin 3.0 Released!

    The default value in the link you provided is 0.00001 (BTC/kB), or 1 satoshi per byte. While that was OK a few years ago, this is now obsolete because no miners would want to confirm such a low-fee transaction. It is a problem right now with the overloaded bitcoin network: there are too much transactions and the mempool of transactions to be confirmed is saturated. So, if a transaction in 2017 is sent with a fee at this default value of 0.00001 (BTC/kB), it could get stuck for weeks or even months. Even with ten times that amount, it typically takes more than 24 hours to confirm. As shown on this link: https://bitcoinfees.21.co/ The correct fee now when sending bitcoin to have the transaction confirmed in less than a few hours is at least 100 satoshis per byte, which is 100x the default value. So the WBC bitcoin wallet, from a practical point of view, cannot be used at this time for sending money (with a default fee of 0.00001 BTC/kB), unless transaction fees can be set manually. Is there a way to set fees manually using the console?
  3. Worldcoin 3.0 Released!

    Bravo for such a great achievement. A lot of work must have been necessary to create this wallet and all the devs are to be thanked for this realization. I like how WDC transactions are confirmed hyperfast, compared to bitcoin transactions which are now hitting a wall, increasingly getting stuck because of constant mempool saturation. I am still acquainting myself with the WBC functionalities, and as a new user I need clarification on some aspects of the software. I guess there must be quite a few newcomers like me who are asking themselves these questions. 1. What is the purpose of a backup? How to do a proper backup of the wallet, is it done automatically or it must be done manually after each new transaction? What is backed up exactly, the private keys for each address and/or associated balances? I can see a subfolder, in the main WBC folder, which is named 'Backups', but it is empty - does this mean that there is no backup? In case of computer crash, is it necessary to have some backup folder copied in an external drive, or a USB key, to be able to recover the funds? 2. What is the purpose of the cloud connection with Pulzar services in the wallet, is this connection necessary for the basic functions of the wallet, like sending, receiving, synchronizing? 3. Lastly, I received some money in the bitcoin subwallet to try it. But, how to include/add mining fees when sending money from it? (if there is no fee the bitcoin transaction will get stuck indefinitely in the mempool)
  4. Trade Volume

    This is what I just begun to do, now have my first WDCs after 1+ year of contemplating. It's impressive to see the extreme volatility and instability in the market prices in recent days.
  5. WBC 3.0 Observations from a newcomer

    Thanks for the answer and advice, it's appreciated.
  6. WBC 3.0 Observations from a newcomer

    I must specify that I installed latest WBC 3.0 version on Windows 7.
  7. WBC 3.0 Observations from a newcomer

    Hi, I am a new user of the WBC 3.0 software. I recently acquired my first worldcoins on an exchange and decided it was time to install the wallet. First thing I noticed after downloading and installing, Avast detected a virus in the daemon file and immediately put it into quarantine. I hesitated and considered uninstalling the program and aborting the whole experience because of that. Eventually I decided it was likely a false positive result from Avast and took the risk to continue the experience and make an exception in Avast for the daemon. With my internet connexion speed of 1.2 Mb/s, WDC wallet synchronization took 72 hours. BTC wallet synchronization took 10 days !! Now when I open the wallet after a while, synchronization update for WDC is fast but for BTC is still too long. Is there a way to deactivate or remove the BTC wallet from inside the WBC ? I'll just keep the WDC function. Another thing I noticed is in the Wallets Summary: the WDC 'Balance' number and the WDC 'Unconfirmed' number are the same. Let's say I have 500 WDC, it shows like this: Balance: 500 Unconfirmed: 500 If I receive a payment of 270 WDC, just upon arrival it shows: Balance: 770 Unconfirmed: 500 A few minutes later after more blocks confirmations it shows: Balance: 770 Unconfirmed: 770 All this suggests the second number is the Confirmed, NOT Unconfirmed, balance. Could the terms 'Unconfirmed' and 'Confirmed' have been mistakenly inverted in the program? Has anyone else noticed that? Or there is a minor bug in my wallet? I have been able to send and receive WDC without problem with multiple successful transactions. Last observation I will share for now is about fees. Is there a way to include fees for the miners, or it's not necessary ? All transactions done until now were without fees, and went perfectly fine.