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  1. Committee

    Hi everyone! Would like to jump-start the committee with a crude layout of rules/ideas for discussion. 1. Role of committee members: 1.1 Members can either take on a specific role i.e. website manager or a more general role such as Advisor. 1.2 Members are understood to be helping voluntarily unless specified otherwise, hence please be appreciative and not be overly critical of their contributions. 1.3 Members merely serve as contact personnel and they can vary in the levels of their contributions. 1.4 Members are free to resign/pass the baton to the next better individual. Please announce any resignation clearly to facilitate a proper handover. 1.5 Members' identities should be anonymous, unless they wish to reveal themselves. Each member is to at least reveal his nationality. After all, it is WORLDCOIN 1.6 Members have equal voting rights. Each member has 1 vote. Should consensus be needed, the timeframe for members to vote is 7 days (to the hour and minute of the start of vote, given our different time zones). Members who do not vote in time will be considered to have abstained. Majority wins. TO BE CONTINUED (layout of different functions, roping in of personnel, etc)
  2. Committee

    Sounds great! The important thing is to have a go at it and WDC is rudderless so we have nothing to lose LOL. I hope we can have a simple and effective team. Where are you from, LowHandicap?
  3. Committee

    Thanks for replying, RAPS. How about as Advisor? Would like to have you officially onboard. It's voluntary work so we contribute what we can.
  4. Committee

    Thank you, cryptojunky! We just need to fill up most/all the positions and hopefully, every one would need to do just a bit ok 😀
  5. Committee

    3. Personnel From Worldcoin Global Forum, there are 184 listed members as of today, from which I have shortlisted the below 15 personnel who have been actively posting and who I believe should volunteer to form the committee: Vitalicus Accept Berzeck MercotiqueSlack cryptojunky marecek666 Shveicar RAPS LowHandicap s7ryker Cryptoid Xanur bels vitjuhhino Diego What you can do for now: Decide on a role from the 10 positions listed in Functions and reply with your nationality. For me, Diego from Singapore for Advisor I know I have very limited expertise, being non-technical, and can take on only a tiny role i.e. posting on social media and contributing to crowdfunding, but I want to step up for WDC, and if she grows and there are better/more people in future, I would be more than happy to pass the baton over. I believe these are people who care for Worldcoin. Now is the time to step up!! Form the damn committee!!!! LOL If I missed some people or there are people who would like to be in this shortlist, please let us know. I believe there are quite a few people who have been holding WDC and/or have been silent observers. There are also people from the slack group we should invite over.
  6. Committee

    Thanks for stepping up, Mercotique!! WDC needs all the help right now and your contribution would be greatly appreciated!! I'd put you in the proposal and we'd see how the community feel. Personally am very excited to have you for Tweeter! 😀😀
  7. Tossing out ideas

    The development is paused for the moment, Joe. Personally, for me there is no need to reduce rewards
  8. Committee

    I further propose the below. There can be more than 1 personnel for each position, which is actually preferred! Please let me know what I missed. 2. Functions 2.1 Worldcoin Global website manager (maintain website) 2.2 Tweeter champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.3 Facebook champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.4 Slack champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.5 Crowdfunding champion (spearhead collection and safeguard funds) 2.6 Developer (maintain wallet and loosely monitor mining and hashrate activities) 2.7 Director (in charge of Roadmap) 2.8 Illustrator (suggest logos etc to improve on cosmetics) 2.9 Publicity (raise awareness of WDC in the community ie YouTube videos or community outreach programs) 2.10 Advisor (general role, including making social media posts)
  9. Committee

    Have been downloading onto Windows for 2 days too. Now 36% synced 1.2M blocks out of 3.4M. Go, Athletic Ant!
  10. Wake Up Call!!!

    How about we set up WorldcoinCrypto?
  11. Wake Up Call!!!

    Thanks, LowHandicap! Your expertise and advice would really help. I think it would give WDC a real boost to have you onboard. Much better than to have someone totally new to WDC being part of the management team.
  12. Wake Up Call!!!

    Honestly Berzeck, your absence made me realise how little I had contributed to WDC which I really love. It was a wake-up call. With your return, it is like a second chance for me to do my part. I am jumping at the opportunity. Regardless of the outcome, I promise to do my part for WDC. I remember the days of WDC's reverse crowdfunding. Could you provide a public address, I'd like to kickstart the crowdfunding with 25,000 WDC, for a start. We just leave it there. Am going to start continually posting messages and drawing traffic to our website.
  13. Wake Up Call!!!

  14. Wake Up Call!!!

    THANK YOU, Berzeck!! 😀😀 I know you have done a lot for WDC and I greatly appreciate your unwavering support. Accept is another who is still here for WDC. THANK YOU, Accept! 😀😀 Actually, I am already very, very glad to see both around, it's really heartwarming. It is really up to the rest of us to step up. The 2 Worldcoins wannabes just show how attractive the WDC brand is. We have enormous first-mover advantage with being listed on Coinmarketcap and all that, but it can be overtaken like what Lowhandicap say. Does anyone volunteer to be part of the committee?? WDC can be really huge and it could be an opportunity to actually manage a billion dollar entity one day. I think we love WDC and want her to succeed. Just think of the Executive committee members as advisors while much of the work can be delegated to people like myself. I stand ready to contribute some to crowdfunding and spread the word online -- example, continually post messages and at the end of them, include the link to WORLDCOIN 😀👌
  15. Wake Up Call!!!

    Berzeck is simply saying he wishes to take on a more peripheral role and assist in development. Well, that's better than nothing. I really appreciate your involvement, Berzeck! Cryptoid, we've gotta move forward, especially with the committee as mooted by LowHandicap. That's the challenging part. With the committee, there's more direction, after which perhaps I can post on Bitcointalk/Reddit etc to invite developers to join WDC and have a stake, I feel it's better than to hire them coz there's more ownership.
  16. Wake Up Call!!!

    My small roles, given my capacity: a) Contribute some to crowdfund a worthy cause b)spread the word online
  17. Wake Up Call!!!

    My thoughts exactly! COME ON, WDC!!! 💪💪 Get into BEAST MODE
  18. Wake Up Call!!!

    Good idea, Cryptojunky. Just that if the company goes by hourly rate or by the project, theIr sense of ownership may not be there so maintenance issues may result. One way is to go to crypto forums such as Bitcointalk and Reddit (where all existing and future developers visit) and promote WDC and invite developers to join. The current low price is quite low so a good time as ever to grow the price. I can do that if more people in the community here are for it.
  19. Wake Up Call!!!

    Am glad, Berzeck, that you got a decent return for the hard work over the years. I think certainly it is fair game. Also, why let the Chinese pumpers be the sole beneficiary of the pump, it's good for the lead developer get a slice since after all it was a judgement call that went right when it could have been mistimed. We all had the option to sell/buy. Am glad you see still value in WDC despite all this. As the cryptocurrency bull continues, WDC price should climb higher. She'd be better off with proper development and i'd think you want to be involved, she's a beauty and someone you have been with for a long time. That makes her even more special.
  20. Wake Up Call!!!

    Thanks Natalya. I AM buying again if the WDC dips in price ... buy buy buy very fast!!! I happen to like WDC a lot, she's one of the coins I am holding. This coin comes with the latest RAPS technology, an alarm sounds when the price is ATL, no other coin has this. Where are you from anyway?? You can buy WDC too and join us. Forget Wordcoin or Weirdcoin or whatever. Buy buy buy very fast
  21. Wake Up Call!!!

    I have always appreciated your posts, Cryptoid! They are intelligent, probing and always with the intention of helping WDC become better. Your questions have provoked answers and shed important light; I read them with great interest. I agree WDC should be evolving much more. Perhaps the Russians would one day join us as investors, users and to enlarge the community (and not as pumpers and dumpers). After all, it's WORLDCOIN, not some Wordcoin or WordcountCoin LOL. Not holding my breathe though. But some chatter in the forum is better than none! 😀

    Sure. I meant WDC rewards decline
  23. Wake Up Call!!!

    Scary is an understatement! I thought he looked ready to kick out anytime. I nearly choked on my muffin. Wordcoin?? Honestly, that's very, very hard to sell and I think you realized it too. It's just a really bad start. Goes to show that the name ACTUALLY does matter a LOT. A winning name is a winning start!!!

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this!!! How about a countdown timer to the next halving? Existing coins should increase in value with each halving and that can spur more buying before the halving (and therefore, create a self-prophecy. But only if it does not over-complicate the wallet

    Thanks for starting us off, s7ryker! In my mind, we just need: 1) a simple, effective wallet (if needed, this can be modelled after other wallets) 2) a more flashy (but simple) website (can be inspired from other websites) Then ... 3) LOTS OF MARKETING (Facebook, websites, SLACK, etc) With the above 3 completed, hopefully we can attract more investors and miners and enlarge the community. Then if whales dump coins, the rest of us would be able to pick them up and have more control (and less future dumping). For 1) and 2), I can contribute with some donations. For 3) I can help try spread the word. Technology wise, I still believe pre-minded coins and PoS coins would have a bad name in future. Coins with anonymity may very well run foul with the law. It may be best to keep it simple and go for fast, secure transactions. Go for network effect. My thoughts of say ethereum is that it seems to have too many things riding on it, with smart contracts and all that and my gut feeling is that it can get too bloated and complicated one day to function properly.