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  1. Committee

    Thanks Vitjuhhino for sharing how you feel. I think we all feel the same. If you rightfully consider 2017 to be rock bottom, it probably will get better in 2018. Am I sure?? No one has a crystal ball 😂
  2. Committee

    Hi guys! Quick update: I have been in discussion with Accept in Riot. He's actively coming up with something and would likely roll out when ready. As spoken with Cryptojunky, the spam here is annoying indeed. Looks like 2018 is going to be better for WDC LOL
  3. Committee

    Indeed we have, basejumper! In my opinion, most importantly, WDC needs new blood + the support of old-timers
  4. Committee

    Well I saw Accept's invitation to Riot and immediately downloaded the app and sent a greetings message there. That was 2 days ago 😀
  5. Committee

    Thank you Accept for your involvement!! Would like to present what I have in one piece below (with some personnel added in bold and a new role i.e Branding). Feel free to use/add/change. Thank you, Cryptojunky, MercotiqueSlack, LowHandicap for stepping forward!! I guess we are at the incubation stage now. Am sure others are also contemplating how they can be involved and have not stepped forward yet. Why don't we wait for Accept for now? Accept, please feel free to take over formation of the committee. OK here it is: 1. Role of committee members: 1.1 Members can either take on a specific role i.e. website manager or a more general role such as Advisor. 1.2 Members are understood to be helping voluntarily unless specified otherwise, hence please be appreciative and not be overly critical of their contributions. 1.3 Members merely serve as contact personnel and they can vary in the levels of their contributions. 1.4 Members are free to resign/pass the baton to the next better individual. Please announce any resignation clearly to facilitate a proper handover. 1.5 Members' identities should be anonymous, unless they wish to reveal themselves. Each member is to at least reveal his nationality. After all, it is WORLDCOIN 1.6 Members have equal voting rights. Each member has 1 vote. Should consensus be needed, the timeframe for members to vote is 7 days (to the hour and minute of the start of vote, given our different time zones). Members who do not vote in time will be considered to have abstained. Majority wins. 2. Functions 2.1 Branding (create an image that allows WDC to stand out) LowHandicap (Finland) 2.2 Worldcoin Global website manager (maintain website) Cryptojunky (USA) 2.3 Tweeter champion (maintain and grow presence) MercotiqueSlack (France) 2.4 Facebook champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.5 Slack champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.6 Crowdfunding champion (spearhead collection and safeguard funds) 2.7 Developer (maintain wallet and loosely monitor mining and hashrate activities) 2.8 Director (in charge of Roadmap) 2.9 Illustrator (suggest logos etc to improve on cosmetics) : Cryptojunky (USA) 2.10 Publicity (raise awareness of WDC in the community ie YouTube videos or community outreach programs) 2.11 Advisor (general role, including making social media posts) Diego (Singapore)
  6. Committee

    Interesting!! Longevity is very important to the Chinese. The age of Worldcoin plus the name are instantaneous and permanent attractions. It is a terrific surfboard to ride the gigantic crypto wave. That's why I have always believed WDC sells itself and we just need to give it a nudge, ok? I do not envision the committee doing too much work, especially with a no-frills coin and wallet. One slogan can be: Worldcoin -- An easier way to follow Bitcoin. How about Worldcoin -- Bitcoin for dummies LOL Hope you have good news for us soon, s7ryker. About 2 months ago, many thought Worldcoin Global and Berzeck would be permanently gone and that WDC would be a drifter. How sad! She deserves better. A recovery then would be considered much harder. Now, it feels like a 2nd chance to do something for WORLDCOIN (since 2013). To me, the existence of a simple committee itself, would boost confidence in the coin. Coz it is more poised for growth. Without it, quite the drifter.
  7. Committee

    That's it, s7ryker! That's what I said to my beautiful wife. Look beyond the technicalities and see that this can be a real game changer. How about joining the committee? Let's make this no-frills coin a reality. We can help people in the street buy WDC and hence be involved in cryptocurrencies. In other words, people can have a better future via Worldcoin. We can work with this thought of helping everyone and see how far WDC goes
  8. Committee

    Thanks, Cryptoid! Greetings to Ireland! The idea is to form a committee first as we can definitely move better with it. It's really a no-lose situation. Berzeck is clearly tired for now. And it'a no surprise, having soldiered on largely alone for ages. It's plain to me that we should forge forward and not hold back. How about selecting a position and throwing the challenge to the students? It's an exciting challenge and the cryptocurrency name has a most global feel to it, most appropriate for an assignment, it's not like some GrassCoin or Lizardcoin!
  9. Committee

    Sounds great! The important thing is to have a go at it and WDC is rudderless so we have nothing to lose LOL. I hope we can have a simple and effective team. Where are you from, LowHandicap?
  10. Committee

    Thanks for replying, RAPS. How about as Advisor? Would like to have you officially onboard. It's voluntary work so we contribute what we can.
  11. Committee

    Thank you, cryptojunky! We just need to fill up most/all the positions and hopefully, every one would need to do just a bit ok 😀
  12. Committee

    3. Personnel From Worldcoin Global Forum, there are 184 listed members as of today, from which I have shortlisted the below 15 personnel who have been actively posting and who I believe should volunteer to form the committee: Vitalicus Accept Berzeck MercotiqueSlack cryptojunky marecek666 Shveicar RAPS LowHandicap s7ryker Cryptoid Xanur bels vitjuhhino Diego What you can do for now: Decide on a role from the 10 positions listed in Functions and reply with your nationality. For me, Diego from Singapore for Advisor I know I have very limited expertise, being non-technical, and can take on only a tiny role i.e. posting on social media and contributing to crowdfunding, but I want to step up for WDC, and if she grows and there are better/more people in future, I would be more than happy to pass the baton over. I believe these are people who care for Worldcoin. Now is the time to step up!! Form the damn committee!!!! LOL If I missed some people or there are people who would like to be in this shortlist, please let us know. I believe there are quite a few people who have been holding WDC and/or have been silent observers. There are also people from the slack group we should invite over.
  13. Committee

    Thanks for stepping up, Mercotique!! WDC needs all the help right now and your contribution would be greatly appreciated!! I'd put you in the proposal and we'd see how the community feel. Personally am very excited to have you for Tweeter! 😀😀
  14. Tossing out ideas

    The development is paused for the moment, Joe. Personally, for me there is no need to reduce rewards
  15. Committee

    I further propose the below. There can be more than 1 personnel for each position, which is actually preferred! Please let me know what I missed. 2. Functions 2.1 Worldcoin Global website manager (maintain website) 2.2 Tweeter champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.3 Facebook champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.4 Slack champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.5 Crowdfunding champion (spearhead collection and safeguard funds) 2.6 Developer (maintain wallet and loosely monitor mining and hashrate activities) 2.7 Director (in charge of Roadmap) 2.8 Illustrator (suggest logos etc to improve on cosmetics) 2.9 Publicity (raise awareness of WDC in the community ie YouTube videos or community outreach programs) 2.10 Advisor (general role, including making social media posts)