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  1. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    No nothing happens at all... I tried running as admin from desktop and from target directory... I get the Windows 10 "working" symbol on my cursor but nothing loads.... It's funny though cause it's like it's perpetually trying to load it cause if I try to delete the folder after trying to run the program so I can do a clean install it won't let me cause it says the files are in use by the system... I can only delete the folder if I reboot... I'm going to try to install it to a different location see if that makes a difference... Okay so I cleared it all off and tried to do another install... This time to a completely different drive in my system and it still hangs on the finished screen of the installer... I can't X it out and clicking on the finished button does nothing... I have to Ctl Alt Del to close it...
  2. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    Just checked and they are both there... WorldcoinBC.cfg is 1KB in size and Daemons.cfg is also 1KB... Not sure if that is pertinent information or not but I thought I'd throw that in there in case they should be larger or something but yeah they are there. Something is messing up right at the finalizing part of the install... Like I said it all goes smoothly up until I get the the finish button... Then it freezes so whatever it's supposed to do there isn't being done...
  3. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    I think it's 2.0.1 Im downloading... And when it gets to the place in the install where it says finish that's when it crashes or hangs...
  4. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    Okay bud... Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you... I have updated to the latest video drivers and now the installer runs and copies all the files properly but now the installer itself freezes up right at the end of the installation process... I've tried running in compatibility mode for Windows 7 but that has no effect... If I just close the installer and try to run it nothing happens! So at the moment I am running without any wallet at all... Not a big deal as I have my backup dat file saved... Still trying to mess around with it... I'll let you know if I succeed at getting it to work... Cheers, Ghosty
  5. What exchange do you use?

    Interesting article but there was bound to be some issues because they are just so new... I will wait and see... Give them a year or two and then we can do a better review of their performance... That price spike was due to human error... Could happen on any exchange really... Thanks for the share though... Always like to keep an ear to the ground plus it looks like everyone is in the wind kinda looking for a new trading home... Cheers, Ghosty
  6. I never liked these vote systems to get a coin on this or that... I would rather see the various sites do their own research into each coin and add them on their merits not on a popular vote which could see good coins overlooked such as Worldcoin and see crap coins voted on because they happen to be the hot pump and dump of the day... Worldcoin has been around a long time and will be here for a long time... This community has had it's share of ups and downs but have shown tremendous resilience... We have some great developers now and I for one will continue to support this coin and community... That said I hope they add us to their site but if it's only based on votes I think it will be difficult because although we have a dedicated community we seem to be less active than we could be!! For me it's just life right now is really busy with the kids and work that I simply don't get the time I would like to dedicate to the cause!! : ( In a couple years they will be in school and I won't know what to do with my time!! ... Yes I do!! : ) LOL Just my 2c Cheers, Ghosty
  7. What exchange do you use?

    Anyone here tried the new gemini exchange? Just curious if anyone has tried it and what your first impressions are!! Cheers, Ghosty P.S. I am also a cryptsy user... Never had any issues with them even with the recent rumours that they are having trouble I was still able to transfer my bitcoin back and forth so Im not sure if there was any truth to the claims that their bitcoin wallets were frozen to taking a long time to send because I have not experienced any issues like that there. Anyone else?
  8. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    Sure no problemo... Sorry I would have totally helped out and let you try to track it on my computer I have just been so busy with the kids my time on the computer is spotty lately... I'm sure you will figure it out!! Thanks for doing all that you do for this community bud and I look forward to checking out all your hard work later when I get it installed!! Cheers, Ghosty
  9. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    Sure... I'm running AMD R9 280X at the moment with the latest drivers... Not the beta drivers... I'm a PC gamer first and foremost so I keep up to date with drivers and updates...
  10. WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

    Hey bud, I am having trouble getting hippo to run on my system... Im running Windows 10 64bit and when I download and run... Nothing comes up at all... Am I missing something? I tried running it as administrator also with no effect... Perhaps if I run it in compatibility mode for 7 or something? Cheers, Ghosty
  11. Hey guys, With all of the hubbub going on over in the Bitcoin camp about the block size I was wondering (Cause I know nothing) what is Worldcoin's block size and what are we planning to do to incorporate for expansion? I proposed a block size that changes with demand... Always keeping it as small as possible but allowing for as many transactions as necessary when it goes mainstream... Say once a block gets to 80 percent full it increases... And it watches the previous blocks so if the demand falls off and the blocks start to empty to below a certain point it retracts... Anyway just thought I'd start this conversation cause its a pretty hot topic for bitcoin and one we might face down the road... Perhaps it's one we deal with early on!! Oh and then there's the idea of pruning... What do you guys think about it? Keeping every transaction ever will become difficult for the average user upon mainstream adoption... Perhaps some form of pruning would be prudent! Cheers, Ghosty
  12. Well if Bitcoin is to make it to what most believe is over 1million per coin who then will scoff at a coin worth $100 or even $1000?? So long as we don't inflate our coin it's built to go up in value in the long run also... Supply and demand baby and it's a big world out there with billions of people and more billions more in the coming decades... We need to learn from the difficulties facing bitcoin and other coins such as the recent DOS attack on bitcoin to try to cap out the transactions and block space... Which needs to be something we can defend against even if it's an impractical attack that will have little to no effect on bitcoin!! This is a marathon not a sprint and it's slow and steady progress that will win the day in the end!! Cheers, Ghosty
  13. Worldcoin Weekly Report 27th May

    This is a marathon not a sprint guys... Great work... As my Grandpa used to say a job worth doing is worth doing right!! Keep it up!! Cheers, Ghosty
  14. Worldcoin Weekly Report 6th May

    Worldcoin... Business in the fast lane! Commerce / Business at the speed of light... Fast, Affordable, Secure, for business on the cutting edge!
  15. Worldcoin Weekly Report 22nd April

    Looking good guys... Keep up the great work!! I can totally see the passion you guys have for this coin and community reflected in your work!! Cheers, Ghosty