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  1. Brace Yourselves <WDC is going to the moon>

    i agree the netwerk is worrysome, only got 46 confirmations on my transaction recently.
  2. BTC38 down plus others?

    How long did it take for your WDC to confirm? I have already been waiting a complete day. Very annoyed with them especially since they BS about WDC confirmation time.
  3. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    We should send them more messages from different accounts
  4. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Got a response from litebit.eu that they are considering adding the coin keep spamming them exchanges guys!
  5. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/10-new-bitcoin-exchanges-set-launch-japan/ Maybe our next focus should be japan?
  6. Brace Yourselves <WDC is going to the moon>

    I will also see if i can reach out to some japanese exchanges
  7. Brace Yourselves <WDC is going to the moon>

    Now we need to try and get our ass back on some new exchanges
  8. Back to China!

    Berzeck you were right omfg they invested 1 milion in worldcoin?
  9. Back to China!

    Did something relevant happen?
  10. https://worldcoin.global/ I am getting an error that has to do with the SSL certificate it's prolly expired. You guys might want to look into it
  11. Back to China!

    Also curious, and is there also like a Worldcoin chat room?
  12. Synchronizing my wallet

    Brent, I had to leave it open for three days also from NL btw
  13. Just e-mailed https://bittrex.com/ if they will add WDC
  14. http://www.btc38.com/trade.html?mk_type=btc&btc38_trade_coin_name=wdc Why is WDC only viewable in the Chinese version of the site I don't see it on the english version? http://www.btc38.com/trade_en.html Also might be a good idea to start emailing some exchanges to add back WDC? like polionex and Bittnex?