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  1. WDC price hike

    Well i dont know WHY the price hike happend but on a regular day WDC is traded for around 2000 USD but seems like someone bought WDC for 50 000 USD yesterday so believers everywhere and they are alowed to come back and buy more.
  2. EURO 2016

    Well yes i think Germany will win the EURO But in the Copa Amerika the final is going to be awesome Argentina vs Chile
  3. Cryptsy closed?

    Well just F Cryptsy go Btc38
  4. Best to buy

    Well i got my self a bunch of WDC now and could not be happier >D

    I think he just ran away from histerion he got enough of that guy haha
  6. WDC Report 2016

    Yeah this was a long but good read and yes i think WDC has gotten there 2016 goal to become relevant.
  7. Worldcoin BC Beta 3 Released!

    yeah fantastic work
  8. Happy new year!

    ok no one said it back so i know late but better than never happy new year back at you hehe
  9. your experience

    mine could not be any more mediocre have just bought a little and not made any real profit hehe
  10. WorldCoin - History of the First Year

    So just to remind everybody here that this is a thread about an upcoming book haha
  11. IP bans now or what ???

    So ok you guys dont block people but cant you make an exception for RAPS this is starting to sound more like hate speech than anything intelligent.
  12. WorldCoin - History of the First Year

    Christ RAPS did you not get hugged enough in your childhood?
  13. What game you playing?

    soliter is the bomb
  14. nice thought but i dont think we would be able to life with out banks
  15. Best way to mine WDC

    haha well i just did get my self some coins, my first worldcoins and pretty stoked about it.