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  1. Little problem

    Ok i have a little problem, i just tried to transfer about 400$ worth of WDC to my wallet but i put in the wrong address and now my coins are some where out there and i dont know how to get them back. Has anybody have this happen to them and any advises on how to get them back if it is even possible to get them back?
  2. THIS is the argument topic keep this one clean please!!!
  3. IP bans now or what ???

    How RAPS is everyday when we dont see hehe
  4. ATM

    Alright i just saw this vid on youtube and to me it is awesome any idea when you might have those on every street corner in the world
  5. IP bans now or what ???

    RAPS i have one thing to say to you
  6. Upgrading your account

    I had no problem uploading my pic
  7. WDC projects

    So what are the projects you are working on for us now, will you give us some teasers or will it just be one big surprise? hehe
  8. exchange

    But this is actually a fantastic idea, cant you see this for WDC?
  9. haha not grumpy just trying to be funny
  10. That was a heavy read, but how about option d) drop the mic and walk away.
  11. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    Well this is just a start what you have been doing lately waiting patiently for the next phase in your plan.
  12. Worldcoin tutorial video

    Damn looking good guys, going to make more of them?