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  1. Attention Attention cRAPS has gone missing and has not been heard from in days If any one has seen this person give us some shitty comment
  2. looking good bro so you are saying that now is the perfect time to hord some coins?
  3. Football Manager Boooootcha
  4. ohhhh hey RAPS havent seen you for a while were you put in time out? hehe
  5. how about a online issued credit card where the balance is stored in WDC?
  6. well i know i find you funny RAPS
  7. i think RAPS just has no rebottle to you essay
  8. so when can i partake in some fun competition to win some merch, worldfizz or even better some coins from you?
  9. Is it in your guys plans to make an external WDC wallet that i can keep my coins on and use almost like an credit card?
  10. To bad i only know English and you already got that covered.
  11. damn looks cool, looking forward to see an WDC wallet hehe