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  1. WDC price hike

    well we dont need a bubble i dont like bubbles my self the always burst, we just need this steady and nice rise that will end up making WDC go up to and above 10 usd per coin
  2. ok good to see that WDC is getting peoples attention but i think gambling with it and betting on it is the wrong kind of attention, i think people should do like me and rest of the squirrels that is invest in it buy some WDC and keep them until the price goes above 10 usd per coin and i know that will happen i have complete faith in it and i hope you have to.
  3. EURO 2016

    Argentina all the way woops wrong tournament they will win the copa america but France is looking good to win they euro
  4. Worldcoin Blog

    nice one cant wait for the next one and Berzeck minor details dont matter hehe
  5. Phases

    i cant wait to see what you have in store for us. wish i could have been a fly on the wall at your meetings hehe
  6. Alright so everyone helping each other to make the economy, trading and transactions as good as they can be?
  7. i have seen one of your other books is this one going to be just like a copy paste of that book with only worldcoin pasted in the names or are you going to have a different take on worldcoin than you have had on the other coins you have written about?
  8. your experience

    well my experience was bad to start with. I bought around 50k WDC and had it just on my computer in its wallet but stupid me, the computer crashed and i had to format it so i lost my coins plus everything else on there :/
  9. IP bans now or what ???

    well what happened was my internet went down and i had all my favorite pages saved so i did not notice anything until i tried to get online here, so just STUPID me :/
  10. IP bans now or what ???

    Hey i had problem the other day everything worked except for this forum but now suddenly it started to work again no clue why so whos fault is that?
  11. Founder of Bitcoin

    hey guys dont tell any one but i am the founder of bitcoin shhhhhhh
  12. yeah lets just get rid of all the banks and make cryptos the future of finance
  13. Worldcoin tutorial video

    or just me i have a magnifisent deep baritone voice
  14. Worldcoin tutorial video

    good work, did one of you do the voice over?
  15. New web page released!

    Looking good guys, keep up the good work and make me RICH hehehe at least lets hope for it.