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  1. WDC price hike

    I woke up today and could not be more happy, and reason why? My world coins doubled in price over night and i hope they will climb even higher today. Just one question, does any one have any reason or know why WDC shot up so suddenly? Well if you dont know than thats ok i just hope everybody is as happy as i am
  2. BTC up swing

    So just wondering if you all have any ideas on why BTC took that HUGE leap up yesterday? Just wondering if some one was pumping up the price and is preparing to dump a huge amount of BTC'S?
  3. yes why get into cryptos indeed hehe
  4. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    i would love to see worldcoin taking over the money transfer markets all over the world
  5. What game you playing?

    i am hooked on fifa no matter witch one they all rule!!!
  6. wallet crash

    hey my wallet crashes when i try to start it in my windows 10 (newly updated), is this a problem you guys have heard of and have addressed?
  7. Best way to mine WDC

    Good good thanks for the info Braggi i found what i was looking for on your site.
  8. Best way to mine WDC

    So I am about as new to cryptos as you can be and specialy to WDC so I am just wondering what you guys would recommend as the best way of mining WDC, like what you think are the best tools and sites for it?