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  1. WDC price hike

    Hey Butts i think maybe the new wallet has been published or at least the news of it coming out might have sparked that buying frenzy, some one else than just us here see the future value of WDC
  2. Several observations of current problems ...

    Come on Marecek not everything can be slow slow slow, ether you are really impatient or maybe your internet is just slow hehe
  3. Best to buy

    So i was just wondering just around what time would you recommend for us to buy shit load of WDC? Like just before you bring out some new cool stuff, would be nice to get some inside info hehe
  4. IP bans now or what ???

    Well if you read into what the Dev and ops here have been saying than you should like me see that they have bigger plans for WDC and it should rise in the coming years.
  5. your experience

    Damn you both have bad history with cryptos mine is a bit more positive i bought just a little of BTC when it was new and i regret that i did not buy more and sold it just before China banned it so i got a pretty penny for it and am a happy camper
  6. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    looking forward to it
  7. WDC Update March 17th

    looking forward to your release in May
  8. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    Do you have any dates or at least some part of the year that those big features will come out?
  9. Best way to mine WDC

    yes but buying gets you more coins with less effort
  10. Tv Shows to watch

    Quantico, Qunatico
  11. Founder of Bitcoin

    just to let you all know i am Satoshi Nakamot!!!
  12. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    How about using WDC to rival companies like western union is that not more of an idea to pursue rather than some hardware nonsense?
  13. Ongoing altcoin rally

    Well nothing ever happens with out some critics and if RAPS loves to be one just let him
  14. Worldcoin tutorial video

    Hahahaha did not know people could argue about how to buy and sell WDC
  15. Tv Shows to watch

    Check out Royal Pains awesome show with a new season coming up